Great Gatsby Themed Party Costume: 16 ideas That’ll Take You Right Back To The Roaring 20s

great Gatsby themed party costume

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

The 1920s was the era of elegance, sophistication, and glamour! Wealth and luxury were the order of the day and so many of us look back and wish we could have experienced the glitz for ourselves. But what if we told you, you could? Imagine a 1920s Great Gatsby themed party! People wearing Great Gatsby themed party costumes and Gatsby party accessories! Today, we’re focussing on costumes for women and we’ll cover everything from headpieces to feather boas, so you know there’s going to be something for everyone here! 

We’ve selected 16 accessories and costumes for the 1920s Gatsby party, and we guarantee every one of them will make you shine at the event! Ready to find out more and transport yourself back to the glamorous 1920s? Then read on below! 

1. Vintage Style Roaring 20s Beaded Flapper Headpiece 

When we think 1920s we immediately thing flapper girls, charleston dancing, and, of course, the infamous beaded flapper headpiece. This vintage style roaring 20s beaded headpiece is a replica of the headpieces flapper girls used to wear back then. Black, gold, silver – whichever you choose is traditional because women in the 1920s loved variety! Trust us, if you want to be true to the era, then a beaded headpiece like this one is the perfect way to do it! 

2. 1920s Vintage Peacock Feather Headpiece 

This 1920s peacock feather headpiece is a great alternative to the one above. Why? Because it was during the 20s that peacock feathers in clothing really blew up. Women were looking for something glamorous, colourful, and powerful – and what better way was there than to introduce peacock feathers in fashion. This headpiece is bright and colourful, and it remains true to the 20s! Even the shimmering beads add a touch of bling to this headpiece, making you stand out from the crowd! 

3. 1920s Crystal Rhinestone Flapper Cap Headpiece 

A 1920s headpiece should have two things: glitz and glamour. And this 1920s crystal rhinestone flapper cap has glitz and glamour in spades! This is another example of a traditional flapper girl headpiece. Flapper girls were the beginning of a revolution against ‘societal norms and pressures’, so the more they could do to standout and break down barriers the better. And that’s why this headpiece is perfect for your 1920s party. because the crystal rhinestones are bright and bold, just like the flappers who used to wear them! 

4. Leaf Medallion Pearl Headpiece 

Another great headpiece option now, this lead medallion pearl offering is stunning. Again, it has the elegance and luxury we associate with the 1920s, but it’s also really stylish! The simple gold colours, the bright rhinestone crystals, and the gorgeous leaf design all work together to make this a headpiece that is perfect for a 1920s Great Gatsby themed party costume. After all, what’s more glamorous than gold, rhinestones, and a flapper girl headpiece?

5. Peacock Feather Sequins Headband 

OK, our last headpiece offering we swear – but if you’re like us, then you’ll be loving the different styles on offer here because it shows you how stylish the 1920s were! This peacock feather sequins headband is so luxurious. The bright, iridescent colours of this peacock feather headband dancing under crystal lights, a martini in hand with the sound of jazz playing in the background – can’t you just see it all now? We sure can, and we think this headband would make you really stand out at the party! 

BABEYOND Roaring 20s Vintage Style Peacock & Black Marabou Feather Fan Flapper Accessories (Black-White Rib)

6. Peacock and Black Marabou Feather Fan 

A peacock and black marabou feather fan is about as glamorous as it gets, right? Large fans decorated with marabou and peacock feathers were popular in the 1920s because it helped give a dramatic look! They were especially popular at large parties and events when worn with a striking evening dress. This fan could really help complete your look as you head out to your 1920s Great Gatsby themed party, too! The black feathers are sleek and elegant, and the peacock ones are bold and bright. What’s not to love?

Audrey Style Vintage Extendable Cigarette Holder in Crystal Inspired by BAT's

7. Audrey Style Long Cigarette Holder 

Strictly speaking, Audrey Hepburn’s infamous role in Breakfast At Tiffany’s has nothing to do with the 1920s. But hear us out! The 1920s are all about glamour, style, and oozing elegance with everything you do – even smoking a cigarette (which we know now isn’t all that glamorous at all). So, to complete your devil may care look, consider picking up this Audrey style long cigarette holder. It will make you look the part of a 1920s flapper girl, because they literally blew smoke in the face of those who expected them to behave differently!

