Fun Birthday Party Games for Teens: 16 ideas to keep them entertained

fun birthday party games for teens, Fun Birthday Party Games for Teens: 16 ideas to keep them entertained

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Are you looking for the best and fun birthday party games for teens? Your search ends here! We have compiled a list of simple and fun themed games that can be played by teenagers. They will not only enjoy playing these games but would also love the chance to bond with their friends during these party games. In fact, they might even look forward to your next teenage party!

1) Guess the Tune 

The first fun birthday party game for teens give them a chance to test your knowledge of music

Preparations and materials needed

  • At least two players
  • Something that plays music (radio, piano, iPod, etc.) 

How to play

Allow the first player to pick a song and start playing it. The second player tries to guess which song is it. Take turns playing the music. From 90s pop to Disney, decide on the best theme to play. The player with many scores wins. 

2) Never Have I ever

Get prizes for the most ludicrous decision you make

Preparations and materials needed

  • A group of ten players

How to play

Sit in a circle with players. Here are some of the never have I ever questions to ask;

  • Never have I ever have a tattoo
  • Never have I ever have a dating app

And many more. 

This birthday party game for teens is a perfect question to end teens’ birthday in style. 

3) Who knows the party star best? 

A perfect way to get your friends get to know you more

Preparation and materials needed

  • A notebook with themed party activities

How to play

Allow players to sit in a circle. Give them a notebook with themed party activities. These include what is her favorite movie, when is her actual birthday, what is her favorite color, and many more. The one who guesses correctly wins. 

4) Wink Killer 

A perfect party game that most teenagers love playing 

Preparation and materials needed

  • More than four players
  • Plenty of space 
  • The game requires less than five minutes to set up. 

How to play

The game has one assassin who secretly kills others through winking. Members need to pick paper chits to know the assassin. All members should maintain eye contact in the process of identifying the murderer. Once the murder winks to a player, he counts five to death. But, if a member tries to guess who the killer is, the accuser needs to ask other members whether they are suspecting anyone. The second player also guesses the suspect, and if they pick the same person (the killer, of course), the game ends. 

Wink game is the perfect birthday party game for teens that will keep them entertained. 

5) Medusa 

Best suitable for a large group of teenagers

Preparation and materials needed

  • More than ten players
  • Enough space

How to play

Make a circle, locking arms with your next neighbor’s shoulders. All players need to bow their heads down before the game starts. A countdown is set, where the players need to look up after once hit. When two players find themselves looking at each other, they scream and fall dead. The game continues until two players remain. 

Medusa is a fun teen party game to start your party. 

6) Scavenger Hunt

A fun way to celebrate your teen’s birthday this year

Preparations and materials needed

  • Printable cards

How to play

Print and cut out the scavenger cards. You can even take an extra step to write them from the back, giving clues on where to place them (mailbox, kitchen, etc.). Hide the gifts in the order where the first clue leads. Then provide the birthday teen with the first clue and let the fun start. 

7) The Cherry Game 

Another hilarious and and fun birthday party games for teens is an eating challenge game

Preparations and materials needed

  • A plate having five cherries
  • A rope
  • A cream
  • The game requires more than two players

How to play

Give each player a plate with five cherries on it. The game aims to be the first person to finish eating all the five cherries. But here is the fun-you can’t just eat the cherries because your hands need to get tied behind your back. Another fascinating part is that the cherries get covered with whipped cream. So, you can be sure of the messy. 

8) Makeup Artist 

A perfect time to show off your makeup expertise.

Preparation and materials needed

  • Nail polish
  • Lipstick
  • Powder
  • Hair accessories
  • Perfumes
  • Hairbrushes
  • Cotton
  • The game requires more than six players

How to play 

Divide players into two groups. Allow each member from each group to take turns being a makeup expert. Give each makeup artist two minutes to get ready for a shoot. The game continues until the team finds the best makeup. The winners receive a prize. 

9) Steal the Sticker 

An ideal ice breaker game for teenagers

Preparation and materials needs

  • An index card for each player with a unique color
  • The game is suitable for both small and large groups of teens

How to play

As the members arrive, put the stickers on their back. For instance, player 1 has a black sticker, player two green, etc. Once you are ready to play, pass the card to each member. Allow the members to steal a sticker from another one without getting caught. The member who steals the sticker successfully from every person at the party wins. 

