Graduation Party Favor Ideas for Guests: Congrats grad!

graduation party favor ideas, Graduation Party Favor Ideas for Guests: Congrats grad!

Last updated on October 26th, 2023

Congratulations! Your name has been read and degrees handed out. The next thing you want is to pull off the gown and celebrate this major accomplishment in your life. Planning a graduation party is never dull. It requires a lot of effort and time. And most importantly-party. Luckily, this article can help you with practical graduation party favor ideas that will make every guest crazy. 

Criteria for choosing the right graduation party favor for guests 

1. Practical gifts

Practical gifts are the most appreciated gifts that visitors are likely to use every day. If you are looking for something that doesn’t clutter, these gifts are worth considering. 

2. Symbolic gifts

Symbolic gifts have specific meanings. Many of the graduation party favor ideas are mostly associated with love and affection. Others symbolize friendship and life. 

3. Set the budget

Planning a graduation party is costly. From buying beverages to renting extra space, graduation party expenses add up quickly. So, ensure the party favor you choose is affordable and keeps you on the budget. Less than $3 is good enough. 

18 of the best graduation parties favor ideas

A party favor should be themed, stylish and budget-friendly. It may sound hard, but the following ideas can surely make it happen. 

1. Graduation hat bubble tubes

Graduation hat bubble tubes are excellent giveaways that can make you remembered for the rest of your life. The item comes with 24 bubble bottles, each filled with non-toxic bubble soap liquid to ensure fun when creating bubbles. 

One of the fascinating things about this party favor is that it is versatile and reusable. It is also engineered using high-quality materials. So, you can be sure of its durability. 

Graduation hat bubble tubes are a big hit with kids and teens. They are beautiful and affordable. Exactly what you need to bring smiles to your guest’s faces. 

2. Graduation candy bags

graduation party favor ideas, Graduation Party Favor Ideas for Guests: Congrats grad!

Send away your guests with something sweet. 

The first thing you will notice about these candy bags is the design. These are versatile beauties. The bags offer perfect detailing that can surely catch the attention of your visitors. Its materials are nothing than short of excellence. 

Practical yet beautiful, these graduation candy bags can make Smarties and tootsie rolls more delicious. 

Best-loved for their affordability. 

3. Inspirational quote Keychains

Inspirational quote Keychains are just meant to motivate. They are a sure-fire way for your guests to keep hope alive each time they carry them. 

The item comes with a hook to hold your precious keys safe. The keychains can sure keep you going with the quotes such as Learn from yesterday, live today, and keep hope for tomorrow. They are versatile and practical, which means you can carry them around. 

Inspirational quote keychains make a perfect present to commemorate your graduation ceremony. Your guest will cherish them and remember the fun moments you have to spend together. 

4. Magnetic photo picture frame

It is perfect for parties the day after graduation. The magnetic photo picture frame offers your visitors a chance to remember your special day. 

Compatible yet stylish, this picture frame can offer your guests the exact convenience they deserve. The item is also reusable. So, you can change your pictures, as long it fits. And the design is just a wonder. 

It is perfect for displaying valuable memories in the office, kitchen, living room, everywhere!

5. Graduation tattoo stickers

Thank your guests for coming to celebrate your day with these tattoo stickers. They are classy and super simple. You will feel find everyone enjoying them. 

These tattoo stickers offer a perfect size; not too large, not too small. Just a medium size that every guest can accomplish. They are also easy to use. 

Graduation tattoo stickers can make your graduation ceremony more meaningful and fascinating. This is a great and affordable graduation party favor ideas guests will surely love. 

6. Graduation Lanyards Keychains party favors

Send your guest off with these decorative graduation Lanyard keychains. They are portable, elegant, and chic. Even better, they can match the theme of your party. 

Graduation lanyards keychains work well on hands. They are wrinkle-resistant and offer multiple usages. 

Before your guests get out, give them these keychains as an unforgettable graduation gift. 

7. Cactus tealight candles

If you want to indulge your visitors with a special gift, then add cactus tealight candles to your list. Just thinking about it-they are romantic, easy to carry, and most importantly-smell cool. 

When it comes to style, cactus tealight candles feature an adorable design that can sure make your guests happy. And, even with better news-they burn longer. 

Cactus tealight candles can add a lovely ambiance to your visitors’ bedrooms, living room, and anywhere that needs a romantic atmosphere. 

