Chess Themed Party: A Fun-Filled Competition Night

chess themed party, Chess Themed Party: A Fun-Filled Competition Night

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

When you first hear that somebody is throwing a chess themed party, you might be tempted to roll your eyes and yawn. But trust us, this chess party is not just about the traditional grandmaster game (although you could bring that along too if you wanted). Oh no, this party is all about fun-filled competition and amazing decorations to make the space feel exciting. If you have a group of friends that enjoy going up against each other in a bit of friendly competition, then this is the perfect party for you! So, grab 5 friends, and the 6 of you can follow our guide to the perfect chess themed party! 

The Competition

Chess is a lot of fun, and the party games we have lined up are hilarious to play with friends. Friendly competition is the best way to bring everybody closer at a party, so we guarantee that if you throw this party, you and all your guests will have a blast! There will be 3 rounds designed for 6 people to start with: the preliminary round (for all 6 players), the semi-finals (for 4 players) and the final (for the reigning 2 champions). The winner can get whatever the host wishes to give, but we think a fun bag of chocolate coins – gold, of course, for the winner – is the perfect place to start!

Preliminary Round: Chinese Checkers 

One Chinese Checkers board will allow 6 players to play at the same time, so this is the perfect first round for your group of 6. The aim of the game is to get your 10 pegs from your point of the star into the triangle opposite. On each turn, you can move only one of your pegs. You either move it into an adjacent hole, or you can hop over other pegs as many times as you can, so long as it is next to your peg as you move. Sometimes you can hop all the way to the finish line in just one move! 

This is such a fun game to play because it’s essentially a chess race – first four to finish gets through to the next round! You can play strategically too, which can be hilarious if one of your friends has rotten luck! The Chinese Checkers board we’ve found is solid and well-designed too, so you can play the game again and again! 

Semi-Finals: Memory Chess 

Now that 4 of your group have made it through (here’s hoping you’re one of them!), it’s time for memory chess! Split into two groups, and the winner of each group will progress to the final! For now though, let’s focus on memory chess! In this game, wooden chess pieces are added into a board with coloured pegs beneath them. The aim of the game is to remember where the different coloured pegs are. Roll the dice to find out which colour you should find. If you find the colour successfully, then you can roll again. You keep going until you get one wrong. 

Once you’ve got one wrong, play moves to your opponent. They will then roll the dice and try to find a chess piece with that coloured peg. If you find the correct colour, you keep the chess piece. The winner is the person at the end with the most chess pieces in their pile. It’s a huge amount of fun because testing people’s memory is always hilarious. Maybe do a bit of brain training before starting this game – trust us, you’ll need all the help you can get!

Final: Big Pop Game

Congratulations to the finalists (yes, we’re still rooting for you, simply because you read our blog – and we’re not ashamed to play favourites)! In this round, the two finalists will face off across 3 matches. The winner is the first to two wins! The winner will then receive the chocolate coins and anything else the host provides. For this, you’ll be playing a seriously exciting new game: The Big Pop Game! 

It’s a 126 bubble chess board. Yes, you read that correctly. The fun about this big pop game is that it’s so simple to play, but the aim is to make your opponent pop the last bubble! You roll the dice, and whatever you score, your opponent has to push that many bubbles down. Then, the other player rolls the dice and you must push the number of bubbles on the dice down. The person to pop the last bubble loses. This is hilarious to play for the final round, but we warn you, it will get a little tense!

The Decorations

Throwing a chess themed party doesn’t just require games – it requires chess themed party decorations to bring this competitive party to life! 

Gold Crown Party Hat 

First up, you need some gold crown party hats because everybody wants to feel like a winner at a chess themed party! These are perfect, and you’ll even have some spare in case anybody rips one off ‘accidentally’. Yes, sore losers, we’re looking at you!

White Green Gold Paper Garland 

The reason we picked out this paper garland was for the beautiful colours and the interesting shapes that reminded us of chess and checkers. It’ll add a nice bit of a decoration to your party, and what says party like a garland? Nothing, that’s what! Add this and you’ll be letting all your guests know that this isn’t just a games night – it’s a chess party!

Party Paper Table Cover

Last up is a table cover. This is such an interesting one because, to us, it screams games night! Adding this table cover will add even more decorations to your chess party and it’ll make your guests smile before they put on their game faces and get ready to crush one another in a bit of fun-filled competition!

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