Dolphin Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

dolphin themed birthday party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

We challenge you to find anyone who doesn’t like dolphins. Seriously, we’ve yet to find a single person and we reckon you won’t be able to either. And do you know who really loves dolphins? Kids. So a dolphin themed birthday party for kids makes sense. Today we’ll cover everything you need to know about throwing a dolphin themed birthday party for your kids at home. Ready to get started? Then grab your snorkeling equipment and join us in our underwater world! 

Why Is A Dolphin Party Such A Good Idea?

Everybody sees dolphins as being our friends. Why? Well, so many dolphins love human interaction as much as we love interacting with them, so it makes sense that we’ve formed an attachment to our underwater pals.

This smart creature sings beautifully, is highly intelligent, and loves being social, so they’re a natural best friend for kids, too. Hosting a dolphin themed birthday party for your kids is such a great idea because you can create an entire ocean world for your kids, making their love for dolphins stronger and their day even more special. And don’t worry, we’ve already covered everything for you right here in this article – invitations, decorations, games, and food – we’ve got the lot!

Dolphin Themed Birthday Party Invitations

Let’s start with the invitations, shall we? The only logical option is a dolphin party invitation card that shows a dolphin exploring their ocean world. With ‘you’re invited to a splashing party’ across the front, kids will get excited about heading out on their upcoming underwater adventure with the birthday boy or girl right away! This already feels like a party to remember!

Dolphin Themed Birthday Party Decorations

Now, we have plenty of ideas to help you create that underwater world the kids will be expecting after such an amazing invitation. These ocean themed decorations are the perfect way to encourage everyone to have fun at the dolphin themed party!

Create an Under Water World with Blue Foil Fringe Curtains And Paper Streamers

The key to success at a dolphin party is creating an underwater world that feels believable. Start with some blue foil fringe curtains for kids to step through. This will help create the feeling that they’re diving into the water and heading beneath the waves for a big adventure. Don’t forget the blue paper streamers either, as these can hang around the party venue, moving in the air as though they really are waves being pulled back and forth by the water’s current. If you want the kids to really feel like they’re exploring an ocean world, then these two ideas are a must! 

Create ‘Water Bubbles’ with White And Blue Helium Latex Balloons 

Using some white and blue balloons around the venue is a great idea. Try not to put too many firmly in place – by letting them float around the room, you create the feeling that there are water bubbles all around. Not only that, but balloons are essential at every birthday party, and it just so happens that these fit the theme perfectly

Dolphin Themed Birthday Party Balloons

You know what we’ve not seen a lot of? Dolphins! So let’s change that by introducing the main characters themselves with a giant dolphin party balloon! You should get two for the party – one blue, one pink – so everyone at the party will be able to pick their favorite and swim around the party venue with them. It’ll be like exploring the ocean with actual dolphins for the little ones! 

Inflatable Dolphins 

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool at home, then some inflatable dolphins are a great idea. Kids can swim with them in the pool, creating lots of happy memories with their friends and their new dolphin companions. Even if you don’t have a pool, these can still be great to put out so kids can run around the venue with them in their arms to explore the ocean world you’ve created.

Dolphin 3D Illusion Light 

Another great idea for bringing dolphins into your underwater world is with a dolphin 3D illusion light. Place this on the party table to make it look as though the three dolphins really are swimming around together having tones of fun like dolphins do. This is one of those decorations that will knock the kids’ socks off and they’re guaranteed to love it! 

Seashell Marbles 

Next up are the seashells, naturally. Spread some seashell marbles around the party table to give kids something to look at and explore when it’s time for them to sit down and settle for some food. This keeps things interesting when it’s time for food and gives them something to talk about with their friends as they try to find the coolest ones.

Comfortable Dolphin Themed Party with Nautical Cushion Cover

Talking of settling down, kids will need somewhere to relax besides the party table. After all, even the most keen underwater explorers need to rest sometimes. So, create a comfortable seating area for the kids using cushions covered in these nautical cushion covers. The bright designs will capture the kids’ imaginations and let them continue their adventure in a slightly more relaxed way before running off to chase dolphins again! 

Dolphin Themed Birthday Party Music/Sound Effects

Streaming music is a must at any party, but when it’s an underwater dolphin themed birthday party, you might want to consider streaming sounds of the dolphins to create a beautiful atmosphere. Dolphins are known for the way their voices sound like beautiful music, so by playing their sounds through speakers at the party, all the kids can enjoy it whilst feeling even more like they’re truly underwater.

