Divorce Party Decorations: Trendy Ways To Cheer Up Your Gal Pal

divorce party decorations

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Divorces can come in many shapes and sizes. Some divorces will leave your friend feeling happy, some will make them feel hurt, and others will make them feel free as a bird once more. The point is, divorces can be either incredibly difficult or incredibly happy times in a person’s life. But one thing is true of ALL divorces: Your friend is going to need your support. And one way of doing that is throwing an amazing divorce party to remind your gal pal that she’s a strong woman who can get through anything with her friends by her side! Ready to hear all about our divorce party decorations? Then let’s get to it! 

How To Decorate For A Divorce Party?

There is something to keep in mind during a divorce party: the 3 ‘Fs’. Fashionable. Funny. Fabulous. Keep these in mind, and you’ll definitely cheer up your best friend at the divorce party. Just keep these amazing and fun decorations in mind to show her the support she needs at this difficult time. Throughout this article, we’ll share 18 fashionable, funny, and fabulous divorce party decorations to make this night extra special for your best friend! 

1. The End of An Error Divorce Party Banner

To kick off today’s list, we needed something that sets the mood of the divorce party right away. This party isn’t about crying over what’s gone, it’s about smiling for what’s to come! And this end of an error divorce party banner is the perfect mix of sassy and supportive, which is exactly the mood we’re going for with this party. Supporting your best friend whilst cutting down her ex, what could be a better way to encourage your girl?

2. Rainbow Balloon Arch with Gold Metallic Star Balloons

When we get married, we do so in the most stylish and chic way. It’s a celebration, after all. And now that your best friend is getting divorced, it’s important to be just as bright and fashionable – if not just as, then even more so! Use the rainbow balloon arch to show her that her future is so much more colorful without her ex and use the gold metallic star balloons to remind her she shines brighter without him than she ever did with him! 

3. Rose Gold Finally Divorced I’m Free Balloon

Of course, bright and colorful might be a little much depending on your best friend’s style, so maybe opting for divorce party decorations that are a little more subdued, but still stylish, is the best way to go. If so, then this rose gold finally divorced I’m free balloon will do the trick. Just imagine the look on your friend’s face as she stands in front of these chic balloons with a glass of bubbly in her hand as she celebrates her freedom!

4. Funny Divorce Party Decorations Balloons

Maybe your best friend isn’t in the bright, colorful, or chic stage of the divorce yet. If she’s still wishing she burned his clothes instead of packing them up nicely into bags for him (kudos to her for doing the right thing, by the way), then she might want something a little darker. These funny divorce party decorations balloons are full of witty comments like ‘Divorced AF’ and ‘Ring For Sale’ that’ll definitely help her see the brighter side.

5. Boy Bye Party Banner

Nothing screams strong, independent woman like the immortal words ‘Boy Bye’. And that’s why this boy bye party banner is perfect for the divorce party and is one of the best divorce party decoration ideas. Tonight is all about empowering your best friend and reminding her that saying goodbye to her childish ex is a good thing. He wasn’t mature enough to be her husband, and now he’s out. There’s no better way to say it: Boy bye.

6. Divorce Party Male Stripper Latex Confetti Balloons

There’s a (somewhat) crude saying that gets banded around a lot during a breakup or a divorce, but it’s important to share with you today. ‘The only way to get over someone is to get under someone else.’ And whilst your best friend probably isn’t ready to go out and find a new man tonight, these divorce party male stripper latex confetti balloons above her head certainly count as her being under someone else. Out with the old, in with the new! 

7. Broken Chain Divorce Party Banner

Guys sometimes joke around when they’re married that their wife is an ‘old ball and chain’ because, for some reason, a woman helping them stay on the straight and narrow is something to joke about. Men, right? Still, it’s good to remind everyone that the ball and chain’s chain just broke, and she’s moving on to better things! And this broken chain divorce party banner is the perfect way to do that in the sassiest way possible! 

8. Divorce Party Guest Book

We have a wedding party guest book, right? Where guests can write their best wishes for the couple. Well, that’s in the trash now or destined to lie forgotten about at the back of a dusty wardrobe somewhere, so let’s replace it with something that’s actually useful. A divorce party guest book is the perfect place for your best friend’s girls to gather around and write their wishes and words of encouragement for her bright future ahead! 

