Japanese Themed Party Decorations: Enjoy a Culturally Rich Party At Home

Japanese themed party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

It doesn’t matter why you’re throwing a Japanese themed party. Maybe it’s to have a celebration in a special theme, or maybe you’re throwing a Japanese themed party because you love the cuisine and the culture of Japan. Whatever the case, you need some great decorating ideas to make your Japanese themed party a success. The great thing about the following Japanese party decorations is that they are perfect for every party, no matter the size. Whether it’s you and a couple of your closest friends, or an enormous party with all your loved ones, these party decorations are sure to add the perfect finishing touch to your party, transporting you and all your guests to Japan itself! In this article, we will guide you through how to prepare for an amazingly culture-rich Japanese Themed Party At Home.

Japanese Themed Party Banner

Nothing takes you out of your own home to a whole other country (whilst remaining in the comfort of your own home) quite like a banner does, and this banner is the perfect choice.

‘The Great Wave Of Kanagawa Backdrop’ is a wonderful setting for your party. There’s the great wave and Kanagawa of course, but you’ll also notice Mt. Fuji and a cherry blossom tree too – and what says Japan like cherry blossom? Nothing, that’s what, but more on that later.

For now, picture where you might be able to hang this huge Japanese backdrop to set the scene for all the amazing Japanese party décor that’s to come…

Origami Paper Cranes

A Japanese themed party should try to be as traditional as possible. It’s a great way to celebrate a culture, and instill different values and traditions that you and your guests might be unfamiliar with.

These ‘Origami Paper Cranes’ are a great way of doing that. They’re bright and colorful, so they add a lot to the party in terms of decoration, but they also have a significant meaning too.

 In Japanese culture, origami paper cranes bring good luck. Hanging these around the party brings good luck to the event, but guests may also enjoy making wishes to the paper cranes in the hopes that it will come true. Origami paper cranes are the perfect Japanese party decorations because they’re both decorative and practical as a fun activity for guests.

Japanese Paper Lantern

If most people were to think of Japan, one of the first things that would pop into their heads would be beautifully decorated lanterns, so if you’re throwing a Japanese party, they’ll probably expect to see a few.

These ‘Japanese Red Cherry Flower Lantern’ pack of six lanterns are stunning. The red cherry flower against the white lantern creates a really authentic feel and will look great dotted around your party.

The best thing is that you’ll have enough in the pack to hang one in multiple places so everyone will see them. There won’t be a space in your party that doesn’t feel like you’re stood in Japan, and it’s this immersive feeling that you want to achieve with any themed event.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Lighting

No party is complete without proper lighting, and for a Japanese inspired party you’ll want something that is cosy and comfortable, whilst still giving you the feeling that they are Japanese inspired.

This ‘Cherry Blossom LED Light Garland String’ is perfect. Remember earlier when we spoke about nothing saying Japan like cherry blossom does? Well, why not incorporate it into your lighting?

Small details like that are what takes a great party and turns it into an outstanding one, so bear these little things in mind as you continue to plan your party if you want to knock the socks off your guests!

Japanese Folding Fan Decorations

With any party you need to put out decorations that fit the theme. Japanese party decorations might seem like they’d be difficult to find, but folding fans are a great way to keep the Japanese theme alive in a simple, but effective way.

These ‘Japanese Folding Fan Decorations’ are beautiful in their design, and the three pack includes all of them. That means each pack contains those stunning solid white, blue butterfly, and pink blossom designs, so you can use them all!

If you’re struggling to think about what to do with these handheld folding fans, why not use them as wall decorations? If you bought a few packs, you could even leave some lying around on tables for your guests in case it gets too warm. It’s what they originally designed them for after all, and it’ll still look great with the rest of the decorations that are to come!

Japanese Doorway Curtain

If you’re throwing a themed party, you want that theme to smack your guests in the face as they walk through the door. Not literally, of course, but there’s no better way to say ‘yes, this is a Japanese party’ than with a doorway curtain you can hang at your front door.

