Classy Winter Engagement Party Decoration Ideas: Featuring The Color Purple

winter engagement party decoration, Classy Winter Engagement Party Decoration Ideas: Featuring The Color Purple

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

We know how important an engagement party is to a newly engaged couple. It’s your chance to show off the ring, celebrate with the ones you love the most, and share the news that you and your partner are finally getting married! It’s the beginning of a whole new adventure and you want to celebrate it in a way that is classy and elegant! In summer, we’d always recommend an outdoor engagement party to let the sun shine down on your big day, but as winter and autumn draw near, the lower temperatures can ruin a lovely party. Instead, you might want to consider throwing your winter engagement party indoors with beautifully purple themed decorations with all your loved ones huddled close by!

Today, we’ll be answering a question we see a lot around here: How can I decorate my engagement party at home? Well, stick around, because we’ll give you lots of winter engagement party decorations for you to consider! Ready to find out more? Let’s go then!

Which color is best for my engagement party?

When we’re looking at a classy and elegant engagement party in the winter, we recommend purple. This colour is beautiful and you can always find appropriate winter engagement party decorations with this colour (as you’ll see in our section below). But first, let’s look a little closer at the meanings behind purple, so you can understand why they suit a winter engagement party so well!

In ancient Rome, purple became known as the color of luxury, reserved for royalty because the dye needed to make things purple (Tyrian purple dye) was very rare and incredibly expensive – with some saying that the price of purple dye was like gold! Hence why purple became the color of the royals! But even in modern times, it’s still a color that says classy and elegant, making it perfect for this winter engagement party! As a side note, purple and white work wonderfully together too, so if we’re lucky enough to have a white winter, then this engagement party will be even more special!

How to decorate the room for an engagement party?

When you’re thinking about decorating an engagement party, it’s difficult to know exactly what you’ll need! But if you stick to this list, packed full of winter engagement party decorations to go with our theme, then you’ll have nothing to worry about. Ready for a whistlestop tour of what your classy and elegant winter engagement party could look like? Then read on below!

1. Start by creating your own ‘Winter Wonderland’

You’re thinking of hosting this party indoors in winter time, right? And there’s never any guarantee that snow will fall to add an extra sprinkling of magic over the event either. Well, there’s a solution! Create your own winter wonderland by hanging some snowflakes all around your house. The ones we’ve found are purple snowflakes that fit the theme wonderfully, but of course, you won’t want to go overboard with too much purple (or else classy can become trashy), but you can certainly mix in some white snowflakes, too. A winter wonderland for your winter engagement party, right in your own home? Yeah, that sounds awesome to us!

2. Create a balloon garland to welcome your guests

Nothing says celebration like a balloon garland. And nothing says elegance and luxury like a purple one. Put it all together and what have you got? The perfect way to welcome your guests, that’s what! A purple confetti balloon garland shows how much work you’ve put into decorating the venue for the engagement party and it will look so classy! Better yet, your guests won’t be able to stop themselves from taking beautiful pictures in front of it to share to social media, so news of your engagement will spread far and wide! All the well-wishers will come forward to congratulate you and your partner, and it’ll make the event feel even more special. So don’t forget the purple balloon garland, because it will make the whole day more wonderful than you could have imagined!

3. Don’t forget the heart-shaped balloons to highlight your everlasting love!

Hanging some heart-shaped purple balloons is a great way to show off the real reason this party is taking place to begin with: the love that you and your partner share! Well, you should show off that love by hanging those heart-shaped purple balloons in every corner of the party! The thing we love most about these balloons is that they’re made of a high-quality foil, rather than the cheaper ones you sometimes see, so not only will they stay inflated throughout the entire party, but they look really luxurious too!

4. Lighting is important: Especially at a winter party

Dark nights, shorter days, these are the things we have to deal with when winter draws in. But just because the lights are dimming outside, doesn’t mean the lights have to dim inside! On the contrary, you should cover your party in dazzling lights to celebrate in style. That way, nobody has to leave early and you can celebrate as long as you want! It’s not everyday you get to celebrate an engagement after all! We like the idea of hanging some purple and white hanging lanterns to provide most of your light. It fits the color theme, but the white lanterns will also match the winter theme, so by combining them you make the lighting decorative, as well as functional. Put some string lights in the lanterns so light shines down on your engagement party all night long!

