Cherry Themed Birthday Party Ideas: A Sweet Summer For Everyone

cherry themed birthday party ideas, Cherry Themed Birthday Party Ideas: A Sweet Summer For Everyone

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Everybody loves cherries, right? Their delicious – a little sweet, a little tart, but always amazing. They also look great, and we know, we plan parties and discuss party decorations for a living, so we’re always going to look out for a theme that would suit a party well, but even you can’t deny how great a cherry themed birthday party sounds! So, let’s take a closer look at our Cherry Themed Birthday Party Ideas.

Why Throw A Cherry Themed Birthday Party?

Well, first off it’s one of our favorite fruits. But that’s probably not reason enough for you to throw this party… but do you know when a cherry’s harvesting period is? Normally from mid April to late July, making this the perfect theme for any summer birthday party. Kids and adults love them, so anybody thinking of throwing a party in late Spring or early Summer should think about a cherry themed birthday party that’s as sweet as it is amazing!

It doesn’t just have to be birthday parties either – if you have a bridal or baby shower or other event, then a cherry themed party still works wonderfully! Throughout this post we’re going to share all of our ideas about how to throw a cherry themed birthday party: from invitations, decorations, food and games all the way to the final party favors.

If you’re ready, then we’re ready, so what do you say we move to the next section and get this cherry party theme started!

Cherry Themed Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Let’s start with this cherry sweet party invitation! We need a lovely cherry printed invitation card to invite your guests to the party and this one is just perfect! The beautiful cherries let them know the theme straight away (which is perfect if you’re asking your guests to dress up too – which would be so much fun, by the way) and the punny ‘cherry sweet’ invitation is the perfect way to put a smile on your guests’ faces before they even arrive!

Cherry Themed Party Decorations

Now we want our party to look great, so let’s take a closer look at some great cherry party decorations that will make the event even more special. Everything we cover below is refreshing, sweet, and beautiful – just like cherries themselves!

Cherry Door Sign

A great way to welcome your guests is with a cherry door sign that lets them know they’re in the right place and the party is ready to go. It’s a sweet idea and will make your guests smile as they walk through the door to the venue.

Red Heart Balloons

Of course, you need some balloons to decorate the space and the best ones for the job are red heart balloons. Why? Because they’re the right colour, they’re a similar shape, and we think every party needs an extra dose of love when you can!

More Red Balloons

You don’t just need to stick to red heart balloons either. Everybody loves balloons, so the more there are the better! Just some simple red balloons is enough to match the colour scheme of the the cherry party theme, and they’ll make the whole venue feel brighter.

Cherry Garland

Cherry garlands are adorable, and they’re one of the best cherry themed birthday party ideas for obvious reasons! This cherry garland is bright, fun, and shows off cherries in a really subtle way that feels quite sophisticated. And that works great for a summer cherry party theme!

Cherry Blossom Lanterns

When you think cherries you automatically think of the fruit, and we did too. Until we thought ‘hey, cherry blossom’ and a whole new world of decorating ideas came to us. But we’ve kept it subtle with these cherry blossom lanterns. They’re cute, the colour scheme is appropriate, and they’ll cast a beautiful glow over a beautiful party!

Cherry Neon Light Sign

Talking of glowing, how about a cherry neon light sign to add a touch more fun to the party! Neon lights always say fun to us, but one that’s in the shape of a cherry with the traditional colours – that’s a more fun neon light than most, and it’d look great at your party.

A Little DIY Project

For this last cherry themed decoration, we want you to do a little DIY, but it’s nothing complicated. Find a spare jam jar or mason jar at home, and fill it with some of these artificial cherries. Place that in the centre of your party table, and you’ve got a great centerpiece that looks way more expensive than it really is!

Cherry Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

At a cherry themed party you need cherry themed party food, because it lends itself to it perfectly. But don’t worry we’re not going to suggest anything complicated here – just a few simple things to celebrate cherries and all their deliciousness!