This ‘Japanese Style Long Doorway Curtain’ is a great option because not only does it look amazing, it’s also traditionally Japanese, and walking between the two halves of the curtain is said to bring good luck. What better way is there to start your party than with an extra dose of good luck?

The one sided print is actually perfect for your front door, because it will wow your guests as they enter, but not distract them as they take in the rest of your interior Japanese party decor once they’re inside! It’s a win-win!

Japanese Cocktail Umbrella

When we think of cocktail umbrellas for parties, we pretty much only use them for our drinks. Whilst you should certainly still use them for their original purpose, you can actually use cocktail umbrellas with your party food too, to give even more of a Japanese twist to whatever you are serving.

This ‘Japanese Cocktail Umbrella’ pack is very well made, meaning you don’t need to stick to just popping them in your drinks because there are so many to go around.

Zen Garden Table Decorations – Table Centerpiece in Japanese Style

To finish off your table decorations, you might want to inject some more Japanese culture into the event to spark interesting conversations with your guests about different Japanese themes and symbols.

This ‘Zen Garden Table Set’ is perfect, because it adds so much to the table. Place this mini Zen garden set in the middle of the party table by carefully arranging the sand, rocks, rake, moss stones, fishes, lantern, bridge, bench, baby pine tree, pine tree, and turtle to create an authentic Zen garden at your party table.

In Japanese culture, Zen Gardens are also known as Japanese Rock Gardens and are important for their sophisticated arrangements. If you want your guests to experience rich Japanese culture, then these Zen garden decorations are a great way to do it.

Bamboo Table Centerpiece

At a Japanese themed party, you’re probably going to be serving some Japanese food, right? But don’t just let the food scream Japan. Think about your centrepiece and how you can keep that in line with the rest of your theme.

This ‘Japanese Bamboo Decoration’ is a beautiful choice for your centrepiece, and it isn’t too large either, which means you can keep piling that delicious Japanese food on to your table and still have plenty of room to spare.

The natural bamboo design gives it a real feel of authentic Japan, and it will look stunning on your table amongst all the hustle and bustle of your loved ones grabbing the delicious food you’ve prepared. Put it in the middle of your table with some candles or an extra set of the cherry blossom string lights from earlier, and it will impress everybody at your party.

Bonsai Tree Table Decoration

Bonsai Tree is also another key symbols of Japanese culture. You may also place a fake Bonsai tree as a table decorations to your Japanese themed Party.

Japanese Table Runner

If you’re adding a table centrepiece, then a table runner is also a must. Every party should have a table that matches the theme, and a table runner is a great way to tie in all the amazing colours and subject matters that mean so much to Japan.

This ‘Japanese Long Table Runner’ does all of that by combining traditional Japanese colours such as reds, greens, and oranges, with strong Japanese themes of Geisha, dragons, and the red sun.

It’s a beautiful piece that is both well made and well designed, so it is certainly something you could reuse. After all, you want your Japanese party to be so successful that all your guests will call for you to host another one. Look for Japanese party decorations that you can reuse, just like the ones on this list, and you’ll be able to have all the fun all over again in no time.

Japanese Ukiyoe Chopsticks

Now that the table decorations are finished, you may wish to think some more about how you’re going to serve the Japanese-inspired dishes at the party. Serving them authentically is the best way to help your guests feel immersed in the party and traditions of Japan.

Some ‘Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks’ ought to do the trick. We chose these chopsticks because of their Ukiyoe print. The bright colors and traditional artwork of this popular art movement can be seen throughout Japan between the 17th and 19th centuries, so including them here seemed sensible, especially on the chopsticks since every guest is sure to notice them. By allowing your guests to eat using these chopsticks as they would in Japan, you allow them to experience something different. The artwork will spark conversations, and guests will enjoy using their chopsticks at the dinner table. Sure, they might struggle to eat ramen noodles with them, but they’ll still have fun!

