Gender Reveal Party Gift Ideas: 10 budget-friendly & cute items

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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Have you recently got an invitation to attend a gender reveal party? Are you now wondering whether it’s the proper etiquette to bring a gift to a gender reveal gift to the party? Or, should you bring a gift to a gender reveal party? These are the common questions that may come to your mind when you are invited to a gender reveal party. But, please note that it is not compulsory to bring a gender reveal party gift unless it is clearly stated that this is a baby shower event.

However, we believe that it’s a nice gesture to bring the parents-to-be some little items to show how caring and thrilling for their upcoming, new, and small family member. It’s indeed a truly pleasant and exciting time to prepare and welcome the baby coming to this world soon. Hence, these expectant parents deserve a gift, isn’t it?

When it comes to gender reveal party gift ideas, three things can come to your mind…

1) The price of the gift…is it budget-friendly? 

2) Can the expectant parents actually use the gift for themselves or for the baby?

3) If the gift is chosen for the baby, whether you should stick to a gender-neutral gift or not?

Well, no more worries! We have already picked a total of 10 little items to be used as the gender reveal party gifts, which are perfectly suitable for baby no matter which gender he/ she is, as well as useful, thoughtful for expecting parents to be. In addition, those little items are pocket-friendly too. 

Let’s now have a look at these ten wonderful gifts for gender reveal party.

#1 The New Born Handbook 

If you are attending a gender reveal party and looking for an ideal gift for the would-be mom and dad, then this is one of the best gift ideas for sure. This is a practical, weekly handbook that’s very much required for the first three months of parenthood. This book will provide a wealth of invaluable, practical, and useful insights to smartly handle the challenging situations to come and take proper care of the baby. 

#2 Baby Gender Reveal Boy or Girl Bath Bomb

This is a unique as well as great gift for all expecting parents. You can surely carry this gift when heading to a gender reveal party. The product includes a set of four bath bombs that will change the color of the tub water, without causing any strain. These body bombs come with a heavenly, fruity smell. It’s so much refreshing and it’s one of the ideal gender reveal gifts for mum as she really deserves a nice bath after hosting such a gorgeous party.

#3 Triple Sonogram Keepsake Frame

When the baby is born, the parents will wish to capture and highlight those precious moments. So, with this frame handy, they can now easily display two sonogram pictures and one newborn photo. It comes with a crisp white finish as well as black lettering. This newborn frame can be kept on any desk and shelves. It is surely one of the gender reveal gifts that parents will like to have.

#4 Candle

This scented candle is considered to be a unique pregnancy gift choice for new moms and dads. If you want to gift something special and one-of-a-kind to them, then you can consider gifting this aromatherapy candle. It’s made with cotton wicks, high quality natural soy wax, and with the best-quality essential lavender oils. It will spread a long-lasting, soothing, and scented aroma and promote a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere for the parents.

#5 Baby Crib Mobile 

Attending a gender reveal party is always exciting. So, are you wondering what will be the best gender neutral gift for such events? If yes, then this product will be so apt for you! This is a musical mobile that can play soft and relaxing music. It will help in soothing babies’ moods and help them to enjoy a blissful sleep. It comes with a 360-degree rotating function with colorful cute animals, spinning around. When it comes to gender reveal party gift ideas, this baby crib mobile is definitely one of the best options.

#6 Cute & Funny Gender Neutral newborn baby sock set 

If you are looking for a perfect gender reveal party gift for the baby, then this product will be also worth checking. The product includes seven pairs of cute baby socks for the little ones. These socks are made of soft and premium cotton blend material. These are cozy, comfortable, breathable, and adorable. These unisex socks are ideal for babies of 0-3 months old.

#7 Soft Book 

If you are looking for the best and most useful gifts for the baby irrespective of any gender, then this is also a nice option to consider. These soft books will help them teach basic reading and comprehension, animal world, numbers, vegetables, fruits, sea world, vehicles, and much more too. These books are made of non-toxic and safe material. They are loaded with vibrant images with vivid patterns, super-fun characters, and colors. This soft book will help the baby to stimulate many key skills like communication skills, language & reading skills, sensory skills, imagination power, and more.

#8 Baby cotton terry drool clothes

When you are about to attend a party for revealing the gender, it will be a proper etiquette and perfect gesture to bring a small yet useful gift. So, here’s a set of ten unisex and gender-neutral baby drool clothes. They are made of premium-quality cotton polyester material which is very much soft, comfortable, and gentle. They come with Hook and Loop closure.

#9 Baby Bodysuit

These are unisex baby cotton bodysuits that are made of 100% cotton material. The material is very soft, safe, and comfortable which can be used for everyday use. They are designed without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. It can be washed in machines. Rest assured that it can be used as unique gender reveal party gift ideas.

#10 Baby Monthly Stickers

These baby monthly stickers can be another great gift to a gender reveal party. The product comes with a total of 24 floral milestone stickers to capture and emphasize your baby’s first year magical moments. These are 4 inches, pre-cut, colorful, and beautiful baby months stickers to store and memorize an album full of precious and joyous memories. 

With this, you have revealed a set of ten exciting, thoughtful, unique, and budget-friendly gender reveal party gifts. These gifts will surely be liked and appreciated by the expecting parents. Being a family member or friend to the would-be mom and dad, do not forget to carry these little items when attending a gender reveal party.

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