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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Kids love crafts, but not every parent loves to create craft sets or other DIY artistic projects at home, so what can you do? Well, thankfully there are more creative people than you and I out there, who make ready to go craft sets for kids so we don’t have to! Now that you’ve stopped holding your breath and you’ve finally breathed a sigh of relief, let’s take a look at some of these amazing craft sets that will make any child’s party the unmissable event of the year!

Why Do Kids Love Crafts So Much?

It’s a question that has baffled parents for years. We love neat and tidy, but kids just seem to love making a mess. But why do they love crafts so much? Most of the time it isn’t just to raise your blood pressure as you see them painting a picture with huge splodges of red paint on your brand-new dining table. In fact, most of the time it isn’t because they love making a mess at all. They just like to create things. 

The craft sets we’ve found lets them do all the creating they like, without risking that dining table. (We’re so good to you, we know!) One thing we will say before you pick out the craft sets you want from the list below, is that kids love to be involved in each others work by helping out and talking about it, so you might need to pick up more than just one or two so everybody has a chance to create something at least. 

Anyway, on to the all important craft sets!

1. Creative Kids Glow In The Dark Sand Art Set 

This glow in the dark sand art kit is amazing for kids because they are in control of their own creation! They can mix and match any of the purple, blue, and yellow sand with the glow in the dark orange and green to create their perfect glow in the dark art project to keep by their bed at night. It’s so much fun and kids will love sitting down to do this with friends!

2. Jewellery Making Kit 

As far as birthday party craft kits go, what can be better than jewellery making? This is perfect for little girls aged 8-12 to build their own friendship bracelets for one another. You get 3 bracelets in the kit and a huge array of beads and decorations to turn the bracelets in to something truly unique!

3. Galt Toys, Flower Lights, Kids’ Craft Kits 

Galt Toys have put together an amazing craft set that’s just perfect for birthday arts and crafts! You can arrange these flower lights however you like to create the perfect combination of beautiful, bright-coloured flowers to use at night time when the lights go out. You could let your kids drape them over the headboard of their bed so they can add their own unique decoration to their room. This is especially perfect for sleepover parties!

4. Casting and Painting Unicorns Figure 

What’s better than painting your own unicorn figure? Oh yeah, casting it too! With this craft set your kids and all their party guests will set the figure themselves, before painting and decorating it however they like. Just imagine your little one and all their friends gathered around a craft table to decorate their very own unicorns to take away with them. Isn’t that a special memory you want to create? This is a great children’s party craft kit.

5. Colourful Origami Kit 

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Origami isn’t easy. But it is time-consuming. And do you know what a bunch of party kids doing a time-consuming activity means? That’s right. Peace. If you want to give yourself some time to get the party food ready or serve some drinks, then fetch out this beautifully designed, bright and colourful origami kit. Trust us. You’ll thank us later!

6. Wooden Spoons Doll 

You might look at that title and be a little confused, but this craft set is AMAZING! Not only do you get the kids excited with creating their very own wooden spoon dolls (any character they like, the whackier the better) but you then get to sit back and watch them hilariously tell stories with them and take their own little characters on adventures. This one provides hours of fun, long after the creating process has finished!

7. DIY Vase Art and Craft 

This is more than just a vase kit! You create the vase and the artificial flowers to go with it! Kids will love sitting down to make this because they have free rein over everything. Whatever colours, fabrics, or buttons they prefer, they can use! The kit has everything they need too, so you can whip this out and then just sit back and watch the creating unfold!

8. First Pottery, Kids’ Craft Kit

Last on our list is this pottery kit. If you want to give them complete control over whatever they want to make – then this is the perfect kit. You get given the pottery clay, the paint set, a few instructions on how to set it, and that’s about it. So your kid and all their party guests can create whatever they want. If they can dream it, then they can make it with this craft set. And we think that’s pretty awesome!

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