Easter Party Decorations: 18 Ideas To Make Your Easter Sunday A ‘Hoppy’ Day

Easter party decorations

Easter, of course, has its routes in religious celebration, but it’s also a fun, festive period for lots of other people too. The Easter bunny, Easter eggs, and Easter baskets fill our homes and our hearts with love and joy. That’s why it’s one of our favorite times of the year to celebrate with family and friends! And when you throw an Easter party, you’ll want to make sure it’s stunning and special, right? So, today’s article will summarize 18 beautiful Easter party decorations ideas to make the party extra special! Ready to find out more? Then let’s hop to it, shall we?

1. Spring Easter Bunny Party Backdrop 

Easter is a fun time for the kids, so there’s no better place to start our decoration list than with a spring Easter bunny party backdrop that’s full of Easter eggs, pastel colours, butterflies, daisies, and, of course, the Easter bunny himself! Just imagine the kids (and ‘big kids’ too) gathering in front of this backdrop and taking hilarious photos together! It’s the sort of party decoration that’s so important because it brings our theme together, but also the guests! 

2. Easter Door Wreath With Bunny Butt 

We have wreaths at Christmas to welcome our guests, so why can’t we put a wreath on our front door to welcome guests at Easter time, too? Well, we say we can! And the best wreath for the job has to be this Easter door wreath with bunny butt. Why? Because, and this is the most important reason of all, it has a bunny butt, and second, it’s filled with bright Easter colours that will welcome your guests and make them feel right at home the moment they arrive!

3. Pastel Theme Easter Balloon 

Easter is all about soft, beautiful, pastel colours, so when you’re looking for balloons to add pops of colour to the party venue, there’s no better option than these pastel theme Easter balloons. Not only are the blues, purples, yellows, and pinks perfect for the celebration, but all the balloons have little pictures of Easter bunnies hiding in Easter eggs. If that’s not one of the cutest decorations you can have at an Easter party, then we don’t know what is…

4. Inflatable Easter Carrot 

The absolute best thing about this inflatable Easter carrot decoration (yes, there’s such a thing as an inflatable Easter carrot decoration, and we love it) is that it’s something you can use either indoors or outdoors. So, if the weather is nice during your spring Easter party, then this is one of the most versatile Easter themed party decorations you can buy! And if the weather changes? Just bring the carrot (and the 3 bunny friends attached to it) back inside! Perfect!

5. Easter Bunny Eggs Banner 

An Easter bunny eggs banner is the perfect banner for your Easter party. Every letter of the ‘Happy Easter’ message has little bunny ears (adorable, right?) and the pinks, yellows, greens, and blues all work wonderfully with the other colours we’ve been seeing in the decorations so far, creating a bit of a pastel theme. The bunnies holding the Easter eggs at both ends really round this Easter party decoration off as being one of the cutest, don’t you think?

6. Easter Tree With Easter Eggs 

What do you mean you can’t have an Easter tree with Easter eggs? We do it at Christmas, and Easter is just as much fun to celebrate! Maybe you won’t want a large tree like you do at Christmas, but this pretty light up Easter tree is perfect, and the hanging Easter eggs really sparkle when the tree’s lights are on. No need to find a socket in your home either, this is all run on batteries, so you can put it anywhere around your house for an extra dose of Easter spirit. 

7. String Light with Easter Chicks

Easter chicks string lights. Easter. Chicks. String. Lights. Four things that go together better than the Fantastic Four, Carrie and the girls from Sex and the City, and the Ghostbusters team combined! As Easter party decorations go, this one is one of the most exciting. Not only does it bring extra lighting to the venue, which is always good, but the adorable little chicks hanging along the string lights are just perfect, and every guest will love them, we’re sure!

8. Easter Egg Light 

To really drive home the Easter theme with your lighting, why not pick up these Easter egg lights too? They’re string lights again, but this time filled with pink, yellow, green, and blue Easter eggs instead of the little chicks. These look great balled up in a wicker basket to create a beautiful centerpiece at your Easter table, or just look amazing hanging over your fireplace or around your window. However you use them, we’re certain they’ll look fab at the party. 

