Easter Party Games: 18 of the Best Ideas to Keep your Kids Entertained

Easter party games, Easter Party Games: 18 of the Best Ideas to Keep your Kids Entertained

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Easter is around the corner. And the season offers an exciting opportunity for family gatherings. So, after a special dinner, many people usually come together and play some family activities. One of the fascinating things about Easter party games is that everyone can play: teens and adults. Some can be played indoors. Others outdoors-this is especially true if you want to avoid the mess in your house. 

In this article, we have rounded up a list of the eighteen best Easter party games for kids. Rest assured-they can get them excited throughout the celebration. 

Outdoor Easter party games

The Easter Egg Toss Game

Use plastic eggs and toss over recycled juice/water bottles when making this Easter fun game. An exciting way to keep your kids entertained!

How to play

Divide your kids into four groups. Request each group to line up behind plastic Easter eggs filled with confetti (about one meter apart). Allow players to toss the eggs back and forth. If the group drops their eggs, they are limited. The game continues until one pair remains. 

Hoppin’ Easter Egg Hunt

Hoppin’ Easter egg hunt is built using little bunnies. It offers freebie clues that can keep your kids moving. 

How to play

Have some Easter egg hunt printables. Cut the cards-stuff them with eggs and lovely snacks. Allow every kid to pick their favorite. Some of the clues may include; 

  • Act like your dad. 
  • Sing your favorite song
  • Juggle some eggs

Bunny Hop Sack Race

Best suitable for children over the age of 5 years and above, this game is a perfect fit for Easter. You only need burlap sacks with large bunny tails mounted on their back. 

How to play

Draw a start line and a finish line. Allow your kids to stand in the line behind their sacks. Ensure they hold them with both hands at their waist. Once the race starts, each player tries to hop to the finish line while keeping their bunny sack. The first player to the finish line wins. Give prizes to the winners.

Easter Egg and Spoon Race Game

It is a game of balancing eggs on a spoon while racing to the finish line. 

How to play

Mark a start line and finish line. Give each kid a spoon and an egg (plastic is preferable). Each player has to carry the egg on a spoon from the starting line to the finishing line. The aim is to keep your egg from falling while on race. If you drop the egg, you have to stop, pick it, and reposition it on your spoon. In some cases, you will be forced to start again or sometimes eliminated. The first person to complete the relay wins. 

Easter Bocce Ball

It is one of the traditional Easter party games making the way to your outdoor party. All you need is a bocce court or a stretched level ground. 

How to play

Divide your kids into two teams. Toss a coin to determine the first team to start. The first player rolls the pallina to any distance, but it should stay within the court’s boundaries. The same player then should then bowl a bocce ball. The aim is to try cupping the ball from the bottom and getting it closer to the pallana. The same goes for players from the opposing team. At completion, the team with the most points wins the game. 

Easter Bunny Toss 

It is a game that involves players tossing beans or carrots into the holes to feed the Easter bunny with some snacks. 

How to play 

Gather your kids into a group. To start playing, allow each player to take turns throwing bunnies from a designated spot. Record the scores and award points depending on the buckets they pot. The player with the most points wins the game. 

Easter Bean Bag Toss 

Easter bean bag toss is a game that focuses on enhancing your children’s aiming abilities. 

How to play

Set the carnival bean bag toss can. Ensure the numbers face the direction of the players. Choose a designated spot. Give your players three bean bags to toss per game. After three trials, give prizes depending on how accurate they knock down the cans. 

Bunny Bowling 

This is an easy-to-make game that involves bowling. It is fun and suitable for people of all ages. 

How to play

Cut the photos of Easter bunnies and stick them on empty juice bottles. To play, each person has a turn bowling using a ball (ping pong ball can work pretty well). Or, opt for a bouncy ball. Record scores and honor the winners with a small prize. Or, just play for fun. 

Indoor Easter Party Games

Count the jelly bean games 

Counting the jelly bean is a game of guessing. It offers you a chance to understand how your child can feel the weight and guess things. 

How to play

Fill jellybeans in a mason jar. Allow your kids to try to guess the number of jellybeans in it. The person with the closest to the accurate number wins the game. Give the winner a special treat or candy. 

DIY Easter Egg painting with white raw eggs or squishy egg

Easter egg painting is a contest that can surely showcase your child’s decoration skills. 

How to play

Buy an Easter egg squishy painting kit. Gather your kids in a circle and give each a white egg. Or, you can opt for squishy eggs. The idea is, to choose the eggs that show the colors well. Egg decoration is a perfect game for all ages. 

Easter Bingo 

Easter bingo is an easy-to-print Easter party game. The game board is excellent, fun, and easy to play. 

How to play

Print a bingo card with an Easter theme, including eggs, chocolates, bunny, and many more. Construct a calling card featuring the same photos appearing on the bingo card.

Cut the photos individually from the calling card and place them into an Easter basket. Choose the caller, and decide bingo card that wins. The caller should then pick one photo and shows it to the rest. If your card matches the picture of the card called out, you need to cover it with a maker. The person with a winning bingo card wins. 

Pin the egg on a bunny 

Pin the egg on the bunny is an Easter season’s best-themed poster that can sure add much fun to your kids. 

How to play

Mount the poster on the wall on the side that will stick on it. Blindfold each kid and spin them three times before their turn. Then allow them to post the sticker on the poster. 

Jumping Jack

The game allows your kids to jump with excitement once they meet jack, the world’s adorable bunny. 

How to play

Buy a jumping jack game by Goliath. Allow the youngest player to begin by spinning the spinner and pulling jack’s favorite carrots. If you catch the carrot, it is eliminated from the base. Continue playing in a clockwise direction until you catch jack. If you don’t catch him, the person with the most pulled carrots wins the game. 

Easter Bunny Go Fish Card Game

This is a sugar-free game that incorporates ancient fun into your Easter. It also offers the cutest pictures that your kids will love. 

How to play

Choose a dealer who will shuffle the cards. Give five cards each and put the rest down as fish bonds. Players need to take a look at their cards and pair the two matching cards facing up. Take turns asking for the matching cards as they give them to the player who asked. If you don’t have the card asked for, take another card from the fish bond. The game continues until a person runs out of cards. The kid with the most cards wins. 

Easter Tic Tac Toe Games 

It is a perfect and easy to play Easter party game for your kids.

How to play

Print the game board and cut out the circles, which will serve as your o’s and x’s. By taking turns, put the pieces down while attempting to arrange three of your circles vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. 

Easter Bunny in Egg Pinata

It is a game that involves smashing things with a blindfold. 

How to play

Bring a bunny pinata filled with candy. Let the kids take turns trying to hit the pinata with blindfolds. Ensure a safe distance from the hitting area. Once the pinata breaks, allow the kids to enjoy the candy. 

Easter Scratch Off Cards game

The cards feature Easter little bunnies designed with excellent colors that your kids will love. 

How to play

Apply the scratch-off stickers to the cards and give each to your kids. Allow them to scratch off the silver square using a coin. The person identifying “WINNER” wins. 

Easter Charades

These are surprising items that kids pick and act out for the gathering. 

How to play

Put the charades in an Easter basket and allow each player to select a slip from it. No talking-the player needs to act out the word for others. The person who guesses correctly starts another turn. The game continues until all members participate. 

Conclusion of Easter Party Game Ideas

This year, consider including the above Easter games for a memorable festive that you will enjoy many years to come. 

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