Divorce Party Gifts For Him: Ways To Help Your Buddy Move On With A Smile

divorce party gifts for him

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

When your buddy is just divorced, it can be a difficult time for him. Even if he’s happy about the divorce, it’s still a big change in his life and he’ll need your support to show him that this isn’t the end, but the start of something new and exciting! What better way is there to show him that than a divorce party for him?! Bring along divorce party gifts for him to show how much you care and he’ll definitely have a smile on his face by the end of the night!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to think of the divorce party gifts for him all on your own. In this post, we’ll introduce 18 divorce party gift ideas for him that will definitely help your pal move on!

We looked for divorce party present for him that did one of three things:

  1. Encourage him to have more positive energy and move on
  2. Make him laugh and put a smile on his face
  3. Something useful for his just divorced life

Divorce Party Gifts for him That Are Useful

1. Winter Beanie Hat

It can be pretty lonely and cold after a breakup, and if winter is around the corner, then your buddy’s going to need something warm and comfortable to see him through. This knitted winter beanie hat ought to do it! It’s stylish, warm, and comfortable – he’ll definitely appreciate this gift when the cold months set in after his divorce.

2. Funny Divorce Shot Glass

Time to take a shot because he untied the knot! These funny divorce shot glasses are a great idea because not only will they put a smile on his face, but they’re also practical. Sometimes, after a divorce, a drink or two with your buddies is all you need to feel better about it and get a new perspective, so it’s as practical as it is fun!

3. The Solo Travel Handbook

One of the hardest things you have to get used to after divorce is travelling alone. With this ‘The Solo Travel Handbook’ though, you’ll be gifting your friend freedom to see the world and have new, exciting experiences away from his ex-wife. Travelling solo is a lot of fun and can be one of the best ways to find yourself and reconnect with what’s important after a divorce.

4. Magnetic Wristband

This has to be one of the most practical divorce gifts for him out there. This magnetic wristband is perfect for when your buddy is throwing himself into housework or gardening now that he’s got some more spare time. Keeping this magnetic wristband with him means he’ll have everything he needs to get his jobs around the house done quickly, and it’s definitely practical.

5. Crocs Men’s Classic Tie Dye Clogs

You know what? Without his ex-wife around to talk about fashion choices, it’s time to get him something that’s just practical! We all love crocs, so why not buy him these crocs men’s classic tie dye clogs? They’re super comfortable, and he’ll definitely appreciate that when he wears them around the house!

6. Microwave Oven

If your friend is pretty bad at cooking and has only ever relied on other people to do it for him, then the chances are he isn’t going to turn into a michelin star chef just because he’s divorced. Instead, give him something practical that’ll just mean he can eat on his own – a microwave oven. It’s easy to use, and even if he’s never cooked before, he’ll be able to work this one out.

Divorce Party Gifts To Make Him Laugh

7. True Bonny Boy Liquor Dispenser

This true bonny boy liquor dispenser is hilarious. Your buddy might reach for a glass of whisky at night to unwind after a long day’s work now that he’s sat at home alone, so why shouldn’t he get a laugh every time he does? The fact that it looks like the liquor is pee might be immature (and we’re sure his ex-wife would hate it), but who cares when it’s so funny? This divorce party gifts for him is so gonna make everybody laugh.

8. Freshly Signed Divorce Paper Wine Wrapping

All you really need to bring with you to your friend’s divorce party is a bottle of wine. A glass or two of that and he’ll be feeling much better. But why can’t the wine make him laugh too? Purchase a divorce wine bag that says ‘smells like freshly signed divorce papers’ and pop the wine inside. Trust us, he’ll get a good chuckle out of it, and sometimes the best way to move on is to laugh about it!

9. Beer Belt

If there’s one thing your buddy really needs right now, it’s convenient access to beer. And a hilarious way of giving him this top-tier gift is by purchasing him a beer belt. Just imagine the scene at the party. Your buddy’s feeling blue and down in the dumps, and then you whip out this beer belt that means he can have 6 cans on his person at all times. Goodbye sad divorced buddy, hello life of the party! 