Dolphin Themed Birthday Party Games And Fun

Of course, a dolphin party isn’t really a dolphin party until you bring out the party games and the fun activities, right? Well, we have everything you need to keep the little explorers busy when they aren’t chasing dolphins around the party venue. 

Story Time 

A great way to bring some calm to the kids before sending them home to their parents is to read them a story. Naturally, it’ll need to be dolphin related to stick with the theme – something like ‘Truth About Dolphins: Seriously Funny Facts About Your Favorite Animals’ is a great option to fascinate and delight the kids before they leave. And they’ll even be able to share what they’ve learnt with their families back home. 

Dolphin Bubbles 

You will, of course, need a dolphin bubble machine for two reasons: 1) kids love playing with bubbles, and 2) bubbles around the party venue will look like air bubbles in your ocean world, so it works as a game for the kids and a decoration for the venue! Basically, it’s the perfect addition to your dolphin themed party! 

Dolphin Ring Toss 

A ring toss game is a classic party game for kids because it’s easy for everyone to take part in, whilst being a huge amount of fun! It’s simple really, kids use the dolphin ring toss game to toss rings onto the inflatable dolphin. It’s a fun dolphin themed game that every kid will love, because it brings out their competitive side.

Dolphin Sand Art Bottle Necklaces

Not everything has to be competitive though, creative works too! Creating dolphin sand art bottle necklaces is so much fun. Kids just fill the dolphin shape necklace with different colored sands of their choosing to create a beautiful dolphin necklace for them to take home that’s designed completely by them! What’s cooler than that?

Dolphin Birthday Party Food

Now on to the dolphin birthday party food! You can serve typical kid’s party food here, pizzas, sandwiches, finger food, that sort of thing. But we also have three ideas that won’t take much effort, but will fit the party theme perfectly!

Dolphin Cookies 

Use some dolphin cookie cutters to create beautiful, delicious cookies for the kids. And don’t just stop there either! Create a bunch of sea creature cookies like octopus, whales, and fish, so there’s a whole world of underwater friends on offer when the kids sit down for a delicious treat. Trust us, these will go down swimmingly! 

Ocean Themed Mocktail For Kids 

Check out our article ‘7 Best Colourful And Fun Mocktail Recipes For Kids Parties‘ for the full details, because we’ve already discussed an ocean blue goblet mocktail drink in that article that would just be perfect for today’s theme. The ocean blue colours will work beautifully on the party table when the glasses are filled up, and it’s so tasty that every kid will love it! 

Dolphin Birthday Cake

Create a lovely dolphin birthday cake to bring out at the end of the food so everybody can sing happy birthday to your little one. These dolphin cake toppers are perfect for cupcakes, but work just as well on a birthday cake with lots of them swimming together in a large pod on top of the cake. We know the kids will be impressed when they see all these dolphins on top of the birthday cake! 

Dolphin Themed Party Favors

After everything we’ve covered, we’re pretty certain all the kids will be in love with the detailed dolphin party you’ve prepared already, but before they leave, why not prepare some dolphin themed party favors for them so they leave with a smile on their face? It’s always a great idea to give them something to leave with, so they take a small party of their ocean adventure home with them!

Dolphin Fidget Toys 

Fidgets are the latest ‘in’ thing right now, so some dolphin fidget toys to go inside the party favor bag is a brilliant idea. Pop its are some of the most popular fidgets too, because they’re bright, colorful, and very relaxing to play with. That’s why these dolphin fidget toys are such a great idea, and why the kids are sure to use them again and again when they get home! 

Dolphin Plush Toys 

Every kid loves a soft, plush cuddly toy, so it makes sense to include some dolphin plush toys in the party bag too! In fact, when they look as adorable as these dolphin plush toys do, we’re pretty certain they’ll become every kids new bedtime snuggle buddy, meaning they’ll remember the amazing party with their friends whenever they sleep, hopefully sending them off to a dream underwater world of their own.

Dolphin Sequin Keychains

And finally, a brightly colored rainbow dolphin sequin keychain is the perfect point to finish on. It represents the party as a whole because it’s bright, beautiful, and a lot of fun, just like the dolphin party you created for the kids. Every time they look at this beautiful keychain, they’ll think of all the fun they had with their friends on an underwater adventure like no other! 

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