Hen Party Decorations: 15 Classy Ideas To Make The Bride’s Dreams Come True

hen party decorations, Hen Party Decorations: 15 Classy Ideas To Make The Bride’s Dreams Come True

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Bachelorette party, hen party, bridal shower – call it what you will – it all adds up to the same thing: One of the most important nights of any woman’s life! Most little girls dream of their hen party from being small, because there’s nothing better than gathering all the most important women in their life in one place to celebrate the journey they’re about to go on with their future husband. A great place to throw a hen do is in the comfort of your own home (so any drunken antics stay behind the relative safety of your front door), and it’s also a cozy space to spend a night with the maid of honor, bridesmaids, and your closest friends. But just because we’re throwing it at home doesn’t mean we are leaving the fun, glitz, and glamor behind. Far from it! The following 15 fun and classy hen party decorations are designed to make the bride’s hen do night one to remember! So stick with us to find out how to do it! 

The Color Theme

It’s important for every party to have a theme, but especially so at a hen party. So we’ve chosen a bunch of pink and rose gold bachelorette party decorations to help us anchor the theme. Why pink and rose gold? Because pink is the color of romance and gold is the color of winners. Two things that are most important to the bride right now as her dreams have finally come true, and she’s marrying the man she loves! 

Ready to find out more about our 15 classy hen party decorations? Join us below for a full rundown!

1. Hen Do Accessories 

We’re not just decorating the party, we’re decorating the bride too! This set of rose gold accessories (including a veil, bride to be sash, bride tiara, and bride to be stick-on tattoos) is perfect for this occasion. You can hand them all over to the bride to be as soon as she steps inside. After all, the best part of every hen do is getting dressed up, right? And the bride will love feeling so special amongst all her best girl friends!

2. Balloon Arch 

Now on to some decorations, because a hen do isn’t a hen do without hen party balloons! This pink and rose gold balloon arch is the perfect way to welcome any bride to be into the hen party. Stepping through this feels really special, and as well as the colors fitting our theme perfectly, it’ll also make the bride to be feel as though she’s stepping into the next chapter of her life – and that’ll bring a lot of excitement for the future, and for the night ahead with her girls! 

3. Miss To Mrs Balloons 

It won’t be long before she’s finally a ‘Mrs’ and this rose gold balloon set will remind her of it the moment she steps into the party space. Expect tears when the bride to be sees this one, because it’s a huge reminder of what she’s about to do. The thing she’s dreamed of since being a little girl – her wedding day – is just around the corner and a Miss to Mrs balloon is one of the perfect hen party decorations in a way to remind her of the happiness and excitement she’s feeling right now! 

4. Bride Balloon In A Box 

You can never have too many hen party balloons, in our opinion, and this one is really sweet! This bride balloon in a box, having a stackable box design that spells out bride to be is really fun because it makes for some brilliant pictures as the bride to be stands beside them for some photos. They also tie in wonderfully with the theme, and look especially great next to the balloon arch from earlier. Together they make a wonderful photo shoot area, which of course you’ll want to do, to keep those special memories forever more! 

5. Rose Champagne Bottle Balloon 

Champagne is what we reach for when we celebrate. And as sure as we are that you’ll probably polish off a fair few bottles of bubbly on the night, this rose champagne bottle balloon is still a really lovely way to remind everyone of the celebration you’re all having. One of your girl friends is getting married. MARRIED, when did you all become adult enough to do that, right? But putting your own existential crisis to the side for a moment, this is such a huge thing in all of your lives, so make it special with this beautiful champagne bottle rose gold balloon!

6. Diamond Ring Balloons 

While figuring out the hen party decorations, there’s nothing that beats the bride to be on her hen party, but her ring comes a close second. Everybody will want to take another look, because the engagement ring is such an important milestone of its own. To recognize that, why not pick up these adorable pink engagement ring balloons? The hen party balloons fit the theme, are great for photos, and really make the place feel luxurious too! 