5. Which flowers should I choose as party of my winter engagement party decorations?

Of course we’ll need some flowers for the event, but which ones are the best choice? Well, how about a purple tulip? It’s the perfect choice because purple tulips represent deep love, perfection, and royalty. So they’re basically made for a classy and elegant winter engagement party, right? You may also wish to add some Baby’s Breath to the vase as well to add in a more winter-y feel, as well as reminding everyone what you’re celebrating. Baby’s Breath is often used in bridal bouquets and during other wedding events, so they’re perfect here, too. We also thought that whilst fresh cut tulips would be lovely, artificial purple tulips work just as well, and you can reuse them time and time again with nobody noticing. The ones we have found are silk, so they still ooze luxury and elegance, too!

6. A tulip table runner to match!

If you love the tulip idea above, then why don’t we carry the theme on a little further? Every engagement party will need a party table that’s well-decorated and fits the theme. A tulip table runner like this will do the trick! A table runner is a much better idea than a table cloth here, because it has a more luxurious feel. And besides, nobody wants the tulips to take over the theme – just to compliment it instead. By using a purple tulip table runner, you get to carry the purple theme through to the dining table, without overdoing it. It might be a minor detail, but it can make a major difference!

7. Snowflake candle holders for the table

Whilst we’re thinking about the engagement party table, we might as well decorate it with something else that will make the table tie in with our theme so far. And not to brag, but we think we’ve found the perfect things: Snowflake candle holders. Yes. Really. These look luxurious and elegant and they feel a lot more expensive than they are. Just imagine the three candle holders running along the purple tulip table runner, with purple tea light candles inside providing a lovely glow over the dining table. A snowflake candle holder adds class to a winter theme and makes the whole thing tie together even more! What’s not to love?

8. Don’t forget to decorate the cake!

Oh, didn’t we mention there would be cake? Well, it’s a party idea on our blog, so there was always going to be cake! Pick your favorite here. It’s your big day and you should celebrate with a slice of your favorite cake. But do us a favor. Make sure you top it off with these beautiful purple diamond ring cupcake toppers! Featuring diamond rings, ‘he asked’, and ‘she said yes’ toppers, means you can either serve cupcakes at the event, or throw these toppers together on top of a larger cake. Whichever way you decide to use them, they’ll take any cake and turn it into an engagement cake, and we don’t know about you, but an engagement cake sounds like something that would be right up our alleys! And it’s also just a really special way to celebrate with loved ones!

9. Use a nice photo frame for your engagement pictures

We’re including this one now, because we’re not sure whether you’ll have any pictures ready for the engagement party beforehand or not. If you have taken pictures of your engagement that you can share with your guests when they arrive, then a great way of doing that is displaying a photograph in a luxurious sparkling light purple picture frame. It’s certainly better than just scrolling through photos on your phone! But even if you have got no pictures ready of the engagement itself, then picking up a purple photo frame is a good idea, anyway. You’ll hopefully take lots of pictures at your engagement party (well, you will after our next suggestion anyway) and what better way is there to keep those precious memories than in a purple photo frame that matches the event’s theme? So this works well as either one of your purple engagement party decorations, the perfect way to keep precious memories after the party is over, or both! It’s a win-win-win this time!

10. Prepare a purple photo booth!

To finish, we thought we’d highlight the importance of capturing those happy memories. So often we focus on the wedding itself, but the engagement party is just as special! Make sure you pick up some purple photo booth props to fit the theme, but also to remind you to capture those wonderful memories you’re creating on the night of your engagement party. After all, we all hope to only have one engagement party in our entire lives, and since you’ve gone to the trouble of making this one extra special, you should do all you can to take as many pictures of the special day so you never forget how wonderful it was! Trust us, a winter engagement party as classy and elegant as this, is one you’ll never want to forget!

I hope you like the purple colored winter engagement party decorations we have mentioned above. We wish all the best with your upcoming engagement celebration event!

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