Gender Reveal Party Decoration Ideas: 17 Stunning Decorations For The Big Day

gender reveal party decoration ideas, Gender Reveal Party Decoration Ideas: 17 Stunning Decorations For The Big Day

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

You’ve probably wondered how to decorate a gender reveal party, right? It’s a party that’s full of fun and excitement as you gather your nearest and dearest to find out the gender of your baby in a truly exciting way! But finding the right theme can be difficult… Or at least, it was before we came along! That’s right, in today’s article we’re going to show you 17 beautiful gender reveal party decoration ideas that are going to make the day even more special.

And because we had so many ideas, we’ve even split them up into 3 themes for you to choose from: pink and blue (obviously), bee (because hello, they’re adorable) and elephant (family is everything to these adorable animals). So, if you’re ready to get started, then follow us to the section below! 

Gender Reveal Party Decoration Ideas

Below are 17 gender reveal party decoration ideas split across three adorable themes, so you can decide which one suits you best and create a memorable party for this special occasion! 

Pink and Blue Gender Reveal Party Decorations 

Want to kick things off with a classic? Then this pink and blue gender reveal party theme is perfect for you!

Pink and Blue Arch 

First up is this amazing pink and blue arch, made up of balloons, stars, and moons to represent the excitement of your new arrival. Creating a night sky in your party venue is a really fun idea because it looks great, and it also represents the end of one chapter and the start of a new one as a new day dawns on the beautiful life you, your family, and your new arrival will share!

Pink and Blue Metallic Curtains with Pink GIRL and Blue Boy Foil Balloons 

These pink and blue metallic curtains with pink girl and blue boy foil balloons are great. First, because they’re an excellent party decoration at the entrance to your home, and second, because you can use it to get people’s opinion on what the baby will be. Hang these in two separate places and you can ask people to vote on the gender by having them step through the boy or girl curtain. How fun is that?

Pink and Blue Sign Boy or Girl Guest Book 

We’re all about making memories on this blog, and so a pink and blue sign boy or girl guest book is perfect to leave by the party entrance. The piece is split into a blue boy or pink girl section, and you can ask guests to sign their names or leave a message on the side they think the gender of your new arrival will be. This is one of those decorations that looks great, but you’ll also keep to show the little one when they grow up:

‘Uncle Tommy thought I was going to be a boy?!’ 

Just imagine the fun conversations years from now!

Pink and Blue Tissue Paper Tassels Garland

This simple pink and blue tissue paper tassels garland is perfect for a gender reveal party because it’s so simple, but so beautiful. The soft palette of pink and blue colours is the perfect decoration for a gender reveal party that isn’t about getting loud or wild, but about simple time spent with loved ones on such an important day. Beautiful!

 Gender Reveal Pink Blue Table Confetti 

The perfect gender reveal party table decoration has to be this gender reveal pink blue table confetti. Scatter this across the party table to add an extra dose of the pink and blue gender reveal party theme and keep your guests guessing for even longer. The confetti are all shaped like babies’ onesies too, so it’s even more relevant to the theme and looks adorable. 

Blue Pink Tulle Table Skirt

For our last suggestion for the pink and blue gender reveal party decorations, we have a blue pink tulle table skirt. The soft frills of this table skirt is perfect for softening the decorations again and keeping things simple, and we always think a dressed table looks much better at a party, anyway. Trust us, your guests will appreciate the extra effort you’ve gone to with this beautiful table skirt. 

Bee Decorations for this party theme

What will it bee? Get it? If you did, then this punny and adorable theme might just be the right one for your gender reveal party…

Bumble Bee What Will It Bee Banner 

This bumble bee what will it bee banner is the perfect place to kick off our bee gender reveal party decorations. Not only does it start with something punny, so your guests will automatically know why you’ve chosen the bee theme, but it looks great with the two bumble bees and simple lettering. This is a great, fun way to introduce your guests to the theme. 

