Golden Anniversary Party Decoration Ideas: Go Gold For Your 50th Anniversary

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

So it’s your Golden Anniversary – 50 years of marriage, a life built together, and a bucket load of love! It’s a special time for you, your partner, and your family, so we should celebrate it in style! Before we give you all our latest tips and tricks on how to throw an awesome Golden Anniversary party, let’s first look at why this day is so special!

What is a Golden Anniversary? Why is it so important?

A Golden Anniversary is a brilliant milestone to make in any marriage. 50 years of love, laughter, and a life well spent deserves to be celebrated in a big way. Other anniversaries may be smaller affairs, with just you and your partner, but if there was ever a reason to celebrate in a big way with all your friends and family, it’s your Golden Anniversary!

Few couples get to make it this far, so it’s a genuine achievement that you and your partner have made it to 50 years of marriage. That’s why it’s so important to celebrate it! So, read on to find out all of our Golden Anniversary party ideas.

50th anniversary color: Go gold

When choosing a 50th anniversary color, we really had little choice: we had to go gold! It’s your golden anniversary, so we will fill everything from this point with shimmering golds to celebrate. After all, gold is the color of winners, and you guys have certainly been winning at life to have made it through 50 years together!

Let’s start with the invitation

To kick off our roster of amazing ideas, we had to start with the first thing on our list for every party: the invitations, of course. This time, we’re going to theme it around the color gold (we said you’d be seeing a lot of that color, didn’t we). We found this amazing gold invitation on Amazon that will really fit the theme well. The color gold, bubbling champagne, and lots of love hearts – the second this arrives at your guests’ doors, they’ll know exactly what they’ll be celebrating with you when the date of the party finally comes.

Party decoration ideas

Thinking of 50 years Golden Anniversary party decoration ideas can be difficult, but don’t worry, we’re on hand to help! Here’s a complete list of everything you will need to make your special day even more special:


Sticking with the gold theme, let’s start with a backdrop – the perfect way to set a scene the moment your guests walk through your front door. This large black and gold 50th anniversary backdrop is the perfect way to celebrate, and any pictures taken in front of this will be ones to remember!

Gold Door Curtain

If you don’t think the giant backdrop is enough to let your guests know what the theme of the party is, then this golden door curtain certainly will be. The golden metallic shimmer looks amazing, and every guest will feel like they’re stepping into a party that’s all about celebration (which, of course, it is)! This door curtain will make everyone feel special as they join in your big day.

Party Balloons

No matter what the occasion, you know we’re always going to suggest balloons on this blog, because it’s the best way to let the entire street know you’re celebrating something big! We love balloons so much over here, we couldn’t make our minds up about which ones we preferred, so we have two suggestions for you today. The first are these amazing 50th anniversary balloons in white, black and gold – stunning and simple, exactly what your Golden Anniversary party should be!

We thought these might look a little too much on their own, so we also found these incredible golden metallic balloons to break up the 50th anniversary balloons whilst still keeping to the theme. You might prefer one of these balloon sets to the other, but we think both will look amazing!


Next up are swirls. These are relatively new around here, and not every party gets swirls we help plan, but for a Golden Anniversary party we have to pull out all the stops, right? These golden swirls with the number 50 on them tie in to the theme perfectly, and they’ll look great dangling from the ceiling to break up the balloon decorations. Swirls are a must!

Use all the decorations we’ve suggested and your party will look stunning! More importantly, though, all of your pictures will look stunning too, helping you to create amazing memories to last forever!

Party photo opportunities!

Talking of amazing photos, you’re going to need more than just a nice background for those wonderful memories – you’re going to need something to help dress up the stars of the party!

Party Sash

Let’s start with something a little simpler for those who might not be a huge fan of dressing up for photos. Even the most camera shy couple will feel comfortable in this amazing 50th anniversary sash. It’s golden, bright, and says exactly what you’re celebrating, so years from now, when you look back on these memories, the day will come flooding back to you all over again.