8. Multifunctional canvas pencil case

These perfectly sized pencil cases can help your guests reflect on your delightful graduation day. And they are a better way to say special thank you. 

They are made of canvas material, making them easy to wash and maintain. The patterns can sure put a smile on your visitors’ faces. 

They are best-loved for their multiple usages. A multifunctional canvas pencil case can be used as a cell phone bag, coins, bag, cosmetic bag, among others. 

9. Rainbow inspiration retractable badge reel

It is not a party until you gift these rainbow inspiration badge reels. This is a fun idea for a fantastic, summer graduation. 

The badge is personalized with sweet and inspiring texts, which can remind your guest to keep hope. They also offer a perfect design with badge holders printed to charm. The material is super-class. Expect these badges to last for many years to come. 

Best-loved because they can inspire. The badge offers six different styles, so your visitor can change them according to their dressing style, mood, among others. 

10. Invisible ink pen and notebook

Send your dearest home with this invisible pen and notebook. They are the simplest party favors you can imagine-why?

For one, they are super fun and can impress every guest at the party. For the second, they provide the moment of creation. 

Rest assured, your guest will have quality time with these gifts. They are a better way to bring a little bit of fun. They are affordable. 

11. Kraft paper notebook

As you embark on a new journey, pass out these Kraft paper notebooks to your visitors as they leave. Then have them write their own story. 

The item comes with a sturdy cover. So, you can be sure of its durability. It is also pocket-friendly, so you can easily carry it around. Kraft paper notebook offers six designs and adorable phases. 

This is a cool graduation party favor idea. It can also be a keepsake. Your guests will love how professional they look. 

12. Kindergarten, Here I come pencils

You guessed it correctly-this kindergarten pencil idea is classic. These gifts offer an ideal size for your dearest ones to grab, meaning they will be used following your graduation. We began our education at Kindergarten, when we step into the working society, we are like a kindergarten student again.

They come in several different colors with black imprints and erasers. 

This is an affordable gift that you can consider. 

13. Graduation star-shaped ornaments

A graduation party provides an exciting opportunity for inspiration. And nothing can inspire your guests more than ornaments. 

Designed with a star shape, these graduation ornaments are simple and classic. They offer an appropriate size that can sure fit everyone. 

Printed with inspirational words, these ornaments can create a lovely ambiance every time your guests wear them. Great for memories.

14. Mason jar shot glasses

It is a perfect simple celebratory gift. Just grab these Cheers shot glasses and fill them with candies for your visitors. Let’s cheers for your earned graduation!

The glasses come in a six-piece set. They are easy to clean and can last longer. 

Mason jar shot glasses can decorate the room. They also add a lot of fun. 

15. Class of 2023 wristband

Are you wondering which way to thank your visitors? Well, give them a suitable graduation wristband. Match them with the party theme, and send them away. 

This wristband offers exactly what it says- a class of 2023. It is made up of soft materials, so don’t worry about being aggressive on your skin. It is robust, practical, and can make a perfect statement. 

Class of 2023 wristbands is memorable gifts that can allow your visitor to remember each other. 

16. And so the adventure begins luggage tag

The best graduation party favors are those printed with tags. Consider this gift, and you will notice how perfectly it is designed. Your visitors will enjoy the flexibility it offers. The luggage tag comes with a small card where guests can fill in their details. It also features quality materials. So, it can serve you for periods. 

And so the adventure begins tag can create a good memory every day your visitors wear them. 

17. Handheld water ring game

Congrats grad! The idea of the water ring game is super simple and a perfect way for your guest to relieve stress. 

The items are portable. So, you can carry them around. It can keep your visitors entertained for hours. An excellent way to pass time! 

Handheld is a memorable game that is worth sharing with your friends. 

18. Graduation thank you cards

Lastly, give your visitors thank you cards. They deserve recognition as you open another page of your life. It is also a perfect way to acknowledge your visitors’ presence during your special day. 

Elegant and classic, these cards are designed to attract. They offer enough internal space for visitors to write a detailed thank you letter. 

Graduation thank you cards are excellent gifts to symbolize appreciation. 

Wrapping Up of Graduation Party Favor Ideas

If you are on the hunt for an ideal graduation party favor, we hope you have found inspiration in this article. Now, go on and get your planning started. 

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