Christening Party Decorations: Easy Tips For Parties For Both Boys And Girls

christening party decorations, Christening Party Decorations: Easy Tips For Parties For Both Boys And Girls

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

If you plan on christening your little boy or girl, then it’s quite typical to throw a christening party to celebrate this monumental occasion in your baby’s life. Most people struggle to think of an appropriate way to celebrate at the party, though, and one of the biggest areas of confusion is usually to do with the decorations. But don’t worry, we’re a blog dedicated to ALL parties, and that includes parties for religious celebrations too. So, if you want to learn how to throw the perfect party with outstanding christening party decoration ideas, then stick with us! 

What Is A Christening Party? 

You may throw a christening party after the traditional religious ceremony. Having your child baptised or christened is a very special thing to celebrate and a party is one of the best ways to do that. It’s a celebration of faith, love, and family, and whilst the christening itself often gives you a chance to celebrate in a more formal setting, a christening party is a great way to let your hair down and welcome the new baby into your family’s faith.

Throughout this post, we’re going to discuss lots of christening party decorations that will make the day more memorable, but also even more special, as some of our ideas are to do with celebrating the special day so your little one can look back on it when they’re older and relive the special memories again. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. So let’s jump right in and discuss how to decorate a christening party!

How To Decorate A Christening Party?

Traditionally, a christening party has colour schemes for both boys and girls. Boys’ parties often centre around whites, light greys, and sky blues, and girls’ parties are often white, light grey, and pink. Now, if you’ve been reading our posts for a while, then you know we like to break the mould occasionally, but today we think tradition is best! So below you’ll find a bunch of ready-to-go and easy tips to help you prepare for your little one’s big day, with none of the usual stress of party planning! All you need are some simple, but beautiful decorations, and then you’re good to go. So let’s break down everything you’ll need. 

Balloons, Pom Poms, and Paper Fans 

We love the idea of having a balloon arch near the entrance to your party venue. You can choose the color scheme to match your personal style, or you can do a traditional blue, white, and grey arch for a little boy; and pink, white and grey arch for a little girl. It’s a special way of welcoming your guests and it isn’t complicated to set up either, so it won’t cause you any added stress on the day. 

You can also add some beautiful blue or pink paper fans and pom poms all over the venue for some added style. These are great ways to show that a celebration is taking place without having to put in too much effort. We all know that the christening itself is the main event, so you don’t want the after party to be stressful. Hang up these though, and you’ll have a gorgeous venue with none of the fuss! 

How amazing would it be to add some more beautiful balloons to the venue too? This time, opt for balloons that tell everyone what the special event is all about. Pink or blue christening balloons will look amazing, tying in the traditional color scheme with the acknowledgement of what you and your family are celebrating. And when the pictures from the big day reach the bottom of your child’s memory box, you’ll know exactly what special event you took them at: your child’s christening party! 

Prepare A Guest Book 

One of the most special moments at any christening party for us has to be the guest book. You can pick up a blue or pink one depending on your little one, but both look stunning and will be a great keepsake for your child as they get older. In fact, all the blessings that guests leave will be immortalised in this little guest book forever, so whenever your little one needs a reminder of their faith and their family’s love, all they have to do is look back on the messages left on their special day. That’ll be enough to fill any young heart with love! 

Christening Party Dessert Tableware

Every party needs some food, and often a christening party will benefit from a dessert table with some sweet treats for guests to enjoy. Whilst you should serve the sort of food you and your family will love, you should also think about how it is presented. We think it would be lovely to arrange some platters in the shape of a cross as a nod to the special occasion. 

Failing that, we also love the idea of using christening party decorations as a centerpiece on your dessert table. A pink or blue cross centrepiece would look amazing, and it would definitely delight all of your guests as they reach for a slice of celebratory cake! Better yet, use both ideas as a simple, but stunning way to reinforce the theme of the day! 

Christening Tableware 

christening party decorationschristening party decorations

Talking of the dessert table, you’ll also want a christening tableware set that highlights the importance of the day in your little one’s life. We also think it should be fun too, filled with bright colours and cute images that apply to your baby – it is their big day after all! An adorable ‘On your christening day’ design like this one would be perfect, and we think all your guests will love it too. We’ll sit back and let you ‘awwww’ for a moment after looking at the image below before we move on to our last suggestion. 

Christening Party Cake Decorations

Finally, every party needs cake, especially a christening party as special as this one. Now you can bake the cake yourself, buy it from a boutique shop, or pick up any old celebration cake from your local supermarket, but one thing we think you can’t skimp on is the cake topper! It doesn’t matter if you’re serving a simple Victoria sponge or an elaborate cross shaped christening party cake, a cross cake topper would set the whole thing off and make the cake even more special! This silver design is perfect for both a boy’s and girl’s christening party, and it really signifies the importance of this special day in your child’s religious journey! 

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