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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Today’s article is another exciting one, but we have to warn you right now – you better ‘bee’ prepared for a cuteness overload! That’s right, today we’ll be talking all about an adorable bee themed birthday party.

Everybody loves bees, right? They’re crucial to our daily lives – pollinating plants and caring for the natural world to make it even more beautiful. And whenever we think of bees, we also think of delicious honey and sweet-smelling flowers. Basically, bees represent goodness, life, and joy – making this a perfect theme for a kids’ first birthday party, baby shower, or any kids’ birthday for that matter!

In this article, we’ll go through everything you need to know about a bee themed birthday party for kids to avoid ‘stinging’ your guests with a poorly planned party. That’s right, you’ll find invitations, decorations, food, and party favors here, so all you need to do is follow our guide for a bee birthday party everyone will love! 

Bee Themed Birthday Party Invitations

To kick things off, let’s use some adorable bee themed invitation cards to invite friends and family to celebrate at your child’s ‘Hap-Bee Birthday’ party! A simple invitation featuring some bees to highlight the theme of the party will do, and it’ll whet everyone’s appetite for what’s to come! These cards are great because they feature some seriously beautiful bumble bees too, and that’s just the start of the cuteness today!

Bee Birthday Party Decorations

Now let’s move on to some bee birthday party decorations that’ll make the whole party venue look as sweet as honey! We have a lot to cover today because there’s so many amazing bee themed birthday party products out there, so let’s start to fly through them, shall we? 

1. Sunflower And Bee Wreath 

This sunflower and bee wreath is just perfect for hanging on your front door to welcome the party guests to your home! The beautiful sunflowers and stunning bees look amazing, and the color scheme is perfect for a bee themed birthday party. Better yet, there’s even a welcome sign in the middle to welcome all your guests into your bee-filled world of wonder!

2. Bee Themed Birthday Backdrop 

As birthday backdrops go, this bee themed birthday backdrop has to be one of our favorites. It’s simple, yes, but it has everything you need for the party – honey, bees, and flowers. We can just imagine the kids standing around this for their photos, and we know they’ll all be buzzing about how great the party looks when they come inside to see this backdrop!

3. Happy Bee Day Banner 

We’re furious about this banner. Why? Because as you can tell from our writing, we love a good pun around here, and ‘Happy Bee Day’ is a stroke of genius – and we’re mad we didn’t think of it first! Still, there’s no denying that this Happy Bee Day banner is amazing, and it’ll look great in the party and help create an even more fun atmosphere.

4. Honeycomb Bee Paper Lanterns 

Hanging these beautiful honeycomb bee paper lanterns up high around the party venue is a great idea to make it feel like the kids are discovering beehives high up in the trees in a woodland. These lanterns look adorable too, with their ‘sweet as can bee’ sayings and their busy bumble bees working away in their beehive. Add these to your party venue for an extra hit of bee beauty!

5. Bee 1st Birthday High Chair Banner 

This bee 1st birthday high chair banner is perfect for your little one when you’re hosting a bee themed 1st birthday party! Your little bee can sit in their high chair surrounded by this beautiful bee birthday banner. We can just imagine all the photos you’ll be taking as your baby celebrates their very first birthday, and they’ll look extra cute with this banner nearby. 

6. Bee Balloon Arch 

Three words. Bee. Balloon. Arch. Bee balloon arch! How amazing does that sound? We love this balloon arch because it’s full of bright colors and little bees and we just know this will look great behind the dessert table as a really inviting way of asking your guests to come over and grab some amazing bee-themed treats!

7. Bee Themed Gold Confetti And Black Balloons 

And of course, you can never just have a balloon arch at a birthday party – you need balloons EVERYWHERE! These gold confetti and black balloons are the perfect ones to dot around your party venue to make it look as though there are loads of bees flying around. The colors work great too, since they look like little bumble bees, and it’ll just help the kids soak up the bee themed birthday party even more!

8. Bumble Bee Birthday Centerpiece

This bumble bee birthday centerpiece really is the cherry on top of the bee themed birthday cake! Placing this beautiful honeycomb shaped centerpiece in the middle of the party table is the perfect idea! The soft yellow colors, the bees, the love heart – everything about this centerpiece is bee-autiful, and we know the kids will love it!

Bee Birthday Party Food

Earlier we mentioned bee-themed treats, so we hope we didn’t scare you off too soon, because trust us, these bee birthday party food ideas are so simple even we could do them, and we plan parties, not menus. Everything you’ll find below is quick and easy, but they’ll make a big statement at the party table, so it’s worth going to this little bit of extra effort to really impress the guests!

1. Cake Pops With Mini Sugar Bees 

Bumblebee Icing Decorations | bee birthday party

Cake pops are so easy to prepare and you can find a bunch of easy recipes online to follow if you don’t have one to hand. But cake pops aren’t really relevant to the theme. That is, until you decorate them with mini sugar bees and use some bee themed icing to make them really stand out. After that, the cake pops become beautiful landing spots for those mini sugar bees. Delicious!

