Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

sweet 16 party favors, Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Sweet 16 is indeed a very special birthday celebration for girls as they are going to be adults soon. Now, they may have their own driving licenses in the States and they also have to bear more responsibilities. It is a marvelous time to have family members and friends gather together to celebrate a great party and rejoice at this moment. Remember to prepare goodie bags stuffed with beautiful sweet 16 party favors for the guests, who are mainly classmates or friends of the birthday girl too, in other words, we may focus on picking something suitable for 16 years old friends!

To make your choice easy, we are going to introduce you to the 18 best sweet 16 party favors for guests in this article.

sweet 16 party favors, Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

1) Sweet 16 Bracelet

For your girl’s 16th birthday celebration with her favorite friends and classmates, we have picked this enticing and cutesy as party favors. These are adjustable, smart, and elegant bracelets that all modern girls will simply love to wear! These bracelets come with a handmade card as well that clearly mentions it’s a special treat for sweet sixteen party celebrations.

sweet 16 party favors, Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

2) Rose Gold Bling Bling Compact Cosmetic Mirror

Rose gold is now a hot favorite among young girls. That’s why in this list of sweet 16 party favors, we have included a rose gold cosmetic mirror — as a must-have tool for sweet 16 girls. Needless to say, a makeup mirror is an extremely essential tool for girls to quickly check their looks. What’s even better, this particular cosmetic mirror comes with 2 lenses including one plane high definition mirror and one magnifying glass mirror for the best usage.

sweet 16 party favors, Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

3) 16 & Fabulous Tumblers

Searching for party favors for sweet 16? If yes, then these fabulous tumblers are also another excellent choice for 16th birthday party favors. These 16 & Fabulous tumblers are made of high-quality material and that’s why it keeps hot drinks stay hot for up to three hours and cold drinks stay cool for up to nine hours. These tumblers are the best for 16th birthday party decorations and celebrations.

sweet 16 party favors

4) Natural Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone for face massage

Since the old-school kids are already 16 years old, it’s now time to take care good care of their skin. To help them begin their skin care routine right away, please feel free to gift them these quartz gua sha stones. This product can improve the micro-circulation of the facial blood vessels and also increase the flow of blood, lymph, and body fluids. In this way, it will make sweet 16th girls’ skin soft, healthy, and supple.

sweet 16 party favors, Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

5) Eyelash Cosmetic Bags

Guests at the sweet 16th birthday will now start using some little and light makeups, aren’t they? So, it will be a good idea to offer a girlish and stylish makeup pouch bag or cosmetic bag with a zipper closure where girls can keep their much-needed accessories like headphones, cell phones, sunglasses, keys, and makeups.

sweet 16 party favors, Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

6) Tiara Crown Brooch Pin

Since most guests are around 16 years old as most of them will be classmates and friends of the birthday girl. So, everyone deserves a tiara, and a tiara is always a perfect symbol of sweet 16th girls growing up. We have picked fashionable, shining, and elegant pageant tiara crown corsage brooch pins that every girl will surely love to use. They can attach these tiara brooch pins on any of their apparel including formal as well as casual dresses.

sweet 16 party favors

7) Mini Tin with suitcase themed tin box 

Considering that the girls are now grown up, you can gift them these mini tin suitcase boxes. The key feature of these metal boxes is that they flaunt various breathtaking scenarios of our divine world. Such magnificent sights of the earth will inspire them to travel, explore, and see the world. In addition, these mini tins also serve a multi-purpose value i.e. girls can store lip balms, mini candles, candies, cosmetics, nail arts, USB cables, and many other excellent items into them.

sweet 16 party favors, Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

8) Live Love Laugh’ scented candle

Sweet 16 birthday party favors must include some scented and aromatic candles. That’s why we have included these special candles, suitable for BFFs and other guests at the sweet sixteen parties. These candles feature a perfect tagline i.e. Live, Love, and Laugh. Made of sandalwood, rose, and other exciting fragrances, these candles will surely create a relaxing, soothing, balancing, and welcoming atmosphere when they’re lit.