Japanese Dragon Boat

We’ve covered the party table decorations and the way your guests can enjoy the food, but how should you serve the dishes? Doing this traditionally too, will be special for your guests and help turn dinner into a special event of its own.

This ‘Japanese Dragon Boat Platter’ is great for serving traditional dishes like sushi and sashimi. This dragon boat platter is so impressive because of its simple bamboo design in the shape of a traditional dragon boat. It’s bound to impress your guests.

Serving traditional dishes like sushi and sashimi in this way is basically a must, because it will surely impress your guests. You can buy a sushi kit and make your own at home, or simply order a budget-friendly Japanese takeaway. Whichever way you decide, though, make sure you serve it on this Japanese dragon boat platter to really make your guests feel like they’re eating in a traditional home in Japan.

Japanese Koinobori Carp Windsock

Admittedly, this last suggestion is a little out of the box, but it’s something that will really round off your Japanese theme and make the entire party feel that much more special. In Japanese, Koinobori means “carp streamer” and the Japanese traditionally fly them outdoors all over Japan.

This ‘Front Door Carp Windsock Decoration’ is perfect to hang by your front door as a signal to your guests that you’re taking your Japanese theme seriously, so it will set them up for the party right from the start.

They look great too when they’re flying outdoors, so it isn’t just a gimmick for your Japanese themed party, and the traditional nature of them will really help tie your Japanese party together and help give an authentic, fun feel.

Photo By:Evgeny Tchebotarev,on:Pexels

Japanese Photo Booth Props

If you’re throwing a themed party of any kind, then you need photo booth props. It’s a great opportunity to have fun with your guests, and if it’s a large group where some people are meeting for the first time, then it’s a perfect icebreaker! 

These ‘Japanese Party Photo Booth Props’ are the perfect set. They have everything from Sushi to traditional Fans, and Lanterns to Sakura – and so much more besides in its 20 piece pack.

These photo booth props will give a fun feel to the party, making everyone smile and laugh as they join together for some brilliant photos. Besides, if you’re going to all the trouble of creating a Japanese inspired party, you want to make sure that you capture all those amazing memories on camera, and photo booth props are the perfect excuse to do that!

Japanese Themed Party Favors: Japanese Candy

Just before your guests leave, you’ll want to give them something to take away with them to remember the special event by. In Japanese culture, gift-giving is always saved until the end of an event, so giving some simple party favors in a Japanese themed party favor bag is a great idea.

‘Japanese Candy’ is the perfect thing to use to fill the party favor bags, as it fits the theme well and also makes for a delicious treat that will remind your guests of all the fun they had at your party too.

In Japanese culture, it’s also considered rude to give gifts to only one or two people when in a group, so make sure you prepare enough party favor bags for everyone to enjoy. That way everyone leaves with a smile on their face and Japanese candy in their belly!

Japanese Theme Party Favors: intage Ukiyoe Kimono Japanese Bookmarks

For our very last suggestion, we thought it would be a lovely idea to include something besides candy in your party favor bags. Something traditional, culturally appropriate, and something that your guests will be able to keep forever (unlike that delicious candy which we imagine won’t be around for long).

‘Vintage Ukiyoe Kimono Japanese Bookmarks’ check all the boxes. It’s based on the Ukiyoe Japanese art movement we talked about earlier, and sticks to very traditional designs by 12 artists, with 6 bookmark designs with front and back artwork showcasing the Ukiyoe art work.

Guests will be able to take these away with them, and instantly be reminded of your Japanese party every time they look at one of the beautiful, traditional Japanese scenes depicted on these Ukiyoe Japanese bookmarks. It’s a small final touch, but one that will be important for your guests’ memories of an amazing night with an amazing host like you!

Wrapping Up

Remember, whenever you throw a themed party, your job is to make the theme really pop, without overdoing it. The ten suggestions on this list are a great way to pepper your party with Japanese party decorations without it being too much. They might seem like small touches to you now, but on the night of your Japanese inspired party, you’ll be able to see the effect of them altogether, and you and all your guests will be sure to love it!

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