2. Mini Waffles And Honey 

This couldn’t be simpler. Just make some mini waffles and serve with honey. Not only is it super tasty and will go down a treat with the kids, but it also fits the theme perfectly. First, waffles are basically similar to the shape of honeycomb, right? And then when you drown those hot waffles in a deliciously sweet honey, you basically have bee overload! And every bite is mouth-wateringly good. 

3. Happy Bee Day Birthday Cake 

You can’t have a birthday party without a birthday cake, so make sure you bake something special (or buy one from the store – nobody has to know). But to really make the cake special, decorate it with a ‘Happy Bee Day’ cake topper to make the birthday cake match the theme. Trust us, of all the birthday cakes your kids will have, this one will be a standout memory because it fits with the theme so well. 

4. Blueberry And Pineapple Fruit Stick 

OK, here us out. We couldn’t think of a black fruit that can be put on a fruit stick easily (yes, you could substitute the blueberries for blackberries, but we think they’ll just fall apart as you try to push them on to the fruit stick), so instead we’ve opted for blueberries and pineapple. Honestly, the bee effect still works brilliantly. Just cut the pineapple into smaller pieces, and alternate blueberries and pineapples on a wooden stick to create your very own edible bumble bees!

5. Bee Table Cover 

For our final two food related suggestions, we’re going to talk about ways to make serving the food even more special. And to kick things off, we have this amazing bee table cover. The sweet as can bee saying matches the lanterns from earlier, and we just love how this table cover will turn the party table into a hive of activity when the buzzing bees all descend upon it for something to eat!

6. Bee Glitter

And finally, just to give your party table an extra dose of special treatment, why not pour some bee glitter confetti over it to help make it really stand out. For us, glitter confetti screams birthday party, and we’re sure the kids will love looking through the glitter to find their favorite pieces to show to their friends. That means the glitter will keep them busy whilst you serve up the treats. Perfect!

Bee Birthday Party Costume

We couldn’t possibly talk about a bee birthday party without talking about bee costumes! Below are just two adorable suggestions, but we already know everybody reading this is going to say ‘aww’ the second they see them. And rightfully so, because these bee related costumes are absolutely adorable. 

1. Bee Tutu 1st Birthday Dress Outfit 

If you’re hosting a bee themed 1st birthday party for your little girl, then this outfit is a must. Just look at it! It’s an adorable 1st birthday bee tutu dress outfit that has all the colors of a bumble bee and looks amazing. Imagine your little girl running around all day in this cute outfit. And the best thing is, you’ll be able to take lots of photos so you never forget how precious she looked on her big first birthday!

2. Bee Headbands

We can’t forget the older kids, adults, and party guests though, so we’ve also found these adorable bee headbands. This set is perfect for all your guests, both boys and girls, because it turns them instantly into buzzing little bees. It’s a really simple way of getting everyone involved in the theme, and these will also make for some amazing photos to look back on once the party is over. 

Bee Birthday Party Favors

Bees bring us so much – honey, flowers, and many other delights in spring and summertime. And just like the generous bumble bee, you can also give out some special gifts to your party guests as they leave. After all, shouldn’t all our guests leave with a smile on their face and special memories of a party well spent? 

1. Hexagon Mini Glass Honey Jars With Wood Dipper 

One amazing idea for your bee themed birthday party favors is using these hexagon mini glass honey jars with a wood dipper filled with honey. That way, your guests can leave with a delicious jar of honey that they can reuse again and again. Every time they reach for their special jar of honey at breakfast time, they’ll remember the amazing bee themed party they attended with a big smile on their face. 

2. Beeswax Lip Balm 

Lip balm is useful in everyone’s party favor – not just the girls. These beeswax lip balms are amazing, and any guest will be thankful to find these in the bottom of their party favor bag. 

3. Honey Bee Stickers On Candy

And finally, why not put together a sweet bag of candy and chocolates to give your guests something tasty to enjoy when they’re back home. Don’t just throw them into bags though and leave it at that. Use some honey bee stickers to decorate it and make it extra special for your guests. We just know they’ll be touched by the trouble you’ve gone to, just to make their day even more memorable. 

Well Wishes

We know we’ve covered a lot here today, but we’ve put everything together so you can see all the amazing things you can do at a bee themed birthday party. Cherry-pick some ideas or use the lot, we don’t really mind, just so long as you create a bee party that your kid will love! There’s something special about bees, and using them as a party theme is a great way to make sure your party is special too. 

So, all that’s left for us to say is good luck, we hope we’ve been able to help you with some amazing bee themed birthday party ideas, and we hope the party is bee-autiful and buzzing with fun!

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