Frozen Movie Night Party Ideas- Let it Go, Let it Go

Last updated on April 28th, 2022

If you’re a parent of a little girl (or little boy for that matter) then you will have seen Frozen and Frozen 2 more times than you care to admit. But try as you might to get your little one more interested in a different movie, Frozen just keeps them coming back for more. So, instead of running from it, ‘Let It Go’ (see what we did there?)! It’s time to embrace a Frozen movie night with the girls, and we’ve got the perfect suggestions to make it a movie night party to remember!

1. Dress-Up 

No movie night party with kids is complete without dress-up! And we’ve got just the things available! Whether it’s Elsa’s dress, Anna’s dress, or even an Olaf or Kristoff costume that you’re looking for, we’ve found them all! But don’t just let the kids dress up – you should too! Who knows, maybe it’ll make you fall in love with Frozen all over again?

Our Olaf costume is perfect for parents and it will be hilarious for your kids to see you dressed up and having a great time. Even if you don’t feel like wearing the hilarious Olaf costume, you could both go as Anna and Kristoff and it’ll still be a lot of fun!

The point of a movie night party is to really immerse yourself in everything to do with the movie, and dress-up for your kids and for you, can be a really fun way of doing that!

2. Decorated Party Table 

Next up is your party table. It would be so easy just to throw out the party food on a plain table, but why would you when we have some amazing Frozen themed tablewear for you to choose from? 

Ask your kids beforehand which of the Frozen films is their favourite, and then pick from either the Frozen or Frozen 2 tablewear sets to match their preference. Whichever set you go for, you can expect a tablecloth, plates, napkins – all the usual suspects – decorated to match your Frozen movie night, and it’ll really help make the night feel even more special.

Also, it’s movie night, so make it even more special with a treat from a local takeaway, or cook some party food of your own like pizza, fried chicken, or burgers! Whatever you decide to make or order in for the night will look great in the middle of your Frozen themed party table, and the kids will love it! 

3. Sweets ‘n’ Treats 

Yes, you’ve already dressed up and decorated the table for the party food – so surely there’s nothing more you can do, right? Wrong! Every movie night party should be filled with all sorts of sweets ‘n’ treats. Whether it’s chocolate, popcorn, cupcakes, or any other special movie snack you can think of, you should serve them all!

movie night popcorn
Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash

But don’t just eat them in the wrappers they come in, make them part of the movie night theme. The theme of the night is ‘Frozen’, but you don’t want to overdo it. Let’s face it, you’ll be seeing enough of Anna and Elsa’s faces on the screen. You don’t need them right in front of you too as you snack! But the other half of the theme is ‘movie night’ so you should make it feel like a trip to the cinema.

Serve your popcorn in these amazing, traditional looking movie popcorn boxes to really complete the movie night theme. Better yet, make some cupcakes too and look out for some movie themed cake toppers. All of this will take you and your kids out of your home straight to the cinema, without any expensive cinema tickets to buy! It’s a win-win!

4. Olaf Balloons

Finally, we can’t write a party blog idea without mentioning balloons at least once on this website, and a movie night party with kids is no exception. Balloons are a really fun way of adding a little decoration to your home without going overboard, and it’s not too expensive to do either. 

Your balloons should always tie into your theme in one way or another, so we’ve found you the perfect foil balloon for a Frozen themed movie night. And who else would it be but Olaf! Every little girl might want to be Anna or Elsa, but if you ask any of them who they’d want to attend the party, it would probably be Olaf. He’s hilarious, and frankly he’s the saving grace of the film for parents watching it for the 100th time, because he’s just so funny! So why not invite him to the party? 

This large foil balloon is like having a lifesize Olaf in your living room, and your kids will absolutely love having him there as you all snuggle up for the perfect Frozen movie night party!

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