7. Metallic Tissue Paper Pom Pom Flowers 

OK, we hear you; we think we might have enough hen party balloons too now (but only just). Still, you want to add different decorations too, to make the place more interesting to look around and these pink and rose gold pom pom flowers are the perfect way to do that. They look like flowers, and as we all know flowers are all about love, especially pink and rose gold ones, but they also add class to the evening and can be hung pretty much anywhere, so you can dot them around the space to add decoration all over! 

8. Pink Paper Lantern 

Another beautiful, simple, classy hen party decoration to add now is a pink paper lantern. So far we’ve been quite heavy on the rose gold, so it’s nice to add in other touches of color that compliment the rose gold well. These pink lanterns do exactly that, because they’re simple in design, but make big statements when you hang them up. They come in different sizes too, so you can really play around with them to fill the space you have available!

9. Hen Party Banners 

Hen do decorations aren’t complete without banners, and lots of them! These bride to be, Miss to Mrs, and photo banners will do the trick, because they cover everything you need for the bachelorette party. The bride to be and Miss to Mrs ones are classics, but the photo banner is unique because you can fill it with photos of the loving couple. If the bride to be hasn’t shed happy tears just yet, she will when she sees these banners. We guarantee it! 

10. Pink Cupcake And Candy House 

You’re probably going to want a little food at the hen party to soak up all that alcohol, right? Well, why not bake some cupcakes (rose gold and pink icing, of course) and pick up some sweets and put them in this beautiful pink cupcake and candy sweet shop house? The bride to be will be thankful that you’ve gone to the effort of making her cupcakes and displaying it in such a beautiful way. Besides, this party is all about making her childhood dreams come true, and a pink cupcake candy house was probably a close second to the whole getting married thing…

11. Classy Pink Table Runner 

Speaking of serving food, you’ll also want to decorate the table you put all the snacks out on, so make sure you remember to pick up a classy hen party decoration- this time a spectacular table runner. This pink table runner is really classy and sophisticated and it’ll make the whole place feel really luxurious – like you’re throwing the hen do in a 5-star hotel! It’ll look great just on a regular wooden dining table, but if you want to really increase the luxury, put it over a white tablecloth. Trust us, it takes something amazing and turns it into something spectacular!

12. Team Bride Straw 

For when you’re serving those drinks, and trust us, there’ll be lots and LOTS of drinks, you’ll want to pick up some straws that fit the theme too. There’s no better option than these team bride rose gold straws. They’re perfect because A) you won’t smudge your lipstick as you drink and B) it reminds the future bride that you know she’s part of a serious couple now, but you’ll always be on her side. Team bride assemble! It’s time to celebrate!

13. Pink Wand Bubble Machine 

The whole point of our theme is to remind the bride to be that her childhood dream has finally come true! It’s a time for excitement, reminiscing about the old days before adult life became a real thing, and it’s definitely a time for wonder. Well, there’s no better way to create a sense of fun and wonder than with a bubble machine. Especially one with a pink magic wand! Every little girl dreams of two things: her wedding day, and being able to wave a magic wand. Her future husband has taken care of the first half. Now you can take care of the second with this magic wand bubble machine! 

14. Rose Gold Photo Booth Props 

Photo booth props don’t always need to be silly. They’re great when they are, of course, but sometimes silly props aren’t appropriate for the party. A classy hen party is one example of this. Instead, opt for these rose gold photo booth props. Every one of them is tastefully done with a lovely, subtle floral design. They aren’t silly, but they are still a lot of fun and are great for photos! 

15. Pink Confetti Handheld Cannon 

Finally, what says celebration like a handheld pink confetti canon? Nothing! Seriously, we’d wake up to a pink confetti cannon to the face every morning if we could. In all seriousness though, this is a time for celebration and these pink confetti tubes are a great way to do that. Just make sure someone has their camera to hand when the bride walks through the door. The rest of the girls can set these off, creating a brilliant opportunity for photos and videos and capturing a really special moment for the bride to be before her big day! I know you are going to have a wonderful hen do night with these classy hen party decorations.

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