Cherry Jam and Toast

cherry themed birthday party ideas

Cherry jam and toast is delicious. If anybody tries to say they are too posh for jam and toast, well, you don’t need that negativity in your life, let us tell you! It’s a super easy to make recipe for any party, but suits our cherry party theme perfectly. You could make the cherry jam yourself, or just purchase some high-end cherry jam instead. Then just spread it over toast, cut into finger sized pieces, and serve! Kids will love it, and they can even help you make it because it’s so quick and easy. Once the jam and toast is all gone, you might want to prepare some cherry ice cream too, because once you’ve had a taste of cherry, you’ll want some more!

Bake A Cherry Pie

Baking a cherry pie is as fun as it is delicious, but the best part about this idea is that you and all your guests can bake a cherry pie together. That way, you don’t only have a delicious treat to look forward to, but you have a fun activity planned for kids and adults alike. Check out the BBC goodfood website about baking Cherry Pie, follow its full recipe and guidance, and you’ll have a delicious cherry pie to enjoy with your guests.

Cherry Cupcakes

Whilst we’re on the subject of baking, you might want to put together some cherry flavored cupcakes for the guests. You can even decorate them with a cherry on top cupcake topper to keep to the theme and make your cupcakes look extra special.

Cherry Fruit Tableware

And finally, don’t just serve these amazing recipe ideas on some plain paper plates, you’ve gone to such trouble to make them, so you ought to present them beautifully too. And this cherry fruit tableware set is perfect – the cherry paper plates, cups, and napkins will be the small details you add in to take your cherry party theme from a 10/10 to a 12/10!

Cherry Themed Birthday Party Ideas: Games and Activities

You might think we’d struggle to come up with party games and activities that stick to the cherry themed birthday party ideas we’ve presented so far, but honestly, we can do anything when we put our minds to it. We’re that good. So let’s take a look at all the fun you can have at your cherry themed party, shall we?

Cherry Finger Painting

To cherry finger paint all you need is a piece of paper, a colour pen, and some red and pink ink. Contestants in this game draw the branch of the cherry tree with the coloured pen, and then use their fingers to paint the cherry using the red and pink inks. Whoever paints the best cherry wins the game. It’s a simple idea, but it gives kids’ (and some adults too, if we’re being honest) the chance to get their hands a little messy and have a lot of fun!

Cherry On A String Game

We’ve spoken about donut on a string recently in our donut party post, and the cherry on a string game is just a creative twist on that. Players sit down with their hands behind their backs and a cherry is tied to a string (with some whipped cream squirted on top, of course, the fun in this game really is the mess, so put as much whipped cream on as you can), and then the player has to try and eat the cherry off the string as fast as possible. This game is so much fun for adults and kids, and everyone will be laughing when they play!

Cherry Themed Party Favors

At the end of the party it’s always nice to prepare some party favors for your guests to take home. It’s even nicer when those party favors have meaningful, thoughtful gifts inside that will remind them of the the cherry party theme. Start with some cherry themed party favor bags, and then consider placing some of these small gestures inside to keep the party atmosphere going even when you’re guests have left!

Cherry Lip Balm

A particularly useful party favor for girls at this party would be some cherry lip balm. It tastes and smells amazing, and they’ll be able to get an extra hit of cherry everyday – long after the party is over.

Cherry Hair Clip

A little cherry hair clip is another cute idea, and one girls will love – especially the kids. We can just imagine school on Monday, with all the girls in the class wearing the same cherry hair clip and talking excitedly about the party!

Mini Cherry Jam and Other Fruit Jams

This final party favor suggestion before we leave is perfect for everyone’s party favor bag! Who doesn’t love jam? Everybody loves it, so by placing some mini cherry and other fruit jams inside the party favor bag, everybody will be able to sit down to breakfast the next day, still smiling from the awesome cherry themed party you hosted! Doesn’t that sound special?

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