Car Themed 18th Birthday Party: A Boy Turns Into A ‘Man’

18th Birthday Party for man

Last updated on May 29th, 2022

If the young man in your life is about to turn 18, then choosing a birthday party that suits him and his interests can be difficult. Let’s face it, teenagers aren’t exactly known for their great communication with their parents. So, we’ve thought of some ideas for a car themed 18th birthday party that will work great! 

Why A Car Theme Party for 18th Birthday? 

You might wonder why we’ve decided that a car themed 18th birthday party is the best way to go. Well, boys like cars. It might be stereotypical, but the likelihood is they’ll enjoy a party if it’s themed around cars. But more than that, the theme works well for a boy who is about to become a man.

In many countries 18 is the time in a young boy’s life when everything is about to change. They’ll be learning to drive if they haven’t already, and they’ll be thinking about saving money for a car of their own. But they’ll also be about to enter the race of life! Sometimes life is like a race, we’re all rushing to different destinations and trying our best to get there as fast as we can. Therefore, a car themed party works well. It’s a unique 18th birthday party that works as a metaphor for their future, whilst also being a whole lot of fun! 

So, now we’ve decided on our theme, we need to decide how to make the theme work well!

1. Games 

At 18, most boys don’t want to be playing the usual party games. Pinatas and pass the parcel will not go down well. But what will, are video games! 

Most 18-year-olds love to play video games, and there are plenty of car themed video games that you can buy to fit into the theme too. Gather all the birthday boy’s friends and family and have a good old-fashioned race on your sofa! It’s a lot of fun and everyone will have a blast. If you’re looking for a specific game, then we’d definitely suggest Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox One. It has some of the best graphics of any car racing game, and it’ll really feel like you’re behind the engine of a racing car! 

2. Birthday Gift Idea 

Now, that brings us on to the gifts. For somebody’s 18th, you’re probably thinking of buying them something big, and one thing we can guarantee every 18-year-old boy will want is a Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S if they don’t already have one. It’s the next step up from their Xbox One, so it could be a great surprise for them after they’ve finished playing the video game we mentioned above on their old video game console. 

If you aren’t yet ready to buy them the latest Xbox though, you could always buy an amazing racing wheel to go with their Forza Motorsport 7 game. We’ve already checked to make sure they’re compatible, so we know they’ll be able to sit down and race with the Ferrari racing wheel as though they’re entering a grand prix themselves! What better introduction is there to adult life than racing around a track at 100’s of miles per hour?

3. Car Themed Decoration Ideas 

A car themed 18th birthday party needs car themed decorations. Don’t worry, all our suggestions below are geared (get it?) towards 18-year-olds, because we know that he’ll probably cringe a little if the decorations aren’t appropriate. He might even say decorations aren’t necessary, but trust us, when he see’s these, even he will be impressed!

First up, you need 18th birthday balloon set and a matching banner. It’s not your 18th if you don’t have these, and it’ll make all the guests feel instantly excited for the birthday boy’s big day! We’ve found some really tasteful ones that’ll match the rest of our car decorations perfectly too! 

Next, you don’t just want the racetrack to be on the TV screen! Turn your living room or garden into one too to make the car themed party even more authentic. We’ve found an amazing race track floor runner with banners that’ll make the space much nicer and it fits the theme well. We think the start line is a great metaphor for the birthday boy just starting out in life too. Pictures taken here with loved ones will be a great reminder of who was there to celebrate at the start of adult life!

4. Food And Table Decorations 

Pick whatever food your 18-year-old loves, but if you’re struggling to think, then just imagine what you wanted to eat at 18. We’re all the same and it’ll probably include piles of junk food. But if you can’t treat yourself to fried chicken, pizza, and burgers on your 18th, then when can you? Consult with your 18-year-old on this, to make sure he gets all of his favourite foods!

Now you’ve got a complete menu, you need to decorate the table to match the car theme party! For a truly unique 18th birthday, decorate your table with a chequered flag racing tablecloth. The one we’ve found is perfect because it’s nice and big to fit over a large table for all your guests to sit around. 

But don’t just stop there, get a chequered flag tableware set that matches the theme too! We’ve found one that has it all – disposable plates, cups, cutlery, and even another birthday banner! Set up your table with this racing themed tableware and we know it’ll work well.

Finally, consider picking up these amazing fountain candles! We think they’ll look great in the centre of a birthday cake, and they fit the theme well because of their colours. Not only that, but the fountain looks like the flaming exhaust of a racing car, so it’ll fit the theme really well if you can design or buy a car themed cake to go with it!

5. Costumes

Last but not least, a costume. Now we know, you’re probably thinking that there’s not a chance that you’ll get your 18-year-old to wear a costume, but this isn’t for the whole party. We just thought it’d be a fun idea to bring out for some pictures to celebrate your 18-year-old beating childhood and finally becoming a man.

The costume we’ve found is perfect because it’s a winner’s outfit with an inflatable trophy and it could be a really symbolic photo to show your child’s success so far. And if they refuse to wear it, well, why not turn it into a bet? If Mum or Dad (or Grandma and Grandad for even better results) beats him in a 1 vs 1 race on the video game, then he has to wear it for one picture! Maybe remove the batteries out of his remote control when he isn’t looking though, because he probably knows more about these games than you…

A car themed 18th birthday party can be a lot of fun if you do it right. Take another look at the products we’ve suggested, and we’re sure you’ll be able to put together a unique 18th birthday party everyone will remember for years!

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