Easter Party Favors: Top 20 Gifts that Kids are Expecting!

Easter party favors, Easter Party Favors: Top 20 Gifts that Kids are Expecting!

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Easter is such an amazing festive season. Baby Chicks, bunny rabbits, Easter Baskets, Easter Eggs, Dogwood Trees, Easter Lilies, Palm Branches — all these make this festival so beautiful and exciting. Are you going to host an Easter party at home with a lot of kids? If so, then do not forget to prepare some festive Easter party favors for them. 

In this article, we have prepared 20 Easter Party Favors ideas for our readers. Let’s now go through these individual picks one by one!

1) Maracas Egg Shakers

Maracas Egg Shakers are one of the perfect symbols of Easter celebrations! These small Easter eggs can bring so much vitality and excitement among kids once you gift them these pieces. What’s even better, these colorful and vibrant egg shakers are an easy way to learn about the foundations of rhythm. Thus, please feel free to gift them these Easter party favors, and they can subsequently use them with music and dance for the ultimate fun and play-time!

2) Stuffed Rabbit Hair Tie

One of the key symbols of the Easter Celebration is indeed the bunny rabbits. They look so lovely and cute for sure! With this inspiration, we have brought these Stuffed Rabbit Hair Ties for kids. These hairbands feature the Easter bunny figure; plus, kids can wear these soft, stretchy, adjustable, and lightweight pieces matching different dresses and occasions.

3) Easter Scratch Art Cards

If you are looking for Easter favor ideas for kids, then these craft kits can also be worth your attention. These excellent craft kits for Easter cum magic scratch cards will help kids make various Easter characters including the famous bunny, Easter egg, carrot, and more. Kids can enjoy playing the craft and continue exploring the traditional icons of the Easter celebration.

4) Dinosaur-filled Easter Eggs

To make your Easter basket stuffers more interesting and exciting for kids, we have brought these pre-filled easter eggs. Do you want to know what’s the unique feature of these plastic Easter eggs? Well, they are all pre-filled with colorful dinosaur building blocks. As you gift these Easter toys to kids, they will simply need to tear off the plastic eggs, take out the dino building blocks, and craft their own dinosaur simply by applying their creativity, logical thinking, concentration, and planning skills. Later, they can even plan and play a dinosaur battle with other friends using it.

5) Colorful Easter Squishy Eggs

These are eye-catching and attractive Easter basket fillers for kids. Kids can use these squeezable Easter eggs and gently relieve their stress on any occasion. Rest assured that these colorful plastic Easter eggs are non-toxic and child-safe. Thus, without any worry, you can gift these pieces to kids and let them have a fun play time!

6) Easter Coloring Book for Kids

These coloring books will make the Easter atmosphere so much fun, exciting, and enthralling. These fun coloring books will let kids be creative with their art and craft skills. Note, these coloring books feature various Easter symbols, such as bunny, egg, flower, grass, carrot, chicks, and more. Kids can play around with these cute characters and even craft colorful figures using these Easter coloring activity books.

7) Easter Bunny Ears Headbands

Inspired by the cute and lovely Easter bunny figures, these headbands are ready to become a perfect accessory for kids. These headbands feature white ears with pink inner ears – very much suitable for kids’ Easter outfits, especially if it’s in the bunny theme. Rest assured that these Easter special headbands are made of soft, plush fabric material – they are comfortable to wear. Moreover, these headbands are bendable and adjustable as well.

8) Mini Easter Egg Puzzles

Easter is the holiday season where kids will be free from their standard school and study routine. So, it’s time to offer them some enigmatic puzzles for improving their hand-eye coordination, problem solving ability, shape recognition, memory, fine motor skills, and so on. Hence, in your Easter baskets, you can incorporate these mini Easter egg puzzles. Kids will love solving these puzzles and making cute animal patterns like rabbits, chickens, sheep, and much more too.

9) Easter Basket Stamper

Easter basket party favors for kids can include these Easter stampers as well. Not sure how these toys work? Well, these plastic stamps are pre-inked. Kids will need to use these pre-inked stamps and make temporary tattoos and stickers of little chicks, bunnies, Easter eggs, and various other Easter shape patterns.

