Goodie Bag Ideas For Teenage Girls: 15 Inexpensive Gifts in Pink

party bag ideas for teenage girls

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Everybody likes a goodie bag when they leave parties, even teenagers. The problem is, their tastes have changed considerably since the days when a handheld plastic toy and a slice of birthday cake were enough to keep them satisfied. Hand out a unicorn figurine to your daughter’s friends now, and she might never recover from the embarrassment. So, we’re on hand to help to offer you some excellent goodie bag ideas for teenage girls

What does a teenage girl’s goodie bag look like in 2022? 

Shopping for teenage girls is difficult at the best of times. Shopping for teenage girls that are your daughter’s friends, nigh on impossible! The key to buying for your daughter’s friends goodie bags though, is to pick party favor ideas that suit their tastes and what they use regularly. Most teenagers just want two things: 1) to be treated like an adult, and 2) to be liked by their peers. That’s it. So all you need to do is buy gifts that are age appropriate, so you can see your daughter’s friends leave the party happy with their goodie bags, which will then make your daughter happy because her friends loved it. Easy enough, right? 

If you don’t think so, don’t worry, we have everything under control! We’ve picked 8 party bag fillers ideas for teenage girls that are pink (let’s be honest, it’s kind of a signature teenage girl colour – most of them will paint their bedrooms pink at one stage or another). We made sure all the gifts are age appropriate, pretty, useful, and most importantly for you, not too costly! So lets get into it! 

1. Jewellery Hanging Organiser 

As teenage girls, they’ll love their accessories, so give them something to organize them all! This beautiful pink tree and bird jewellery organiser will be perfect – it suits their style, and it’s showing that you recognize they’re becoming young women who need to keep their jewellery organized because they have so much of it! They’ll love it!

2. Fluffy Heart Shape PomPoms Key Chain 

For our next goodie bag for teenage girls, we have these amazing fluffy heart shape pompoms key chains. Now, hear us out. Teenage girls love a few different things, as we’ve already discussed today, but this is pink (check), fluffy (check), heart-shaped (yes please) and a pompom (we nailed this one, right?), so we know they’ll love it. The key chain is also practical, since teenage girls are often given a key to their home for the first time, and this unique, standout pink pompom key chain will mean they’ll never lose their keys! 

3. Nail Polish 

A lot of dads out there won’t like it, but little girls grow up, and one thing a lot of teenage girls love is painting their nails. It’s a fun way to express themselves and let the world know that they’re growing up and have unique interests that they want to share with the world. To us adults, it might just be pink nail polish, but to teenage girls it’s something to express themselves with, bond with their friends over, and use to make themselves feel better. That’s a special gift, right?

4. Pink Lash Shampoo Brushes Set 

Teenage girls love makeup accessories, so this pink lash shampoo brushes set with makeup bags and lash brushes will definitely be a good option for the goodie bags. The lash brushes themselves are soft and luxurious and the girls will love using them, and the stylised pink lash makeup bag is perfect for storing everything they need for a fun girly sleepover. The parents will love you too, since this bag can organise their makeup some more, helping keep their rooms clean and tidy! You’re welcome, mums and dads!

5. Foam Pump Bottle 

These pink foam pump bottles are another great goodie bag ideas for teenage girl. The girls can use them in their bathrooms at home to decant some soap into, or they can carry it around with them with some hand sanitizer inside to keep them germ-free whilst on the move. The point is, teenage girls are often becoming more aware of the world around them and the different germs and nasty bits that go along with it. By giving them a stylish pink pump bottle, they’ll be able to use this on the move without worrying about taking it out in front of their friends. 

6. Pink Coin Purse And Card Holder 

As well as getting keys to the house for the first time, teenage girls are often finally getting their own money to spend freely, and that means they’ll need something to store their cards and change in. Well, this pink coin purse and card holder is perfect. It’s pink and stylish, and made of high quality faux leather, and the metal zip and keychain means they’ll be able to keep their money and cards on their person securely without fear of losing it. Responsibility is a big thing for teenage girls, and with this gift, they’ll have more responsibility, that’s for sure.