Couple Crowns

If there’s anybody who has earned a crown, then it’s you and your partner after 50 years of marriage. You really are the King/Queen of marriage, so you should grab yourself a crown for the photos, too! This crown and tiara set are perfect and you’ll look great wearing them as you take pictures with your friends and family!

Create Your Own Photo Booth!

But it isn’t just costumes and fun sashes you need for your amazing photos, you also need to prepare an amazing photo booth frame and instant picture kits too. And once you’ve set them up, don’t forget to pick up this pack of amazing black and gold photo booth props! They fit the theme well, and make for some amazingly fun pictures too!

Table decoration ideas

Our Golden Anniversary party ideas don’t just stop with Golden Anniversary party decorations, because we also need to make our 50th anniversary party table look amazing too! That’s why we’ve added in this separate section looking at ways to dress your table in interesting ways, so it looks great for your big day.

Dress Your Table With Confetti

Let’s start with some golden table confetti to celebrate your 50th anniversary. It will make your table look great. Just remember a little goes a long way here – you don’t want huge mounds of foil confetti filling your table, but a light scattering is classy and will make your table really look the part!

Party Table Cloth

And if your’re putting down some of the beautiful confetti we suggested above, then you’re going to want an amazing table cloth to go with it. This pale gold and silver table cloth is perfect because it isn’t too ‘busy’ in its design. Sometimes anniversary table cloths can look a little cheap, but this one looks elegant and sophisticated, exactly like the star couple after 50 years of love!

Bring The Romance With Candlesticks

You might be celebrating with friends and family, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose any of the romance of the day. After all, anniversaries are all about celebrating love, and that’s more important than ever after 50 years together. And what’s the best way to add a little romance to a party table? Candles, of course! These golden candlesticks will look great in the center of your table. Place in a candle with your favorite scent and it’ll be extra special!

Golden Anniversary Centerpiece

Finally, we need a centerpiece to really complete the table decorations. Flowers are romantic, so starting there makes sense. An artificial yellow rose like this one would work brilliantly because every flower speaks flower language, and if you’ve seen our recent post about flower language for floral centerpieces, then you can speak it too! Yellow roses are perfect for anniversaries and they’re a great alternative to the red rose for celebrating romantic love too!

Party cake decorations

A party as special as this one deserves a cake. Heck, EVERY party deserves a cake in our opinion, but after 50 years of marriage you DEFINITLEY deserve a cake to celebrate. But don’t just bake a victoria sponge and leave it there. It would be great for you to bake an amazing cake that you both love and then top it off with a special cake topper!

We’ve found this beautiful diamante 50 cake topper that sparkles as bright as your love for one another does. It’s classy and adds a touch of elegance to any 50th anniversary cake!

Party favors for your guests

Just because it’s your big day doesn’t mean your guests should leave with no party favors, it’s a great way to show your appreciation to those you love. They’re special enough to you to come and celebrate such a huge day with you, so the least you can do is send them away with some momentos from the day. This is the perfect way to end any party, but especially a party as special as your 50th anniversary.

The Perfect Party Favor Bag

To start with, we’ll need a party favor bag to fill with amazing treats and small gifts for your guests. These gold party favor bags will do the trick! Fill them with whatever little treats you like, such as chocolate, a slice of your amazing anniversary cake, or any sweets that your guests like. The important thing is the party favor bag will look amazing, and once you’ve chosen your treats, why not consider an amazing gift?

A Marvelous Momento

How about this cute ‘Cheers to 50 years’ glass for your guests to take away? It’s a great little keepsake for them to keep with them to remember your special day, and they’ll really appreciate lifting them in a toast to you when they get home in the evening!

Something Special For The Star Couple

To finish, you should also ask your guests to do one more favor for you after you hand them their party favor bags! How about purchasing this amazing 3D Golden Anniversary card and asking all the guests to leave a message in it? Reading this with your partner is a really special thing to do once the party is over, and you’ll have those heartfelt words with you from those that mean the most to you for the next 50 years of marriage!

All that’s left for us to say is congratulations on 50 years of love, and heres to many more years of happiness for you both. Cheers!

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