14 Great Gifts for a Violinist

gifts for a violinist

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Whatever the occasion-graduation ceremonies, weddings, birthday parties, gifts are the best way to appreciate your loved ones. And gifts for a violinist are a perfect way to acknowledge their work and their love for music. 

If you are looking for the best gift that your violinist can surely cherish in their whole life, look no further. In this article, we have carefully selected a list of gift ideas that your violinist will love to unwrap. The gifts are a perfect encouragement to love the violin more. They can also attract discerning personalities that most violinists deserve. 

Great gifts for a violinist

Each of the gifts presented below is perfectly chosen by considering the relatable characteristics of violinist players. Here are our top 14. 

Gold Plated Violin Music Box Plays | Gifts for a violinist

Violin Music Box

Your violinist will feel happy to receive this plated violin music box. 

The first thing you will notice about this music box is the design. It is engineered with high-quality acrylic materials, which allow you to see the movements. Even better, it lights up with LED when playing. 

The sound of this music box is nothing short of spectacular. 

This stunning gift is an ideal musical delight that your violinist will use as a unique and elegant decoration. 

Pirastro Violin Rosin Evah Pirazzi Gold | Gifts for a violinist

Pirastro Violin Rosin 

With Pirastro rosin, your violinist will achieve the best performance possible. Backed up by its production history in Offenbach, Pirastro is affordable and can be an excellent reminder of generosity. 

Pirastro offers an excellent sound spectrum that every violinist can accomplish. It is designed with high-end rosin materials to maximize its reaction ability to bow impulses when playing. 

Violinists will love using this gift every time they are invited to a special event. Best-loved for the excellent, world-class soothing sound it creates. 

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin String Set

A perfect size of Evah Pirrazi Gold violin set is another decent gift that will inspire your violinist to greatness. 

The set features a silver core D string, a stainless steel core E string, a gold core G string (with a ball at the end), and an aluminum core A string. And the best part? These four sets of strings are perfectly designed to match one another to allow a smooth transition. 

Pirrazi Gold violin set can encourage your violinist player to practice more every day. 

Turnip Designs Violin and Bow Patent Prints Blueprint Art Music Room Wall Art | Gifts for a violinist

Violin and Bow Patent Prints Blueprint Wall Art

Wall arts are in big trend when it comes to decorations. If your violinist loves both art and music, this gift might be a perfect option. 

The gift offers an appropriate size that can fit your area. Pick up this gift, and you will realize its design. Violinists will enjoy the vintage style, beautiful artwork, and excellent luster finish. 

This is a perfect gift idea for decorating offices and homes. Teachers can also use it in their classrooms.

Silver Plated Crystal Violin with Bow Necklace | Gifts for a violinist

Crystal Violin with Bow Necklace 

If your friend is gearing up for the next performance, support his dreams with this crystal necklace. 

The gift features an appropriate length that can surely enhance the violinist’s personality. It is designed using silver materials to boost durability. It is crystal embedded to keep it stylish. 

Your violinist will love wearing it on any occasion while thinking of you. 

Violin Stand with Bow Holder | Gifts for a violinist

Violin Stand with Bow Holder

Do you want to take your violinist’s playing experience to the next level? This is a perfect gift to spare his arms and shoulders. 

The adjustable stand comes with a self-locking function to make the violin strong. It is also constructed using premium materials that can withstand the test of time. The gift has three triangular stands, which makes it firm. It also protects the stand from falling off. The bow hook convenience is unmatched. 

It is an affordable stand that works pretty well for any occasion. 

Jekeno Music Note Blanket Double Sided Print Throw Blanket Soft Comfortable for Sofa Chair Bed Office 50"x60"

Music Note Blanket

Give your violinist a break from heated performances and rest in this music note blanket. 

Made of high-quality materials, this blanket offers a perfect size that can sure fit you. It is lightweight, easy to maintain, and provides the soft touch violinists deserve. 

Use it in the bedroom, office, or living room to decorate the space. It is also ideal for outdoor vacations when the night falls. 

Violin Canvas Tote Bag | Gifts for violin players

Violin Canvas Tote Bag 

If your student has made some progress in their violin class, a canvas tote is a better way to appreciate their good job. 

The bag features an excellent design with an open top. It comes with excellent pocketing that can surely accommodate all books. Its handle is long enough, making it easier to carry on shoulders. 

It is best loved for its coolness. Use it daily on dates, trips, and even sports events when invited to perform.

Fantastic Finger Guide for Violins | Gifts for violin players

Finger Guide for Violins

Elevate his violin experience with this fantastic finger guide. It comes with all notes guide he needs for a 4/4 size violin. 

One of the fascinating things about this gift is its ease of use. Each note comes with a self-adhesive on the back to prevent slipping when playing. Its design features two colors to help you with better navigation. 

A finger guide for violins is a perfect gift for violinist beginners. Use it daily if you want to master the art of playing the violin. 

101 Disney Songs for Violin

If he is a Disney fan, surprise him with this gift. It comes with 101 collections of Disney tunes to play. From evermore to let it go, the list is more. 

Violinists will be thrilled to use it daily and in every occasion. 

Folding Sheet Music Stand

The practice setup stand is another thoughtful gift. It is something that can provide a violinist with a change of practice. 

The gift is adjustable, foldable, and sturdy to cater to all violin needs. It is also easy to set up and disassemble without any fuss. 

Best-loved by every violinist-thanks to its lightness and durability. Use it in concerts, schools, and churches.

Violin Picture Frame Ornament

Give this gift to your violinist to showcase his favorite artist. 

The frame is lightweight, fit, and offers an excellent satin finish, which makes it eye-catchy. 

What a perfect gift that your violinist will treasure for many years. But it can also make a great gift idea for violin teachers. 

It is best for the living room, office, or even a nightstand.


Violin Shaped Pin with Instrument Case

Nothing feels more special than a shaped pin with an instrument case. It is beautifully engineered using quality materials. The design is cute, and the detailing is pretty. 

Your violinist will love using it every day and on any occasion when performing.

Cartoon Mechanical Metronome | Gifts for violin players

Dog Cartoon Mechanical Metronome 

This is a perfect gift for a younger musician who would like to learn more skills about the violin. 

The gift is easy to control. So, you can pick your favorite tempo without any stress. Its quality is excellent, making it ideal to use when practicing the violin. 

It is suitable for all violinists looking to improve their sense of rhythm every day. 

Conclusion of Gifts for a Violinist

That is it for the list of the best fourteen gift ideas for violinists. We hope you have found something that will bring a smile to their face. 

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