Steal the sticker is a party game that gets teenagers moving about the hall while meeting everyone. 

10) What Do you meme? TikTok Edition 

Time to complete and create the funniest TikTok memes

Preparations and materials needed

  • Caption cards

How to play

Every member needs to draw a total of seven caption cards. The player with the most TikTok followers will stand as a judge. He then chooses the photo cards (of course, the one featuring popular TikTok creators) and picks the one to use. Upon receiving the cards from each player, the judge shuffles them and reads them aloud. Finally, the judge selects the funniest one. The player who played it wins and keeps the card as a trophy. The cards are drawn back again and the player left to the judge becomes the next judge for the incoming round. Keep playing until players don’t want anymore. 

11) Eat The Donut

Time to jump

Preparation and materials needed

  • String
  • Hung line
  • Six dozens of donuts
  • The game requires more than six players

How to play

About the length of a ceiling, tie a hung line. But, this depends on the heights of kids (6 ft. or higher is recommendable). Tie a string to each donut and hang them on the hung line. Set them apart (give them plenty of space to allow players to have room to take part comfortably). Set each player’s stand under the hanging donut. The team leader counts to three, says go, and allows members to eat donuts above them. No use of hands. The first player to finish wins. 

Eat the donut is a perfect game you won’t miss; when it comes to party games for teenagers. 

12) Escape Room The Game

Escape Room The Game is one of the most popular and fun fun birthday party games for teens nowadays. It is time to solve puzzles in riddles.

Preparation and materials needed

  • Escape room the game box
  • 3-5 members

How to play

Escape Room The Game is a game of your brain. It requires a lot of creativity, attention and every detail is crucial. The game offers four escape room adventures. A countdown of 60 minutes is set, which means if you find three correct codes within the specified time, you win. The game allows players to open the envelope and solve the mystery. Proceed to the room board and find the hidden clues. Once you go through all steps correctly, it is easy to win the game. 

It is an interactive game that requires teenagers to take careful notes and bring their minds together. 

13) Truth or Dare 

An all-time classic party game for teenagers

Preparation and materials needed

  • A group of ten players

How to play

Pick one person and let him ask the truth and dare questions. Some of the best truth and dare questions may include;

  • When was the last time you lied?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • When was the last time you cried? 

Truth or Dare game is a perfect game for getting to know each other. It offers an exciting opportunity to understand your fellow players well by asking questions about them or their lives.

14) Wacky Duck 

The next fun birthday party game for teens is an exciting game played for any occasion

Preparation and materials needed

  • Enough space for players
  • More than eight players

How to play

Allow players to make a circle while sitting. Blindfold the player in the middle as you quickly change the sitting positions. Once members have rearranged themselves and back to the circle, let the person in the center feel them with a wooden spoon or a rolled newspaper. The person stops at a member, sits on his/her lap, and the player quacks like a duck with a wacky voice. The player then tries to identify the person, and if he gets right, the sitter goes to the center. The game continues until the player at the center guesses right. Member tries fake noises to fool the person against identifying them. 

Wacky Duck is a game of proximity that many teens find more exciting.

15) Capture the Flag 

Preparations and materials needed

  • An open area
  • A couple of flags

How to play

Assemble your team into two or four groups. 

Balance them fairly with age, size, and fitness level. 

Divide the open space into four equal territories. Put one flag into each section. Allow players to cross each territory trying to catch the other team’s flag. While guards are protecting the territories, the group manages to gather all the flags wins. 

Capture the flag is a perfect game that offers teenagers a mix of fun and fitness. 

16) Water Balloon Spoon Race 

Preparations and materials needed

  • Water-filled balloons
  • 2 plastic or wooden spoons of different lengths

How to play

Mark a starting line and a finishing line. Provide each player with two long but different length plastic/wooden spoons and two water-filled balloons. Blow the whistle and let prayers run towards the finishing line with each holding the spoon and the water-filled balloons using one hand. If the balloons or spoon drops between, you are eliminated. The first player to reach the finishing line earliest with both balloons wins. 


We have seen that birthday parties can be a lot of fun for teens. Many love the fact that they get to enjoy time with their friends, hang out together and have fun. With these sixteen birthday party game ideas for teens suggestions, you should be able to come up with a viable list of games to play at any party. However, if there is something specific your teen wants to play, feel free to take an initiative and suggest it. You can always be sure that the game will be welcomed with enthusiasm by your teen.

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