7. Plush Sleeping Mask

Let’s come to the next goodie bag idea for teenage girls, a plush sleeping mask is the perfect way to round off the list today, right? If there’s one thing teenage girls love above everything else – makeup, tech, shopping – it’s sleep. And more importantly, sleeping in late, especially on the weekends. So, whilst us adults start our days early, why not give the teenage girls at the party a gift that means they can sleep in until noon? This plush pink unicorn mask will definitely do that, since it’s thick enough to block out the day and comfortably leaves them to while away the hours in bed. Ah, teenage years, they’re a unique time alright!

8. Bath Bomb 

Gifts for teenage girls don’t need to be complicated. They like pampering themselves and relaxing, so why not buy them a simple bath bomb set? This bright pink, rose shaped, and rose scented set ought to do the trick. It’ll smell pretty and girly, but it also recognizes the fact that they’re at a stage in their life where they can appreciate a relaxing bath. 

9. Moisturizing Lip Balm 

Most parents won’t agree with teenage girls wearing lipstick, so we haven’t included any here. But, we’ve found a great alternative! A moisturising lip balm seems like a fair compromise to be a brilliant teenage party gift bag ideas. It isn’t adding any color, but it will make their lips feel better, and it puts them in charge of an aspect of their self-care routine, which is really important to them.

10. Leather Wrap Bracelet 

Sweet 16 party favours shouldn’t be expensive, but they should be meaningful, and we think this leather wrap bracelet strikes the perfect balance between the two. It’s something they can keep and wear whenever they like, it’s a stylish pink design that isn’t immature, and we think that any of your daughter’s friends will feel grateful to walk away with this in their goodie bag! Who wouldn’t?

11. Cath Kidston Hand Cream 

Earlier, we said that self-care routines are important to teenage girls, and that’s because they want to feel as though they’re in charge of their own appearance. They might not be putting on makeup and wearing whatever clothes they like just yet, but little bits of control are important to teenagers. So, teenage party gift bags idea is this Cath Kidston hand cream is another perfect product for them. It’ll leave their hands feeling nourished and smelling great, and they’ll use it all the time!

12. Bunny Rabbit Ear Shape Headband 

You might read this product and think ‘Isn’t that more suitable for a child?’ and we understand why you’d think that, but actually this bunny rabbit headband isn’t something they’ll wear on the streets. Instead, it’s a perfect thing to use to get their hair out of their way when they are doing their skin routines or taking a bath. It’s another small way of showing that you want them to pamper themselves like adults do, but with a headband that’s more suited to their age.

13. Bunny Shaped Phone And Tablet Holder 

We couldn’t include goodie bag ideas for teenage girls and not include something related to their phones or tablets. Let’s be honest, they’re on it every minute of every day, so you might as well buy them something useful for it! They can place it on their desk and watch videos whilst doing homework, or prop up their phone or tablet whilst they pamper themselves in the mirror. They’ll love having this and it’s something they’ll use all the time! I am sure they will love this cutie mobile phone holder .

14. Pink Universal Touch Screen Rubber Tip Digital Pen 

When we suggested the bunny shaped phone and tablet holder above, you couldn’t have possibly believed we were finished with the tech side of things, right? Teenage girls love it, after all! So, to help them get the most out of their phones and tablets, why not gift them a pink universal touch screen rubber tip digital pen? They’ll be able to sit back and tap through on their phones using the pen instead of their fingers, which not only looks cool, but makes you feel pretty important (yes, even us adults), so the teens will love it! 

15. Tote Shopper Fashion Bag 

‘I’m not arguing I’m just explaining why I’m right’ is a slogan that every teenage girl can get behind. Every parent across the land knows that teenage girls are never in the wrong (or at least, they always think they’re not) and it’s a really fun way of recognizing their maturing personalities as they transition from little girls to young women. This tote shopper fashion bag with that slogan printed is gonna to be a great idea for teenage girls’ goodie bag option.

Last But Not Least: A Rose Gold Party Bag for Teenage Girls

We couldn’t give you all the goodie bag ideas for teenage girls and not give you a goodie bag to put all the sweet 16 party favours in! This one is really stylish, fits our pink theme well, and is very appropriate for their age. Leave the princess party bags in the store and pick up these instead! Consider one of the above suggestions, I am sure the suggested party bag fillers ideas for teenage girls will make all of them smile.

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