Fall Theme Decorations For Your Next Autumn Party

fall themed decorations, Fall Theme Decorations For Your Next Autumn Party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

It’s nearly that time of year again. The summer heat is starting to leave us and the leaves on the trees are changing too. With every fallen leaf, we’re reminded that those summer backyard barbecues and frozen cocktails are a thing of the past. But that doesn’t mean the party stops here. Oh no! We love Autumn here on this blog – it’s a time for celebrating the new harvest and showing thanks with friends and family – in other words, it’s the perfect time to throw a party! To make it perfect, you’ll need some amazing fall themed decorations to make the party really pop, and luckily for you, we have just the things! 10 things in fact, so lets jump into it!

Party Rationale

When the heatwaves stop and the nights draw in, it’s difficult to motivate yourself to go to the effort of throwing a party. We get it. But once you hear about our ideas for the decor and colour scheme, we’re sure you’ll come around to the idea!

There are certain themes and symbols of Autumn – things that just scream to your guests that Autumn is here. Things like pumpkins and falling maple leaves. So, naturally, our Autumn party decor focuses on these symbols so you can make the most of the decor as fall approaches. We also need a colour theme, of course, so we’ve chosen traditional Autumn colours such as yellow, orange, red, brown, and gold – so you should expect to see A LOT of these colours as we show you all 10 of our amazing fall party decorations below!

1. Hanging Harvesting Board

This harvesting board with its quirky pumpkin patch quote is the perfect addition to any fall party. It has all the colours you’d expect to see, and it’s heavily themed around pumpkins and the idea of harvest being really important during Autumn. It’s a great sign to have at the entrance to your party to welcome your guests in a loving and unique way!

2. Fall Theme Wreath

Wreaths are not just for Christmas, so why not take this beautiful orange fallen leaf wreath and place it on your front door to let your guests know the theme of your party right away? It’s a beautiful reminder of the time of year, and it’s something you could leave up all Autumn, long after your guests have left!

3. Autumn Theme Guest Cushion Case

In America, Autumn is where thanksgiving takes place, so it makes sense to theme some of your party around the idea of giving thanks, even if you’re here in the UK. These cushion cases have it all – thanks, harvest, falling leaves, and pumpkins – what’s not to love? If you really want to carry your theme through the entire party, use these cushion cases. Trust us, your guests will love them.

4. Maple Leaves Garland

Want to know another thing that’s not just for Winter – garlands! This is one of the fall themed decorations you shouldn’t miss out. This orange maple leaf garland puts any traditional garland to shame, and it’s such a pretty thing to drape over your fireplace, front door, or dining table to add a little pop of those Autumn colors in a really beautiful and understated way.

5. Maple Leaves Light String

String lights are brilliant to use to add a cozy atmosphere to your party, something that you’ll definitely need to do as the nights turn colder and your guests switch out their shorts and vests for jeans and wooly jumpers. This maple leaves string light screams Autumn for obvious reasons, and it’s the perfect piece of fall decor for any Autumn theme party!

6. Maple Leaves Table Cloth

Every party needs a table cloth to dress up the dining table! It’s the perfect way to show off your party theme in a big way without it being too in your face, because eventually the dining table will be filled with food and drink too. This maple leaves table cloth ties together everything we’ve been speaking about so far. Bold Autumn colours? Check. Maple leaves? Check. Gorgeous table cloth you’ll want to use again and again? You bet!

7. Pumpkin Decorations

Another great way to liven up any space is with some small fall themed decorations that fit your theme and, well, these pumpkin decorations certainly do that! You can use them however you like. Scatter them around your home to add a little Autumn magic everywhere, or simply place them in a bowl in the middle of your dining table so people can admire them as they sit down for dinner. However you choose to use them, we guarantee they’ll look great!

8. Table Centerpiece – Tea Light Candle Holder

Talking of placing things on tables, you’re going to need a table centerpiece to complete the Autumn feel of the party. This tealight holder is the perfect, simple and elegant table centerpiece because of its stunning golden leaves against the black backdrop. When the tea lights are added, a soft, warm glow will burn from it, making all of your guests feel even more comfortable and cozy!

9. Orange Balloon

Everything we’ve discussed so far has been classy, but it might not immediately scream party to those that come across them. But don’t worry, we’ve corrected that with this product! Bright orange balloons ought to tell your guests they’re at an Autumn theme party. Blow them up and dot them around the party so no matter where your guests are, they’ll be in the party spirit!

10. Fall Colored Leaf Autumn Table Scatters

Finally, let’s concentrate on a small way you can keep the Autumn theme alive. It might be small, but trust us, these Autumn leaf table scatters will have a big impact! It takes a key symbol of Autumn (the maple leaf) and provides them in almost every Autumn colour imaginable, so you get the most beautiful array of Autumn colours to be scattered across your dining table. With 500 in a pack though, you can scatter these wherever else you like! Your guests will love this fall themed decorations and we’re sure you will too!

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