Christening Party Favors: 10 pocket-friendly items for guests

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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Looking for pocket-friendly and beautiful christening party favors for your guests? If yes, then we are pleased to inform you that you’ve come to the right page! Christening and baptism is such a meaningful event to celebrate with family and friends. It is a very nice and considerate gesture to prepare some meaningful and useful gifts for your guests to bring home so that they can always remember this wonderful event. That’s why we have already picked 10 excellent baby christening party favors for you! Let’s reveal a quick overview of ten christening party favors ideas for all budgets.

1) Mini Rosaries with Angel

These acrylic mini rosary beads are great baptism favors for your family and friends. In each pack, you’ll receive 30 pieces of gold-plated rosaries as well as 30 pieces of organza gift bags. Note, these mini rosaries are made of acrylic material, and the chain is made of golden metal. It’s sturdy, reliable, rustproof, lightweight, and long-lasting. All your guests will surely love these cute and charming party favors!

2) First Communion Favor Compact Mirror

Many of you should be searching for reasonably priced as well as useful christening favors. So, your search now ends here! This personalized baptism party favor is great for all, specifically for the lady guests. They can use this compact and sturdy mirror for different purposes. It has dual glass mirrors inside, one regular and one magnified. In each set, you will get twelve of these compact mirrors.

3) Pearl Guardian Angel Bracelet

These pearl bracelets are absolutely stunning and exquisite. Made of the best quality white pearl material, these bracelets aren’t just a simple fashion accessory. In fact, it’s a great favor for Baptism, christening, and baby shower parties. It represents four meaningful attributes of mankind, such as purity, sacrament, faith, and forgiveness. You’ll receive a total of twelve such angel bracelets in each set.

4) Cross wood key Chain

What are good baptism favors? Are you looking for the best baptism christening party favors? If yes, then this product demands your attention. These wood design keychains are useful for all. For both male and female guests at the party, these wooden keychains will be a perfect communion favor. These keychains represent the holy favor of Christianity. Furthermore, they are reasonably priced and available in a set of twelve pieces per pack.

5) Mini Bible Key Chain

We all love Bible! It’s a great book where we learn God’s holy, faithful, gracious, kind, unchanging, and loving character. Considering the immeasurable values of the Bible in our life, we have come up with this excellent product that can be a perfect party favor for your guests. These keychains represent the mini bible book. Of course, these products are suitable for all (irrespective of any gender and age).

6) Silver Cross Bookmarks with White Tassel

Many of your guests must be enthusiastic book lovers! So, if you are planning to arrange a baptism party, what about arranging some silver cross bookmarks? These bookmarks will be a meaningful gift for all bookworms. They can always use this product for marking the pages of their favorite books. But, that’s not the end! These are not any regular bookmarks. Instead, they have a special purpose since they have a special and unique cross-shaped design. As you already know, the holy cross mark is indeed the principal symbol of the Christian religion. These bookmarks represent the cross shaped carved symbol. In every pack, you will get eight such bookmarks, along with the “For You” thanks tag.

7) Pearl Angel Wings Charms

If you’re looking for baptism or christening party favor ideas at a pocket-friendly price, then here’s another recommendation for you. These are tiny wings charms that can even be used for your DIY special & unique jewelry projects. Starting from handmade handcraft works, keychains, keyrings, and sweater chains to clothing hat bag decoration, zipper pulls, cellphone decorative accessories, these wings charms are absolutely suitable for various DIY projects. You will get twenty pieces of wings charms in each set. These tiny charms are super colorful, useful, and represent angels’ wings symbols.

8) Cross Silicone Molds

Are you wondering if these Cross Silicone Molds are good party favors for baptism or christening? Yes, of course! This budget-friendly party favor pack includes four pieces of silicone cake molds, including one piece of large crossed mold and three pieces of small crossed molds. Using these silicone molds, your guests should be able to prepare different decorations for cakes. Note, these cake cross molds are made of grade organic silicon material. These items are safe, durable, non-toxic, and suitable for making cakes and cookies.

9) Angels Mini Rosaries Silver Plated Acrylic Beads

25 Pc White Color Baptism Favors with Angels Mini Rosaries Silver Plated Acrylic Beads/Recuerditos De Bautismo/Christening Favors/Decenarios/Decades/Finger Rosaries

What are the best party favor ideas for baptism and christening themes? Well, here’s an ideal product for you! These mini rosaries are made of acrylic white color beads. They are all handcrafted, extremely delicate, super beautiful, and signify the key theme of Christianity. These baptism favors feature hand-made Angels with silver plated wings. You will get twenty-five pieces of these products on each set.

10) Baby Baptism Candles

These are the Baptism blessings candles. Every time when your guests light these candles, it will send blessings and love to your child as a remembrance of a special day with a memorable celebration. These awesome baptism favors are great for both boys and girls. They are made of 100% soy wax material with cotton wicks. They have a lower melting point than paraffin wax and that’s why these soy candles will burn slower, better, and longer than paraffin candles. Plus, these party favor candles are infused with fresh Ocean Breeze fragrance oils (for fine and refreshing aroma).

With this, you have revealed ten Christening Party Favors for all budgets. In addition to these amazing party supplies and party favors, party hosts may even consider putting some chocolates and candies or bake some cupcakes for the guests as party favors.

These hand-made and hand-baked cakes, candies, and chocolates will fulfill the sweet-tooth cravings for your guests. To make these items more presentable and attractive, you can wrap them up with a nice christening food container.

Christening and Baptism Party Favors Bags

We have already come up with two recommendations for these nice christening food containers. The first pick is all about Christening party favor container which contains 12 blue-color, elegant Cross-themed goodie party favor boxes. You can fill up these boxes with baked cookies, thank you gifts, and small treats, etc.

Here’s the second recommendation for the Christening party favor bag. Each of them features a decorative floral cross, perfect for religious party themes. You’ll get 36 religious floral party favor bags in each pack.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to include Christening and Baptism Party Favors for your guests and allow them to always remember and cherish such a wonderful event.

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