Aloha! Your Foolproof Guide To The Perfect Summer Hawaiian Theme Party

Hawaiian Party

Nothing says summer like Hawaii does. And this year we can’t all pack our bags and head to the white beaches and clear blue water of these tropical islands. Sigh. But we can bring Hawaii to us! There’s no better way to do that than with a Hawaiian theme party filled with amazing dress up […]

The 15 Budget-Friendly and Fun Icebreaker Games Ideas

icebreaker game

Are you looking for a better way to warm up things, especially for a small group of people? The simple solution: icebreaker games.  Icebreaker games are crucial in making everyone around feel comfortable. They also make it easier for people to start getting to know each other’s names. This is especially true if you rarely […]

Chess Themed Party: A Fun-Filled Competition Night

chess theme party

When you first hear that somebody is throwing a chess themed party, you might be tempted to roll your eyes and yawn. But trust us, this chess party is not just about the traditional grandmaster game (although you could bring that along too if you wanted). Oh no, this party is all about fun-filled competition […]

Craft Sets To Help You Create The Perfect Kids Party At Home

kid crafting

Kids love crafts, but not every parent loves to create craft sets or other DIY artistic projects at home, so what can you do? Well, thankfully there are more creative people than you and I out there, who make ready to go craft sets for kids so we don’t have to! Now that you’ve stopped […]

10 Inexpensive Birthday Pinata Ideas To Make Any Occasion Special

Birthday Pinata

Birthday pinata is always associated with children’s parties. And yes, they’re great for kids’ birthday parties because they bring so much joy to a special day. But why should we let the kids have all the fun? In this post, we’ll be taking you through the 10 best birthday pinatas that are sure to make […]

Your Guide To A Last-Minute Budget-Friendly Karaoke Party At Home

karaoke home party

How to have a karaoke party at home? Karaoke is one of the best ways to have fun at home. If you’re sat in the office right now, scrolling aimlessly through this blog instead of doing the work you’re being paid to do, then sit up and listen – we’ve got some great tips for […]

10 Best Party Board Games For Teens

party board game for teens

The best party board games for teens are a great way to have hours of fun instead of a boring evening. But, with so many board games, how do you find the right ones that everyone will love? Here are the 10 best party board games that you should enjoy with a large group of […]

The 10 Stag Do Games That Can Spice Up Your Weekend

bachelor party

Say stag do games, and mental images spark into your mind: dead ants, toy soldiers, among others. Bachelor party games are a man’s best moments guaranteed to make his weekend quite hilarious and memorable. In fact, stag do games is what sets men apart from boys. So, the last thing you will want is to […]

Storybook Party Ideas For Children

Storybook party for kids

If you’re throwing a party for your child but have no idea what to theme it around, then look no further! We’ve seen storybook parties work well for years, and we know a thing or two about throwing the perfect one. A storybook birthday party is really special and can be a pivotal moment in […]

Car Themed 18th Birthday Party: A Boy Turns Into A ‘Man’

18th Birthday Party for man

If the young man in your life is about to turn 18, then choosing a birthday party that suits him and his interests can be difficult. Let’s face it, teenagers aren’t exactly known for their great communication with their parents. So, we’ve thought of some ideas for a car themed 18th birthday party that will […]

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