Dog Party Favors For Pet Loving Party Guests

dog party favors, Dog Party Favors For Pet Loving Party Guests

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Dogs are part of our family, so a dog birthday party only feels right. Whether it’s on the anniversary of their birth or their adoption into your family, it doesn’t really matter! Just pick a reason to celebrate, invite all your dog-loving pals and their furry friends and throw an amazing party! And then consider handing out some of our dog party favors at the end to put a smile on everyone’s face! Ready to hear all our ideas? Then let’s go ‘walkies’ together as we explore the world of dog birthday party favors!

What party favors do you put in a dog’s goodie bag?

Well the party favors we recommend serve three purposes! First, we have some great suggestions for the dogs they can enjoy for themselves. Second, we have gifts for dog lovers that they can use such as cute dog-themed accessories. And finally, we have the most important gifts of all: things owners can use with their dogs to play fun games together and spend quality time having tonnes of fun!

dog party favors

1. LED Dog Collar Light

We’ve all been there as dog owners. One minute your dog’s right beside you, and the next they’ve run off into the darkness. It’s like they know how scared we get and they’re playing some kind of trick on us. Well, it’s time to put an end to their cruel games with a LED dog collar light that simply attaches to their collar. With 3 settings: on, slow flash, and quick flash, you can find what works for you so you never have to experience that heart-stopping fear ever again!

dog party favors, Dog Party Favors For Pet Loving Party Guests

2. Dog Party Favors for next party: Dog Bowtie

And yes, your dog-loving friends will love the practicality of the first gift idea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them something indulgent too. May we introduce you to these dog bowties! We probably need to say more than ‘JUST LOOK AT THEM’, so we’ll say that we love that there are so many unique designs so you can personalise them to your friend’s dogs as you hand them out so it suits them. After all, it’s important they look the part. But also, like, JUST LOOK AT THEM!

dog party favors, Dog Party Favors For Pet Loving Party Guests

3. Dog Bandanas

If your friend’s dogs are a little too cool for a bowtie, then consider a bandana. It doesn’t get much cooler than dog bandanas. Most dog owners won’t think to pick up something like a bandana for their beloved pet, but once they’ve been given one, it opens up their mind to the idea that their little friend can start styling things out every once in a while. And hey, it doesn’t have to be ‘either/or’ on the bandana vs bowtie debate. You can have one for formal affairs and one for the weekend! I am sure your dog will love to wear this dog themed birthday party favors next time.

dog party favors

4. Dog Poo Bags

No, it’s not the most glamorous part of a dog owner’s life, but it’s something we all must do. So including dog poo bags in a party favor is a brilliant idea because you know every guest will have to use them at some point! And the best thing is, these are no ordinary poo bags. They’re lavender scented, extra thick, and earth rated. That means it’s good for the planet, but also the community too – as the company works with animal shelters and rescues, so it’s a small gift that does a lot of good!

dog party favors

5. Dog Hair Bows

From saving the planet to saving your dog’s bad hair days now! Dog hair bows are really cute and help make any little female puppy look extra adorable. Pop these in the guest’s bags with female dogs and they’ll be able to create a super sweet look at home for their little friend. And because you bought the dog hair bow for them, you’ll guarantee that they’ll send you a picture of their little pup wearing it. More puppy pics in your inbox? Sign us up!

dog party favors, Dog Party Favors For Pet Loving Party Guests

6. Dog Squeaky Toys

We’re not here to name names or call anyone out publicly, but let’s just say a certain Beagle we know is a destructive little madame with her toys, but even she would fail to get her teeth through these dog squeaky toys! First off, they’re adorable. But second, they’re made with double-layer fabric so it’s harder to chew through, meaning it’s safer for them to play with. And let’s be honest, dog squeaky toys might annoy us owners, but they’re A LOT of fun for our furry companions.

dog party favors, Dog Party Favors For Pet Loving Party Guests

7. Dog Rope Toy as a great dog themed birthday party favors

The aforementioned destructive Beagle loves a game of tug of war, and we’re certain every other dog in the world does too! These dog rope toys are strong, durable, and a lot of fun for your dogs. Because they aren’t plastic, they’re much safer for your dog too, and the rope they make these things of is so thick that it’d be difficult for any dog to destroy easily. If you want to gift hours of fun to your guests at the party, then this dog rope toy is the gift for your dog party favors!

