Children’s Party Table Cloths: 12 Beautiful Options To Improve Any Party Meal

children's party table cloths, Children’s Party Table Cloths: 12 Beautiful Options To Improve Any Party Meal

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

As party bloggers, we always talk about the importance of attractive table decorations to make your party one that everybody remembers, but one way to make a huge impact is to use table cloths to suit your party theme. This time we’re shining a spotlight on kids table covers for parties. Having a nice kids table cover is special because it makes the event more classy, but kids will really love seeing the different themes and talking about their favourite parts of it. Better yet, a childrens party table cloth is practical too, and finding one that is spills proof and waterproof is important, but never as important as the design. So stick around for 12 beautiful children’s party table cloths that will make any birthday meal one to remember.

1. 80s Party Table Cloths

An 80s themed happy birthday table cover might not be everybody’s first thought for a children’s party, but trust us, this works brilliantly and it can be so much fun to have your whole party themed around the 80s. The kids will love dressing up and dancing around to 80s music, and this 80s party table cloth will complete the party with its fun design and hip hop theme. All the bright colors and fun images will keep the kids busy talking about what they love the most for hours!

2. Woodland Animals Table Cloth

One theme we’ve always loved for children’s parties is anything to do with animals. It works for any kids party because who doesn’t love animals? Especially ones as adorable as the woodland animals on this children’s party table cloth. Foxes, raccoons, bears – it has it all and it makes any party feel special. A dress up kids party where everybody comes as a different animal would be completed with this table cover and the kids will love seeing if they can spot the animal they’ve dressed up as on the table cloth!

3. Solar System Table Cloth

Every kid goes through a stage of being fascinated by space, right? Well, it’s such an exciting adventure so theming an entire birthday party around the solar system is a brilliant idea. This solar system table cloth is like an adventure all of its own and every kid will love journeying through space with all their friends as they sit around the table for a birthday meal.

4. Video Games Table Cloth

This next option is perfect for any boy or girl’s party, especially if they love to game. Video games are a great theme for a kids birthday party, because most kids have a favorite video game, so a video game party can be a great way to include everybody. Why not get them to dress up as their favorite video game characters too? Then complete the whole party with an amazing video games table cloth.

5. Peppa Pig Table Cover

A Peppa Pig table cover is one of those table covers that will be appreciated by EVERYBODY! It’ll be recognized by everybody and the kids will love sitting around a table with a Peppa Pig table cover where all their favorite characters feature. It’s perfect for any kids party and we know this one will be a real crowd pleaser.

6. Pink And Gold Unicorn Table Cover

This table cover is just perfect for a little girl’s birthday party, especially if she is having a princess or unicorn theme. The pink and gold unicorn table cover is filled with all the sparkles, glitter, and fun that you’d expect from a pink and gold cover like this one, and we know all the guests will love this stunning cloth too!

7. Dinosaur Table Cover

Your little girl not really the unicorn type? Then how about a dinosaur table cover that is sure to show off her wild side! It’s a really fun design that’s totally ROAR-some! This table cloth got everything, bright colors, amazing dinosaurs, and it’s perfect for a kids party table. It’s plastic, so it’s completely waterproof and it’s one of those table cloths you can use time and time again because it never gets old! It is one of the perfect children’s party table cloths.

8. Safari Animal Table Cloth

Remember earlier when we said we love animal themed parties? Well, we weren’t lying, and we don’t just stop at woodland animals either. If bears, snails, and foxes aren’t for you, then bring out your tigers, lions, and monkeys instead! This safari animal table cloth is a lot of fun and the different animals will keep all the kids interested as they wait for the food to arrive.

9. Alice In Wonderland Table Cover

Recently we put together a post about an Alice In Wonderland themed party, and we just had to talk about this amazing Alice in Wonderland table cover. Obviously it’s perfect for the Alice party we’ve already spoken about previously, but it’s fun for any kids themed party because a wonderland is exactly what a kids party should feel like – whacky, creative, and a little odd!

10. Dump Truck Table Cover

This is every little boy’s dream table cover: a dump truck cover. Boys like trucks because they’re huge machines that look totally amazing, and they still look just as amazing on this table cloth. You could throw an amazing construction themed birthday party for a little boy and they’d love it – and this table cover will be the star of the decorations!

11. Mermaid Table Cloth

Want something truly magical? Then this mermaid table cloth will work amazingly – perfect for any girl’s birthday party, no matter the theme, but especially great if you’re throwing an underwater themed party. Imagine all your daughter’s friends gathered around this as they sit down to some nautical themed party food!

12. Kids Glow Party Table Cover

We might just have saved the coolest table cover design until last! This kids glow party table cover is the perfect addition to any party, but especially a glow party because of the stand out colors and black background. It’s a table cover that really can be the centerpiece of the entire party, so if you’re looking for something truly special for a kids birthday party, then this might just be it!

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