Bee Pinata 

This bee pinata is so cute that it stands as the perfect party decoration on its own, but what if we use it to reveal the baby’s gender too? You can leave it hanging there for most of the party as a decoration, and then when you’re ready to find out the gender, smash it open. Have a trusted person who can keep a secret fill it with blue or pink candy, chocolates, and confetti, and then reveal the gender in front of your guests!

He or She What Will It Bee? Party Backdrop 

A What will baby bee? party backdrop is perfect for a few reasons. Obviously, the fact that it fits into the theme so well and looks amazing is a big plus. But for us, it’s the photo opportunities this decoration provides. You can have guests stand in front of the backdrop with a boy or girl sign and have them vote on the baby’s gender. Then, years from now, you can show your little one what everyone thought at the party!

What Will It BEE? Yard Sign 

We LOVE this sign. The what will it bee? yard sign is perfect to welcome your guests at the party entrance. It actually reads ‘he or she, what will it bee? come in to see’ and not only are we big fans of excessive rhyming, but we’re also big fans of the adorable bees on the sign with their pink and blue wings! Honestly, there isn’t a more perfect way to welcome your guests to this special party.

What Will It Bee – Party Cupcake Wrappers 

A party isn’t a party without cake, so make sure you pick up these what will it bee party cupcake wrappers to decorate the cupcakes for the event. After all, this might be one of the last times mum and dad get a moment to sit down to themselves. Soon enough the little one will be here, and your cakes won’t be your cakes anymore, because you’ll always be sharing. So make these cakes special with these adorable cupcake wrappers!

What Will It Bee Balloon

These what will it bee balloons are perfect for hanging around the party venue. ‘What will the little honey bee?’ is such a cute question on the front of these balloons and they’re perfect for this bee themed gender reveal party.

Elephant Themed Gender Reveal Party Decoration Ideas

Elephants are known for their family loyalty, and if you have the same sense of loyalty to your herd, then consider an elephant theme!

Elephant Gender Reveal Backdrop 

You know what every good elephant themed gender reveal party needs? An elephant gender reveal backdrop, of course, and when it’s as adorable as this one – well, you REALLY need it! Asking the question ‘he or she, what will baby be?’ with these adorable baby elephants is so cute, and you can also take a big group photo. Those who think the baby will be a boy will stand on the he/blue side, and vice versa. What a lovely memory to make together, right?

Elephant Balloons 

These pink and blue gender reveal balloons are perfect for this theme too. There are the elephants themselves, and some additional pink and blue balloons to help bring a pop of traditional gender reveal colour to the party. These are fun, bright, and well-suited to the party theme. What’s not to love about them?

Elephant Pinata 

If we suggest using a bee pinata to reveal the baby’s gender above, then of course we’re going to suggest an elephant pinata for this theme! This pink pinata might be pink on the outside, but there’s no telling what the elephant is hiding on the inside. Is it a boy or is it a girl? Well, the only way to find out is to take a pinata stick in front of all your guests and crack it open! It’s both a fun activity and the perfect party decoration!

Elephant Pattern Candy Boxes 

These elephant pattern candy boxes are perfect for giving to your guests at the end of the night stuffed with candy and chocolate, but in the meantime, why not make use of their adorable design and stack them on the party table in a pyramid? If you think you can trust your guests not to peek inside, you could have a trusted somebody fill them with all pink or all blue candy based on your baby’s gender, so they have something exciting to take home with them after the pinata too. 

Elephant Cake Decorations

To wrap up the elephant theme, and indeed, all of our gender reveal party decoration ideas today, we had to finish on cake. So, let’s talk about elephant cake decorations before we leave you to plan one of the most exciting parties you’ll ever have! These pink and blue elephant cake decorations are perfect for this party and will make the celebration cake look even more incredible! 

Whichever gender reveal party theme you decide on, we wish you the best of luck with the party, and the happiest of times with your little one when they finally get here! 

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