8. 1920s Pearl Necklace 

Pearls were big in the 1920s, and it’s clear why! They drip with elegance, wealth, and luxury, and they were all things you’d want to be dripping with as you rolled up to a large evening party back then. Well, now you can roll up to your 1920s Great Gatsby themed party wearing a 1920s pearl necklace that will have heads spinning from all over the room. In the 1920s, bigger was always better, and ‘less is more’ was a saying few people could relate to! So, wear this HUGE 1920s pearl necklace to help complete your look in style!

9. 1920s Flapper Earrings 

These 1920s flapper earrings are the perfect Gatsby party accessories to wear with your Great Gatsby themed party costume. The beautiful emerald colour jewel at the bottom, the rhinestones, and the beautiful crystals all work together to create earrings that feel truly elegant and sophisticated. The 1920s flapper look was all about showing off everything you had and all that you were straight away, because women were proud to be women. Well, now you can be a proud woman too, with these beautiful earrings. 

SELOVO Clear Austrian Crystal Chandelier Tassel Long Big Statement Chain Dangle Drop Earrings Silver Tone

10. Multi Chain Tassel Long Drop Earrings 

A great alternative to colourful earrings like the ones above were BIG ones. These multi chain tassel long drop earrings are a great example of that. The long silver earrings perfectly replicate the stunning earrings that 1920s women would wear to large events and parties, because it was all about making a statement. These chain tassel earrings are long drop too, making them even larger, helping you make an even bigger statement! We know you’ll love these for your party costume, and we do too!

11. Flapper Jewellery Faux Pearls Bracelet 

Back to the pearls now, but this time for your wrist as this stunning flapper jewellery faux pearl bracelet! We have the pearls again which we’ve already said were incredibly popular in the 20s because of how elegant they were, but this bracelet allows for extra decoration! The crystal decoration in the centre of the bracelet is just another way to add even more luxury to an accessory. Remember, at your 192os party, the more luxurious it feels, the better, and that applies to your outfit too! 

12. 1920s Long Satin Gloves

Satin has always been a material that’s seen as elegant, luxurious, and yeah, a little sexy. And that’s why these 1920s long satin gloves are perfect for your 1920s party costume, because flappers of the 1920s deliberately wore elegant and sexy things to show their liberation. The 1920s was a time of freedom for women who embraced the 1920s flapper lifestyle, so if you want to recreate the look, then some long satin gloves are perfect because it makes your outfit even more fitting for the period! 

13. Floral Lace Wrist Length Gloves 

Gloves in the 1920s weren’t always long, satin numbers. Lace wrist length gloves are an excellent alternative because they still have a sophisticated feel to them, but they also don’t warm you up too much. In the 1920s, flappers were all about living energetically with as much fun as possible. Dances like the charleston were popular, and these women would dance all night long in their outfits. Sometimes long satin gloves weren’t appropriate. So, if you plan to dance the night away at your party, opt for these lace gloves instead to stay cool! 

14. Feather Boa 

Feather boas have been popular at different points throughout history, but really, their golden days were in the 1920s! Feather boas helped women make an impact with their clothing choices. In the previous decades women were expected to ‘cover up’ and ‘dress appropriately’ but 1920s flappers rejected that idea. Instead, they wore clothes that would shock, draw attention, and make them feel and look beautiful. The feather boa helped with that, and it’s why no 1920s Great Gatsby themed party costume would be complete without one!

BABEYOND 1920s Flapper Dress Roaring 20s Great Gatsby Costume Dress Fringed Sequin Dress Embellished Art Deco Dress Black and Gold

15. 1920s Flapper Dress 

Now we’re talking! To really complete the look, you’ll need a 1920s flapper dress, and this is the perfect option! It’s covered in art déco patterns (popular in the 1920s), it’s fringed (another popular fashion trend in the 20s), and it’s covered from top to toe in sequins, helping you shine and dazzle under the party lights! As flapper dresses go, this has to be one of the most faithful to the 1920s, and we know everyone at your 1920s party will be blown away by this faithfully recreated 1920s flapper dress. 

16. Faux Fur Scarf

If feather boas aren’t your thing, then we thought we’d finish on an alternative for those of you who prefer something a little more sophisticated. Don’t worry, this faux fur scarf is still a lot of fun, and would have been very popular in the 1920s as people showed off their very best when attending parties and events. In fact, many flappers wore fur scarfs and coats on their way to venues because of how cold it would have been in just their evening dress. So, purchase this scarf to stay warm and wow at your 1920s party! 

Wrapping up, I believe these great Gatsby themed party costume will make your shine at the 1920’s Great Gatsby Party, in the next article, we will go through amazing Gatsby Costume for men.

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