Hockey Party Favors: 12 Brilliant ideas for Kids

hockey party favors

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Hockey, also known as ice hockey, in the States is one of the most favorite sports. Boys love it so much and most of them enjoy watching the scene of the hockey player skating on the surface of ice just like blowing in the wind. While you are hosting a sports-themed party, especially a hockey themed party, make sure to prepare a lovely party goodies bag stuffed with hockey party favors. To make your life easy, we have already chosen 12 hockey themed birthday party favors today for you.

1) Hockey Stickers Party Favors

Hockey stickers, made of high quality vinyl and inks, feature the famous quotes of hockey sports, such as Hockey princess, Saint Patrick, Saint Hat tricks, and much more too. The best part is that kids, teens, and youth will love these colorful and eye-catching hockey stickers. They are 100% waterproof, never fades off easily, are easy to stick, and have sun protection.

2) Hockey Motivational Dog Tag Necklaces

If you’re looking for hockey party favors for kids, then these necklaces are also another amazing option for you! These hockey necklaces not only have unique designs but also they are adorned with stylish graphics and inspirational messages. For example, these necklaces feature motivational quotes on determination, hard work, and perseverance.

3) Hockey Motivational Keychains

Whether you are in search of ice hockey party favors or hockey birthday party loot bag ideas for kids, please feel free to gift them these motivational keychains. All of them come at an affordable price. These are not any regular key chains. Instead, these unique keychains feature vivid images and text of hockey, helmets, skates, hockey nets, trophies, etc. These keychains can easily be attached to various items including keys, belts, backpacks, zippers, handbags, crossbody bags, and more.

4) Foam Mini Fingers

Your kids will be ready to show off the ultimate sports spirit with these foam mini fingers. These mini foam fingers are available in many colorful options like orange, blue, green, red, purple, and black. These mini foam finger puppets reflect We’re #1 — great for showcasing the best sports team spirit and they are also a perfect sport party gift hamper to all kids.

5) Ice Hockey Hair Ties

Kid hockey players will love wearing these ice hockey hair ties. They are made of No Crease Ribbon and look extremely colorful. Kids (especially those who are classic fans of the hockey sport) will surely love these hair ties. Plus, if your kids are attending a hockey themed party, then also wearing these hair ties will be a nice idea as it will match the theme.

6) Hockey Candy Bar Party Favors

Kids love surprise treats! Do you really wish to amaze kids with cool and interesting hockey party favors? If yes, then we have got a great idea for you! This is the best option to consider when it comes to hockey birthday party loot bag ideas. All you will need is to buy some chocolates and candy bars and refill them in these hockey candy bar wrappers. As kids will unwrap these hockey candy bar party favors, they will be super delighted with these surprise, sweet treats.

7) Hockey Stick Pencils

Pencils and erasers are always the much-needed accessories for all kids. To match the hockey game theme, we have now come together with these hockey pencils and eraser sets. For hockey themed birthday party celebrations, these small treats will be perfect in goodie bags party favors.

8) Hockey Rubber Bracelet

All those kids who are avid fans cum followers of hockey, these rubber bracelets with motivational quotes are indeed a super choice to put in favor bags and goody bags. Rest assured that each of these bracelets flaunts inspiring quotes like Hockey, Champion, and Play Hard. These items are comfortable to wear, perfect for daily usage, and also kids can wear these wristbands to represent their favorite team.

9) Sports Fan Foam Finger Pens

For any kind of sport party favors, these foam finger pens are a nice and fruitful choice. Not sure how kids will use them? Well, kids can use these pens for their project works, study, and more. In addition, these pens are definitely a worthy choice for any sports fan including hockey lovers.

10) Hockey Shoe Charms Party Favors

For our beloved hockey boys, these shoe charms are going to be a stunning goody bag filler. These shoe charms feature the ice hockey skate theme with an easy attachment option. Kids can simply attach these charms on top of their favorite hockey shoes and portray the ultimate sportsmanship spirit, stylishly and elegantly.

11) Classic Ice Hockey Puck 

There is certainly no better way to surprise our lovely little kids with hockey pucks party favors! That’s why we have put through this item in our list of top twelve hockey party favors for kids. These high-quality vulcanized rubber pucks have the right amount of flatness, hardness, weight, and surface quality. They are proven and tested to be used on ice (for ice hockey game play). These hockey pucks will improve your kids’ overall hockey playing skills including the art of making consistent, powerful, and precise shots and passes.

12) Mini Sticks Hockey Set

Let the hockey lover kids master the art of playing hockey and be precisely ready for the upcoming hockey tournaments. This mini hockey set comes with both hockey sticks and balls. They are certainly the best goody bag stuffer items. Since this is a mini hockey set, kids can even portably carry in their holiday trips and vacations and play indoor/outdoor hockey whenever they want. 

13) Hockey Party Favors Boxes

We have already covered the top 12 amazing hockey party favor ideas for kids, isn’t it? Some items are ready to help them learn the hockey playing art and skills. Whereas, some items cover sportsmanship bracelets, wristbands, hair ties, necklaces, etc.

Now, since you have picked the best hockey party favors for kids, it’s time to prepare Hockey Party Favors Boxes. Your lovely and surprising treat will get special attention when you fill/wrap them inside these hockey party favor bags. This small, closed favor box can easily be filled with hockey birthday party favors. And, it will add a unique twist to the party.

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