Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Themed Birthday Party For 1st Birthday

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

A star themed birthday party is always one of our favorites. Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are… It doesn’t matter how old we get as adults, we’ll never forget that rhyme, and neither will our kids as they grow up, or their kids after them. Why? Well, because every child is a star to their parents, so naturally we can’t help singing it to them when they’re born. We love the message behind it too, because who doesn’t love stars? Some of our favourite memories as kids were lying back in the garden with cold grass on our backs counting the stars with our parents, and we’re sure you have similar memories too! We still haven’t finished counting yet either, and stars are still as special to us now as they were back then!

So why not help make stars important to your little one by throwing them a star themed birthday party around a twinkle twinkle little star party theme? This isn’t limited to just their 1st birthday either, just like a star’s light, this one will never get old! Ready to find out how to do it? Follow our advice below for the perfect moon stars birthday party theme!

1. Star Themed Party Invitation

After saying we can throw this party whenever, we think that this is really special for your baby girl’s 1st birthday party especially, and a first birthday invitation that’s star themed would be a brilliant way to get all your guests excited for the big day. Stars make everything feel special, so receiving an invitation to a first birthday party that’s twinkle twinkle little star themed is so much fun!

2. Balloon Arch to create night sky

Once all the guests are invited and excited to take off to your starry wonderland, it’s a good idea to think about the entrance to your party. A balloon arch that looks like the night sky would be pretty special, don’t you think? And your little one will be mesmerized by the bright colors and shiny beautiful stars. You could even add in some more confetti balloons in pink and blue, showing the sky in all its beautiful colors so everybody can appreciate it as a truly magical entrance to a truly magical event in your baby’s life. And just like the amazing balloon arch you create, we hope your baby’s life is filled with color, love, and beauty too!

3. Plenty of Star Shaped Balloons

You know what we need now, right? You got it! More stars; it’s a twinkle twinkle little star party theme after all, so we need ALL the stars! A great way to create the feeling of a magical night sky within your own home is with star shaped foil balloons. The foil shimmers and shines, like a star in the night sky, and after you’ve filled it with helium, they’ll stay up there all night long! Place them in every corner of your house and watch as your little one can’t take their eyes off all the bright colours. Everybody knows babies like two things: shiny objects and colourful objects, and a star shaped foil balloon is both!

4. Silver Stars Party Decorations

If you like silver stars (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t LOVE silver stars?) then you’ll want to find a way to include a classy, elegant nod to a traditional twinkling little star. Something like a silver stars garland decoratively placed around the house ought to do the trick. It gets across the message of the star themed birthday party well, but it also just looks stunning. Your little one will be grabbing now, so be careful as you walk past the garlands in case they pull the whole thing down, but standing with them whilst they let stars fall through their fingers can be really sweet, and a really powerful moment on a baby’s first birthday too. They may be reaching for garland stars now, but it won’t be long before they’re shooting for the real things!

5. An Angel Costume For Your Little Star

As much as we love a theme and a birthday party, we never want to forget the special person at the special event, and your little girl really is the star of the show here. Why not dress her up as an angel and take pictures as she soars across the night sky, dancing and singing with the stars and the moon? We don’t know about you, but we think this might be the most ‘Awwww’ worthy moment of the night!

6. Add A Little Magic Stardust To The Event

Stars are an odd thing, aren’t they? Yes, they’re scientific if you want to get all astronaut-y about it, but they’re magical too. Stardust and wishing on a star – they’ve always carried a magical element with them, so why not bring out that special magic at the party too? Buy a few magic wands and dot them around the place for your guests and baby to use. We always loved magic as kids, and a moon stars birthday party theme is the perfect excuse to bring out all the magic again and celebrate with your little one. Who knows, maybe this night will be all they need to fill their whole life with magic and wonder!

7. Party Food (Star Shaped, Of Course)

‘FINALLY’ we hear the dad’s amongst you shout, ‘Enough of all this metaphorical magical star mumbo jumbo, tell us about the food!’ Well alright then, you magic cynics, here’s a section for you! Serve whatever you like really, but do your best to cut things into star shapes. Maybe bake some star shaped cakes, or cut up your sandwiches and fruit into stars. Maybe pick up a pack of white chocolate stars to enjoy as a sweet treat. The point is, if you tie the party food into the theme as well, the entire event will be even more special!

8. Party Drinks

Where there is food, there must be drink, so may we present to you: The party drinks section! It doesn’t matter what you serve again, it just matters how you serve it. We have some great mocktail recipes for kids on this blog that would be perfect for any little ones attending, but you can also add a little ‘twist’ for the adults if you catch our meaning? What we think would be awesome here would be preparing some star shaped ice cubes for the big day, so no matter what they’re drinking, all your guests feel the magic of your twinkle twinkle little star party theme!

9. Gold Star Plates

Whilst we’re talking about how you should serve things, why not pick up some star themed plates, too? Gold stars are welcome at any event, but especially so at a star themed birthday party like this one! Make sure the plates have some gold shimmering foil too, so they dance beneath the twinkling stars and spread joy and light around the room!

10. Buffet Table Decor – Moon and Star Lights

We all love a buffet, right? We’re always first in line (yes, even at kids’ birthday parties, don’t shame us)! And even though you’ll see us grabbing fistfuls of food, even we have time to stop and admire the table decor as we reach for our 10th sandwich of the night, so maybe you should think about adding some moon and star lights to make the whole place glow like a star! Imagine the shimmering lights next to all your star shaped food – how special is that?!

11. Star Stands

Another great way to present your food in keeping with the theme of your little one’s 1st birthday party is to purchase some cupcake stands in the shape of stars. They’re always great to have around the house anyway in case guests show up, but they can really help you present your food in interesting ways. They’re perfect for sandwiches, finger food, and cupcakes, and we reckon you even get bonus points if all those sandwiches, finger food, and cupcakes are star shaped or star themed. Stars on top of stars, what’s not to love?

12. A Special Starry Surprise!

Our final sprinkle of stardust for the evening comes in the form of the main event: the all important birthday cake! No birthday party is complete without it, not even your baby’s 1st birthday! Whilst we think it would be totally mind-blowing if you had the skills to bake a star cake, we know that not everyone has the cake making abilities to achieve this (not even us, and trust us, we eat A LOT of cake, so we’re practically experts and even we can’t).

So to get around this little detail, we thought it would be just as special for you to pick up a star cake topper to make the cake truly beautiful. Pictures of your baby’s 1st birthday cake and birthday party will last a lifetime too, so you’ll be able to show your little one as she grows up how you literally moved heaven and earth to bring stars to her on her very 1st birthday! If that doesn’t make your daughter feel like the biggest and brightest star in your universe, then we don’t know what will!

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