10. Funny T-Shirt

A funny t-shirt is another great idea to put a smile on his face, and if he puts it on at the party and posts to social media, everyone will know he’s having a great time despite his divorce. The fact that it says ‘My favorite ex-wife bought me this shirt’ is bound to make him laugh. Heck, it’ll make everyone who sees it online laugh too (except, you know, his ex-wife…). 

11. Emergency Underpants

Guys. We’re not the most organised people out there, are we? Which is why, without someone around to remind us to do our laundry, it might slip to the back of our minds. In that case, your buddy might benefit from some emergency underpants. The thing with this gift is that it’s funny to begin with, but slowly all the guys at the party will think it’s actually a useful idea. And we don’t know if that’s worrying, or even more hilarious…

12. Problem Solved Tin Sign

Maybe we’ve been a little subtle in making your buddy laugh so far. Maybe we’ve not pushed the idea that he’s finally free to do what he wants enough. Well, let us introduce you to the problem solved tin sign. Here, a man leaves his argumentative ex-wife to enjoy a life of leisure – fishing, relaxing, and spending time with his dog. It’s hilarious, but also reminds your buddy he can do what he wants, when he wants now!

Divorce Party Gifts To Help Him Move On

13. Be Awesome Cute Motivational Coffee Mug

Sometimes your friend won’t need practical or funny gifts, but something to cheer him up and remind him that everything is going to be OK if he just stays positive enough. Well, this be awesome cute motivational coffee mug is the perfect way for him to start his day knowing that he’s awesome and can do anything he puts his mind to. 

14. Japanese Zen Garden Meditation Kit

Lots of people have different ways of relaxing, but maybe your buddy hasn’t found the perfect way for him yet. Well, maybe this Japanese Zen Garden meditation kit will do the trick? It’s literally designed for relaxation, which will definitely help him unwind after the stress of his divorce from his ex-wife. 

15. White Sage

White sage smudge sticks are designed to be burned in the home. It is said that white sage is the best way to remove negative energy from one’s life. Yes, your friend has already started the process by leaving his negative ex, but some of that lingering resentment, hurt, and upset will remain. Tell him to burn this white sage though, and he might find there’s more room for positivity in his life than he first thought! 

16. Home Gym Equipment Set

THE best way to move on after a divorce is to focus on you. By focusing on your health and fitness, you’ll feel a million times better. First, because you’re making yourself a priority. And second, because you’ll be improving the way you look, making you feel ready to meet someone new again. That’s why this 10-in-1 home gym equipment set is one of the best divorce gifts for him.

17. Scented Candle

This scented candle is perfect for your buddy at his divorce party. Why? Because it’s a lavender scented candle, which is perfect for relaxing and helping you unwind. But it doesn’t come wrapped up in purple flowers, but a tough, powerful reminder that he is awesome instead. Relaxation and words of encouragement are pretty much the two best things you can give your buddy, so he’ll love this! 

18. An Encouraging Card

And finally, it’s time to talk about how men don’t talk. A lot of the stuff today has been quite practical, funny, or useful, but THIS is the gift every man going through a divorce really needs. Sure, get him the other stuff too, to lift his spirits, but team it with an encouraging card. Fill it with kind words of love and support, and you’ll soon see that your buddy is feeling stronger and happier than ever. 

Wrapping Up of divorce party gifts for him ideas!

Whether it’s a gift to bring him positivity, make him laugh, or it’s just something useful after a divorce, your friend will appreciate the gift at his divorce party. Just remember to remind him how strong he is, and how much better off he is alone than being unhappy in a marriage. And when you guys inevitably crack open a can of beer, just know we’re raising a glass to your buddy too, wishing him a much happier future without his ex-wife! 

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