dog party favors

8. Collapsible Dog Bowls

We can’t tell you how valuable collapsible dog bowls are to dog owners, and it’s something very few people buy for themselves. When you’re taking your canine companion for long walks, they can get hot. Having a collapsible dog bowl with you is perfect so you can fill it with some water and give them a comfort break. Better yet, they easily fit in any backpack or large handbag, and if that doesn’t work for you, there’s a clip for your dog’s collar so they can carry it too!

dog party favors

9. Dog Lick Pad Mat

These are the perfect gifts for dog owners who need to distract their dogs occasionally. A dog lick pad mat is new to us (and something we’re definitely going to pick up for ourselves), but it’s essentially just a completely safe silicone mat that you can spread treats over. It works for dog biscuits or something like peanut butter or another spread. It sticks beneath this slow-feeder mat and you can then put it somewhere and let your dog lick it for AGES. Perfect for bath time with a stubborn pup!

dog party favors, Dog Party Favors For Pet Loving Party Guests

10. Dog Sunglasses

Do dogs need sunglasses? Of course they don’t! Do they want them? Well, team them with one of those cool dog bandanas from earlier and we reckon they’ll want the dog sunglasses too! It’s quite the look, and we think this will make them top dog at the park next time they head out looking totally paw-some! And even if they don’t keep them on for ages, your dog-loving party guests will still want to pop them on their beloved dogs for a quick social media pic, anyway!

dog party favors, Dog Party Favors For Pet Loving Party Guests

11. Dog Party Favors for Christmas Party: Party Hat With Scarf

As we’re writing this, the festive season is here, but you can still include these in your dog themed birthday party favors all year round. After all, it’s never too early to get ready for a canine Christmas! This dog Christmas party hat with scarf is just adorable, and we can imagine all the little pups dressed up at a Christmas party with all the guests cooing over them. The designs are adorable; they look super cute, and they look like they’d be really comfortable for your dog too. It’s a win-win-win!

dog party favors

12. LED Light Up Dog Balls

Some dogs have to go for their walks early in the morning or late at night when it’s dark out, but that doesn’t mean they should have to miss out on every dog’s favourite game of all: fetch. Bring these LED light up dog balls with you, and they’ll still be able to find the ball even if it’s pitch black out. They’re great fun in the daytime too, of course, and they look amazing as they fly through the air. Trust us, your guests will love this one and we’re pretty certain their dogs will thank you for them too!

dog party favors, Dog Party Favors For Pet Loving Party Guests

13. Dog Party Favors for Pet-loving guests: Fluffy Puppy Stuffed Toy

So far everything has been for the dogs, but your dog-loving friends deserve a treat too as a thank you for coming to your dog’s special party. So, let’s kick off with a fluffy puppy stuffed toy that every dog owner would love to own. The design is almost (almost, but not quite) as cute as their actual dogs, so we just know they’ll love placing this on their bedside table or on display in the living room. What’s a better gift for a dog lover than another puppy, right?

dog party favors, Dog Party Favors For Pet Loving Party Guests

14. Puppy Paw Print Bracelets

These puppy paw print bracelets sum up every dog lover’s reason for being so obsessed with their canine friends. The paw print reminds us of all the adventures we take with them, and the infinity sign with the word love reminds us that a dog’s love is forever, because we are their entire world and they are ours. Honestly, every guest at your party will love taking these away with them as a sweet reminder of why all of your puppies are so important to each of you.

dog party favors, Dog Party Favors For Pet Loving Party Guests

15. Dog Key Chain

This dog key chain, in the style of an adorable French Bulldog puppy, is another great gift for your party guests. They’ll be able to use it on their keys, attached to a backpack, or anywhere else they can find to clip it! With four designs: pink, blue, black, and brown, you’ll be able to mix up the key chains for your party guests so they get the one you think they’ll love the most. It’ll look great and remind them wherever they are about how lucky they are to have their furry friend in their life.

dog party favors, Dog Party Favors For Pet Loving Party Guests

16. Dog Themed Coaster

And finally, let’s round off the list of dog party favor ideas with a dog themed coaster that is absolutely gorgeous. These simple stoneware drinking coasters are great, and you can give one to every guest in their dog themed birthday party favors as they leave. Every time they place their morning cuppa down, they’ll remember your amazing party, and just how much dogs mean to all of us. Include this in your dog birthday party favors and all your guests will be thankful when they see that cute puppy face smiling up at them!

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