9. Bye Felicia Backdrop

If you’ve never heard ‘bye Felicia’ before, it’s essentially just a funny way of dismissing someone. It basically means you’re done with them, and you don’t even care enough to call them by their real name. That level of self-confidence and ‘done-ness’ is exactly what we want to celebrate about your best friend’s divorce, so a bye Felicia backdrop is perfect for her. Just imagine the sassy, independent pictures she can take in front of this! 

10. Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign

This is one of the most important just divorced party decorations! A hello gorgeous neon sign is the perfect way of reminding the newly divorced lady she’s gorgeous! She might not be feeling her best right now, but taking the time to remind her she’s beautiful, smart, funny, and absolutely deserving of happiness is important. As her best friend, you’ve probably done all that anyway, but a fun neon sign is a nice way to remind her too.

11. Divorce Party Cocktail Napkins

There are only two things a woman needs at her divorce party. Supportive friends, and plenty of booze! We’ve got the first one on lock (you’re reading this article today because you’re a supportive friend, after all), now all we need is the booze… Make sure you bring alone these divorce party cocktail napkins for the pina coladas too. Drinking cocktails with a ‘I’m leaving his ass’ napkin is about as ‘done with his nonsense’ as a woman can be! 

12. Divorce Party Photo Booth Props

If you’ve read our articles before, you know we can’t get enough of photo booth props because it’s a great way to capture memories of a special time. And yes, a divorce party is still a special time! Your best friend is finally free, so gather all her friends, pick up these divorce party photo booth props, and take some hilarious pictures to help you remember the special day. After a few cocktails, you might need the photos to help you piece the night together too…

13. Wine Sticker

Talking of drinks, we’ve covered the cocktails, but nothing screams divorce party quite like wine, right? There’s something about it. Even if you don’t drink wine often, for some reason, when we’re going through tough times, a bottle of wine just feels right! And these wine stickers are perfect because they replace the label on the bottle with some words of encouragement for your friend. Wine and support?! Where do we sign up?

14. Finally Divorced Tiara and Sash

Every woman should feel like a princess, and clearly your best friend’s ex husband did a terrible job at making her feel special in that way. But she doesn’t need a man to do that for her, not when she has you! Pick up this finally divorced tiara and sash to make her feel proud and look fabulous. She might not have had the chance to feel like a princess with him, but she certainly will without him, thanks to these accessories! 

15. Champagne Flutes

We’ve covered cocktails, we’ve covered wine… Now what? Of course, the ultimate celebration drink: champagne! To cheers to your best friend’s new exciting life ahead, make sure you pick up these fun champagne flutes! Get your best friend at the straw end whilst you pour the champagne into the flute. There’s no better way to celebrate and your friend will definitely feel special knowing you’ve gone to all this trouble just to put a smile on her face. 

16. Divorce Party Support Crew Button Pin

A woman is only as strong as her army of support around her, and if there’s ever a time she needed her best friends to prop her up and remind her of her power, it’s today. So, pick up these divorce party support crew button pins and hand them out to everyone at the party. It might just be a small gesture, but seeing her girls with these support crew pins will remind her why spending tonight with her friends is better than every night she spent with her ex! 

17. I Do, I Did, I’m Done Cake Bunting Topper

Now on to the cake decorations, because a divorce party isn’t a divorce party without cake! This I do, I did, I’m done cake bunting topper perfectly sums up what this divorce party is all about. The sass, the strength, the self-confidence it brings out in a woman is incredibly powerful, especially on a night like tonight. Bake a big cake and stick this bunting topper on top, and we guarantee your friend won’t be able to stop herself from smiling.

18. Finally Done Cake Toppers

A great alternative are these finally done cake toppers. At a wedding, the cake usually has mini figures of the bride and groom standing next to one another as partners. Well… this divorce cake topper is a little different. This one shows the woman pushing the guy off the cake, because she’s finally done. This is a great decoration and it’ll definitely remind your best friend that she’s better off without him!

Wrapping up of Divorce Party Decoration Ideas

And just like your best friend with her ex, we’re finally done too! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of these ideas and we hope the divorce party is as fashionable, funny, and fabulous as your best friend deserves. Cheers to her new life without old baggage dragging her down – even we’ll raise a glass to that! 

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