10) White Blank Easter Eggs Craft Kit

This craft kit is also ready to help kids play around and explore their creativity and imagination. Needless to say, these craft kits include a white Easter egg and color pen using which kids can draw and make their own Easter eggs. On top of that, each of these Easter Eggs is hollow, lightweight, and portable. Hence, kids can use a hanging rope to decorate and hang in the home.

11) Chicken Puffers

These are indeed very much funny and exciting Easter toys for kids. These toys are super soft, very comfortable to touch and come in bright and bold colors. Kids will simply squeeze out these chicken puffers and ease both stress and anxiety. Furthermore, they can simply play around with these colorful chicken puff pieces whenever they want.

12) Easter Finger Puppets

These Easter Finger Puppets are very unique as they feature an exciting combination of chick and bunny. These are finger toys using which kids can simply play around and have funs! Note, these fun, little toys are made of vinyl material and hence they are safe for use.

13) Kinder Egg

We all know this! Kinder JOY eggs are the classic Easter party favors that every kid will love to have! Each of these Kinder eggs is pre-filled with one sweet milk-cream flavored and one cocoa flavored creamy layer, along with crispy, chocolate-covered wafer bites. Kids will definitely love having a savory, sweet tooth treat with these Easter party supplies.

14) Easter Glasses for Kids

These Easter eyewear pieces are fun Easter glasses for kids. These eyewear pieces have a sturdy construction in multiple styles and colors. They look creative, convenient, and ingenious. Rest assured that kids will love wearing these lovely eyewear pieces and even they will stand out from the crowd with this amazing accessory. 

15) Easter Slap Bracelets

These Easter slap bracelets are great if you are looking for Easter party favors. What’s even better, these bracelets are very convenient to wear. Kids will simply hold the end of the slap bracelets, and clap them on their wrist. That’s it! The slap bracelets will get fit on kids’ hands so easily.

16) Easter Bunny Retractable Multicolor Pen

We have already covered so many Easter favors for kids in the above sections. These multi-color Easter gel pens are perfect for writing, office work, arts and crafts, etc. Each of these pens features cute bunny head figures on their bodies. Kids will love having these pens and even subsequently use them for multiple purposes.

17) DIY Your Own Easter Stickers

If you are searching for creative Easter party supplies, then these DIY Easter sticker kits are also a great choice. First of all, since these are DIY kits, kids will get endless options to play around with their imagination and creativity power and make their favorite figures. Each sticker kit contains three sets of facial decorations and varied character-related accessories. Using this DIY kit, your kids will be so much delighted and happy as they can now create their own personalized stickers.

18) Slime Easter Eggs

Slime Easter eggs are another exciting Easter gift for kids of all ages! These slime eggs have many excellent features. First of all, they are colorful and vibrant. Secondly, they are super soft and squeezy. Thirdly, they can be used as stress and anxiety relief tool for kids. Using these pieces, kids can have hours of imagination, creativity, and self fun time. Each of these slime eggs is loaded with super soft, bright, and colorful slime material that can be stretched, straightened, and smoothened.

19) Temporary Easter Tattoos for Kids

Who does not love Easter tattoos? Especially, kids will surely love having colorful and vibrant Easter tattoos for sure! So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to fill your Easter baskets with these lovely treats that kids will love to have! In fact, your little ones at the party will certainly be super delighted when they will get these awesome surprises in terms of Easter party favors. This tattoo set includes a variety of things including bunnies, eggs, and ‘Happy Easter’ quotes, flowers, and more.

20) Easter Egg Baskets with Easter Grass

So far, we have covered so many versatile and unique Easter basket party favors for kids. Rest assured that each of these items is carefully hand-picked for the little ones! To make their Easter surprise gift even more interesting, please feel free to use a Easter party basket in order to stuff the Easter party favors for kids. Rest assured that Easter favors wrapped inside an Easter goodie bag will lift the overall Easter atmosphere and celebration.

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