Bridal Shower Party Favors: 10 Inexpensive & Unique Bridesmaids’ Favorite Hampers

bridal shower party favors

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Do you need party favors for a bridal shower?

Of course, bridal shower party favors is not always compulsory. However, it’s indeed a nice gesture to all the guests, friends, and sisters who usually spent so much effort and time to help you throw a bridal shower with all the love and blessing. These precious people of your life help you celebrate your new chapter of life e.g. starting a new family with your loved one.

So, won’t it be nice to prepare something for them so that they can always remember this special and once-in-a-lifetime occasion? Of course, guests will be super delighted to receive small tokens of gifts from the host.

Are you now wondering how much should you spend on bridal shower party favors?

It does not need not to be extremely fancy or super expensive. Well, the gift item just needs to be enough to showcase your appreciation, gratitude, and love towards them. You may even consider using some DIY bridal shower party favors as well. Generally speaking, a bridal shower party favor costs you less than $10 per count. Such little-priced bridal shower favors can certainly bring instant smiles and happiness to your guests’ faces.

What are good party favors for bridal showers?

Now, here we come to this very important question –What are good party favors for bridal showers? Don’t get perplexed as you’ve come to the right page. For our readers, we already have some great ideas about bridal shower party favors which are inexpensive, unique, useful, and classy. To be more precise, we have picked a total of 10 bridal shower favor ideas for you (at an inexpensive price tag).

Let’s now have a quick glimpse of these inexpensive bridal shower party favors in the sections below.

Bride Tribe Makeup Bag

This is our first pick on the list of innovative and inexpensive wedding shower party favors. We have picked this item because this makeup bag will be the must-have accessory for all bridesmaids and other female guests. It has a beautiful greenery design and features a perfect size to carry all the necessary stuff including makeup, cosmetics, stationary, office supplies, etc. Plus, the party favor bags come with a Bride Tribe tagline as a remembrance of the special event.

#2 Bridesmaid Hair Tie Cards

If you’re looking for the perfect bridal shower gifts, then we have this excellent option for you. This gift includes three elastic hair ties on each card (ten cards per pack). These elastic ties are very much apt for making some cool and stylish hair looks. Especially, your sisters and bridesmaid friends will certainly love this amazing and useful party favor.

#3 Succulents Decorative Tea Light Candles

For bridal shower party favors cheap gift ideas, these succulents decorative tea light candles are another great choice option to consider. These cactus shape candles are made of quality paraffin material. Each candle can steady burn for up to 4-5 hours. Your family and friends can put these cute wax candles in their bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and almost anywhere in their home.

#4 Lavender Sachet

Guests will love thoughtful, useful, and innovative bridal shower favor ideas, aren’t they? That’s why we have picked this item that serves many purposes. For example, these lavender sachets will keep away small insects away including flies, ants, mosquitoes, and moths. Plus, they promote a calming and relaxing scent that will ensure a sound, peaceful, and blissful sleep when placed under the pillows, headboards, and bedside tables. Plus, if your bridesmaids are suffering from mood swings or anxiety, these sachets will be very helpful for soothing their minds.

#5 Wedding Team Hand Cream

Lavish hand creams have always been a great favor idea for themed bridal showers and wedding showers. That’s why we have specifically selected this item. For all our brides-to-be readers who are looking for luxurious and lavish hand creams as party favors, this product is more than suitable. These hand creams are made of high-quality ingredients and emit a rich, inviting, and unique floral aroma.

#6 Camera Crystal Wine Charm

Planning to organize a bridal party for your family and friends? So, looking for some cool and stylish wedding favor gift hampers at an inexpensive price? If yes, then these items will indeed be a worthy choice. These crystal wine charms have a stunning look. This will certainly make any wine glasses appear more beautiful and lovely. Note, each charm consists of a copper ring and a crystal Camera charm. Your precious bridal shower guests are bound to love this unique favor idea.

#7 A bottle of baby champagne with bridal shower favors tag

If you are in search of cheap bridal shower favors that’ll certainly be loved and appreciated by your family and friends, then please feel free to gift them a bottle of baby champagne right away. To further customize this gift, please make sure to use a personalized tag. To make your choice easy, we have picked printed natural brown kraft tags with a pre-punched hole. It’s ready to attach to the champagne bottle. The best part is that this tag features a beautiful pink and earthy green succulent greenery design.

#8 Personalized Compact Mirror

Girls love mirrors! In fact, it’s an essential accessory for all bridesmaids. They can carry these compact mirrors in your makeup pouches and use them whenever it’s required. This time, we have picked this tiny, beautiful, and compact mirror with a customization option. The mirror comes with a folding compact design with two mirrors inside, one is with regular strength and the other one is with 2x magnifying strength.

#9 Diamond Bottle Opener

These shiny and sparkling bottle openers are designed with high quality metal alloy. It’s very beautiful and practical as a wedding or party favors gift. This compact, easy to use, quick & efficient, sturdy, and versatile cap opener will be a useful gift for all. Not only it’s beautiful, but also it’s durable. It’s great for opening wine, beer, and any other bottles.

#10 Bachelorette Sunglasses

We have already promised you to provide useful and inexpensive bridal shower party favors. That’s why we have selected these bride team plastic frame sunglasses. All your female guests can wear these eye accessories and flaunt a fabulous look. These sunglasses are very trendy and available in three color options, such as Gold, Silver, Rose Gold. These non-polarized bachelorette sunglasses are quite inexpensive as well. So, please feel free to consider this as a favor idea for your bridal party guests.

Wrapping Up and get ready to enjoy your bridal shower

Therefore, you have revealed some of the best party favors for bridal shower parties at an inexpensive price tag. So, please feel free to include them in your bridal shower parties and send a small yet nice gesture to your lovely bridesmaids!

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