Fun Water Party Games for Kids in This Summer

Water Party Games, Fun Water Party Games for Kids in This Summer

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Water party games are exciting and entertaining for kids. You cannot think of a better alternative when the hard summer makes it difficult to explore the outside world. You can arrange water games for kids and surprise the young ones with some innovative ideas. Your kids will appreciate your surprises and embrace them wholeheartedly. However, you will need a few preparations for a water adventure. Also, you will have to tell your guests to bring swimming suits and other accessories to enjoy games with water.

You do not need to spend a lot to arrange fun water games. You can buy some tools to create a favorable gaming environment even without having a pool.

Are you thinking of what kind of water games to play at your kid’s birthday party? Are you looking for some tips to plan fun water games? Do you want to know which tools you will need? If yes, you can go through the following. We will cover the games and supplies that you can consider to have a lot of outdoor fun in summer.

Supplies for Fun Water Games for Kids

You will need water and a few other supplies to create a proper gaming environment for your kids. When it comes to game supplies, you can have them based on the games. Different games will require specific game supplies. However, some common supplies can be used in most outdoor play water games. Here are the supplies that you can consider having for water-themed parties.

You can have bouncy houses with water slides, foams water gun, blast sprinkler, water slides, Trampoline sprinkler, water balloon for water ball fight, inflatable summer pool, and sprinkler pad. In addition to these, you will have to inform your guests to bring swimming suits. Otherwise, they cannot enjoy water adventures the most. Also, make sure that you have extra towels for your guests. All your guests will need towels once the game is over. Some might have towels with them. However, you will have to arrange extra towels or other things to avoid any inconvenience.

With the water game toys including water gun, water balloons, inflatable water pool and water sprinkler, kids are gonna to have so much fun at the summer water party.

Fun Water Games

Musical Sprinkler Freeze

It can be the best water party game for kids. Everyone can have a lot of fun without bothering about the winner. Yes, everyone is a winner in this game. You can turn on and off the sprinkler and allow your kids to have fun. They can jump, dance, play, and take funny poses. Start the game and instruct the kids to do whatever they want. Once the sprinkler is on, kids will have to freeze until you turn off the sprinkler. The young kids will love this water game since there will be no strict rules to play and win the game. 

Water Race

Yes, the water race can be a perfect party game. You can plan for a picnic and arrange the water race there. Your kids will have a lot of fun with their friends. You can divide them into two teams, and each team will have to form a line. At the end of each line, there will be an empty bucket. Each bucket will have a line marked in the middle. There will be a water-filled bucket a bit far. Now both the teams will have to fill the empty bucket. The first member of each team will get a plastic cup. Each member will run to the water-filled bucket and get water in the cup and pour it into the empty bucket in their turns. The team that will fill reach the marked line in the empty bucket first will be the winner. During the game, the kids will have to run, and they might get wet as well. Therefore, you will have to keep the towels handy to wipe them.

Water Balloon Fight

Your kids’ party will be incomplete without having balloons. Kids would love to play with balloons. You can make it even more fun by adding water. You can have some water balloons to start the game. Also, you will need a bucket. Fill the balloons with water and tell your kids to take balloons in their turns and throw them into the bucket. You can get a winner also. The kid who will fill the most balloons in the bucket is the winner.

Sponge Bomb

It is a unique water game, and all the kids will love it. You will need a pile of sponges and a giant tub for this game. Keep the sponges in the water tub and allow kids to start a water fight. They can use sponges as the bomb and enjoy the game to the fullest. It will entertain kids of all age groups.

Water Slides

Every kid love slides and any game related to slides. You can imagine the excitement when you will arrange a water slide for them at a water themed party games . They will love and enjoy it. The water slides are easy to set up. You can spray water on the slide and keep the hose at the top of it. The water will keep running and create a different feeling. Now, you can allow your kids to have fun. But make sure that there are no sharp objects, rocks, or any other thing on the slide. In this game, kids will have to wear swimming costumes. They can slide down one by one. You can also declare the winner. The kid, who will cover the furthest of the water slide, will be the winner.

High Water Jump

You can also consider some challenging water games for your kids. For this game, you will need a trampoline. Use your hose with its highest pressure to get a stream of water. Now, your kid will have to jump the stream without touching the water. You can raise the stream water level after every jump to make the target a bit harder.

Wrapping It Up

Fun water games can entertain both kids and adults. Also, most of these games are safe. You do not need a lot of supplies to plan for a a party with the theme outdoor play water. However, you can entertain your kids the most by adding some innovations. Plan for a water party and keep the supplies ready for their preferred water games. Make sure that you have their favorite snacks!

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