9. Easter DIY Suncatcher Craft Kit 

We said earlier that Easter is for the kids, right? Which is why we think it would be perfect for your little ones to get involved in the Easter party decorations too. All they need is this Easter DIY suncatcher craft kit to get started. Then they cut out the little pieces of tissue paper and stick them on the templates provided to create wonderful multicoloured suncatcher decorations that can be hung in your windows for all the guests to see as they arrive. Creative and unique, we love it!

10. Easter Garden Kitten Flag 

Everybody loves two things in life, regardless of who they are: kittens and bunny ears. So then, let us introduce you to this Easter garden kitten flag which features, you guessed it, A KITTEN IN BUNNY EARS! We know, we were just as excited as you are now when we first saw it! Just hang this garden flag near the entrance to your home and watch through the window as every guest arrives, says ‘meow’, and then comes into the party with a huge smile on their face.

11. Glass Easter Egg Hanging Ornament 

These glass Easter egg hanging ornaments are so pretty and so versatile that you can virtually do whatever you want with them. Want to hang them on a simple white tree? Then go ahead. Want to place them in a bowl to create a beautiful centerpiece? You can do that too. Or, you can wrap them up in a bunny ear shaped napkin and use it as a table setting at your Easter party table! The opportunities are endless, and the beautiful colours and patterns mean these ornaments will stand out no matter what you do with them!

12. Easter Plant Candle Holder 

Another wonderful thing about Easter is that it always occurs when Spring has sprung, and flowers and plants and beautiful smells and sights are all around you. That’s why this Easter plant candle holder would work so well on your party table. The Easter eggs nestled amongst the greenery and delicate pink flowers look beautiful, but the second you pop a candle in the candle holder at the centre of this decoration, the whole thing just comes alive! Stunning.

13. Festive Easter Cushion 

It’s always a good idea to theme your cushions at any party because even when guests are just chilling out on the sofa, they’re still taking part in the festivities! And these festive Easter cushion covers are just wonderful. Featuring a pickup truck heading to an Easter egg farm, a bunny wearing a festive spring headband, a bunny wishing everyone a happy Easter, and a basket of eggs, these 4 designs are beautiful and absolutely perfect for the Easter party. 

14. Wicker Easter Basket

There’s something just quintessentially Easter about a wicker basket, isn’t there? And that’s why this wicker Easter basket is the perfect Easter party decoration for your party table décor. Just fill this basket with some Easter grass, nestle some Easter eggs inside, and Voila – a DIY centerpiece that everyone will be impressed by. It might only be a simple idea, but at an Easter party, like most parties, we find simple decorations are often the most impressive.

15. Easter Rabbit Gnome Ornament 

Gnome ornaments are so big right now because they’re stylish and there are so many designs out there that you can find them to fit any theme, no matter your party, no matter the time of year. So naturally, when we first saw these Easter rabbit gnome ornaments, we knew they’d have to go straight on the list. They have all the Easter colours you’d expect, all of them have Easter bunny ears on their head, and all of them are carrying Easter eggs. It can’t get more festive, can it?

16. Easter Bunny Grazing Board 

When you’re serving your guests at a party, it’s always nice to put out lots of different treats and let them pick which ones they like the most to enjoy. But that doesn’t just mean you have to throw all your food out on generic platters and call it a day. Oh no, you can theme it. And that, friends, is where the Easter bunny grazing board comes in. It’s a grazing board, shaped like the Easter bunny. And it’s brilliant because it’s a practical way of serving food and a decoration all in one! 

17. Easter Rabbit Cutlery Holder 

Of course, if you’re serving a meal at the party table, then you’ll need cutlery too. And cutlery is another example of something practical that can be turned into a decoration with just a little imagination. Using this Easter rabbit cutlery holder is perfect because it gives an extra dose of that Easter magic to all your guests and the adorable Easter rabbit shape with its fluffy cotton tail is just perfect and it’s sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces. 

18. Carrot Shaped Candy Box

And finally, why not hand out some carrot shaped candy boxes to your guests as a special thank you for their attendance at your Easter party. You can place them where your guests will be sitting at the party table to use them as decorations until they leave, or find another attractive spot for them. This small gift doubles up as a fun decoration until your guests leave, and when you hand them out to them, they’ll all be delighted to be taking a slice of your Easter party home with them!

Happy Easter From Us To You

That brings us to the end of today’s post, so all that’s left for us to say is we wish you a very Happy Easter, and we hope your party is as fun, festive, and full of Easter cheer as it’s possible to be! 

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