sweet 16 party favors, Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

9) Sweet 16 Charms Pendant

If you’re searching for the sweet 16 party favors for guests that match the theme, then you may not find any better option than this. The product is all about a DIY handmade Sweet 16 charms pendant in polished, antique silver color. The best part of this pendant is that it can be attached with any type of jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, even keychains, and bags.

sweet 16 party favors, Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

10) Portable Eye brushes

We have already told you that sweet 16 girls are now pretty grown up girls who will start using some basic makeup products to enhance and improve their looks. Especially, to help them create a variety of eye makeups, we have come up with a set of eye brushes. The set includes a total of five quality eye brushes with soft and delicate bristles – perfect for creating eye makeups, blending, eyebrow filling, and more.

sweet 16 party favors

11) Hand Cream

Hand creams are a must-needed tool for ladies. Since our sweet 16 girls are going to be would-be young ladies soon, we have included these hand creams as party favors for sweet 16. The specialty of these party favors is that they are available in many natural fragrances like shea butter, green tea, cherry blossom, moringa, blueberry, milk, and more. What’s more, these deeply hydrating and moisturizing hand creams make the hands silky-soft, smooth, and rejuvenated when applied.

sweet 16 party favors

12) Sweet 16 Princess Keychain Bottle Opener

Looking for utility items for sweet sixteen party favors? If yes, then this bottle opener is also another worthy choice! We all know that bottle openers have a place in every kitchen and household. Thus, giving this princess keychain bottle opener for sweet 16 birthday party favors won’t be a bad idea for sure. Since this bottle opener comes with a unique design and look, many girls will like to keep them as a sign or memory. Others may use it in their day-to-day households.

sweet 16 party favors

13) Rose Gold Glitter Click Ball Pens

Girls love rose gold and bling bling glitters! Particularly, this pen combines both aspects. Girls can certainly use this pen to write the new chapter of their new life. Please note that these ball pens ensure a smooth, seamless, stylish, and smudge-free writing experience. What’s more, these ball pens are lightweight, easy to use, and easy to carry. Rest assured that girls will love using these colorful, stylish, and ballpoint crystal pens for project works, writing, and more.

sweet 16 party favors

14) Phone Card Holder 

We all have the essential smartphone nowadays. Along with carrying our cellphones all the time, it will be great if we can also carry our cards (like credit and debit cards, driving licenses, and other important items) in one go. That’s why this phone card holder is great for all, especially for 16 years old who can attach this card holer to their smartphones and conveniently carry credit cards, driving licenses, and more.

sweet 16 party favors, Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

15) Sweet 16 Soft Coasters

We have already covered so many sweet 16 party favors for guests in the above sections. This time, we have included another special sweet 16th party favor pick that you’re gonna like for sure. These small coasters feature the sweet 16 themes very precisely. Along with that, it’s a great product for any type of home décor. Thus, please feel free to gift these soft coasters to guest girls who will use these coasters to decorate their house interiors.

sweet 16 party favors, Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

16) 16th Birthday Water Bottle Wrappers

If you are the host of the 16th birthday party, then you will definitely include water bottles and other party supplies for guests. Now, we have a perfect idea to customize these water bottles with sweet sixteen party favors for guests. So, here’re some water bottle wrappers available that will flaunt the sweet 16th party theme. All you will need is to wrap around the bottles with these labels and wrappers. Rest assured that this small tweak will surely grab the attention of guests at the party.

sweet 16 party favors, Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

17) Mini Metallic Champagne Bottle

To impress your guests with unique party favors for sweet 16, you may also consider gifting them these mini metallic champagne bottles. What’s even better, these mini champagne-shaped bottles can be filled with candies, small trinkets, jelly beans, almonds, and much more too. Since, this is a sweet 16 party, of course, we will need something to make it sweet so that guests will love and appreciate such one-of-a-kind and custom made party favors.

sweet 16 party favors, Best Sweet 16 Party Favors for Guests

18) Sweet 16 Chocolate Bar

Chocolate bars are an all-time favorite for the sweet 16th girl and her female guests at the party. For all of them, let’s prepare a sweet 16 chocolate bar. Please make sure to use a sweet 16 birthday party sticker to wrap it to showcase the theme right away. Rest assured that all guests will happily enjoy such sweet tooth treats.

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