How to decorate my home outside with thanksgiving-inspired lawn ornaments?

thanksgiving ornaments, How to decorate my home outside with thanksgiving-inspired lawn ornaments?

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Thanksgiving season is approaching soon. And, it’s indeed the perfect time to prep up your house for this upcoming celebration. How can I decorate my home outside for Thanksgiving? – this question is probably coming to your mind now. But, no worries! We are here to help you with the most popular thanksgiving symbols inspired outdoor ornaments for decorating your lawn/ garden/ yard to impress your neighbors. Of course, the thanksgiving celebration extends a great chance to encourage grace and gratitude. Hence, please feel free to decorate your lawn and front door beautifully in order to lift and spread this spirit.

We have already come up with 7 ideas for your to decorate your yard with thanksgiving symbols. Are you now keen to find out more details about these thanksgiving ornaments? If yes, then please have a quick look at the sections below.

Reveal Top Eight Special Thanksgiving Symbols

Thanksgiving is a special celebration that we are observing for the past two centuries. This century-long tradition has deep values and meanings. Also, there are certain symbols that represent the Thanksgiving spirit.

Will you now be interested to know more about these symbols? If yes, then you have certainly landed on the right page! Reveal below the popular thanksgiving ornaments symbols.

thanksgiving ornaments


Cornucopia or the ‘horn of plenty’ is the most popular thanksgiving symbol. This symbol has a special design i.e. it’s a unique horn-shaped container, filled with an abundance of fall harvest (mainly fruits, veggies, and grains). In the earlier days, traditional cornucopia was made from goat’s horns to represent the sign of love, respect, and reverence to Greek God Zeus by Amalthea.


For thousands of years, traditional golden corns have been a popular food for every Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, Thanksgiving dinner is actually incomplete without corns. Most of the dining tables are decorated with this harvest wreath (in colorful variants of different corns) to signify the importance as well as the heritage of the famous fall festival.


Just like corn, pumpkin is also another well-known symbol of the thanksgiving celebration as well as the harvest festival. It’s being used for more than 400 years (as of now). Every Thanksgiving table includes the delectable Pumpkin pie and customary Pumpkin leaves salads.


Many many years ago when the pilgrims first came to America, they really liked the wonderful sweet & sour taste of cranberry. Even, they invented a way to make this fruit sweeter using maple sugar. Since then, cranberry sauce has been an integral part of thanksgiving. Especially, for all turkey dish dinner thanksgiving feasts, cranberry sauce is the most suitable choice.


When it comes to the Thanksgiving celebration, it’s the very first thing that’ll come to your mind. In fact, for many of you, the celebration is incomplete without a well-cooked and well-roasted Turkey. It’s the centerpiece of most Thanksgiving Feast. Almost every household follows the same tradition i.e. prepares a customary dinner main course with wild turkeys! To further compliment it, the customary ‘Turkey Song’ is another must-have.


We all know the witty and interesting uses of scarecrows. It’s being used for hundreds of years just to easily keep away pesky and nasty animals, birds, and insects from well-produced harvest. That’s why it has been a widely known symbol for the harvest season and thanksgiving too.

Autumn leaves

Autumn brings a bright and blissful change in nature. We all have seen changing color autumn leaves during the fall season. These colors are breathtakingly beautiful. That’s why many people just collect and pile up these autumn fall leaves for decorating their homesteads. It’s a great symbol for the thanksgiving season too.

Black Hats With Buckles: Have you seen the Black Hats With Buckles symbol as a part of thanksgiving decors? These symbols have deep core meanings i.e. they represent friendship, fellowship, and appreciation among each other. In addition to it, it even signifies the early pilgrims for the very first Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving Lawn Ornaments Ideas

So far, we have discussed the popular symbols of thanksgiving. Are you now wondering how to use these symbols for fall decor, yard decor, outdoor decoration, and holiday decoration for thanksgiving? No worries as we have already come up with seven thanksgiving yard ornaments ideas for you. Jump to the sections below and reveal these unique ideas right away!

Idea#1: Place Turkey Windsocks

Fall is always a windy season. To prep up for your house for this windy autumn, please feel free to place a turkey windsock in your yard or garden stake. Rest assured that these windsocks will immediately revamp and brighten up your outdoor area. What’s more, it’ll ensure a warm atmosphere to welcome your Thanksgiving guests. If you’re now looking for some recommendations, then this product will be great as it’s ready to add a more festive touch for the fall parties and Thanksgiving parties.

Idea#2: Raise a Cornucopia flag in the garden

You’ve already revealed the value and significance of Cornucopia for thanksgiving. So, why don’t we put a Cornucopia flag in the garden? This horn-shaped container, loaded with fruits and veggies is a perfect treat for thanksgiving. Particularly, this flag (a perfect representation of Cornucopia) is colorful, vibrant, and bright. It’s a charming piece of thanksgiving yard ornaments for all.

Idea#3: Place Some Metal Corn Sticks Throughout Your Garden

thanksgiving ornaments, How to decorate my home outside with thanksgiving-inspired lawn ornaments?

Americans are harvesting golden corns for more than 7000 years. Corn is also part of America’s modern agriculture system. Thus, when you will put some metal corn sticks in the garden, it’ll simply represent the warm, charming, and of course, fall atmosphere of Harvest Thanksgiving. The metal corn fall stakes will also spread happiness, joy, and smiles.

Idea#4: You May Place a Lot of Pumpkin and White Pumpkin Ornaments in front of Your Doors

Pumpkin is another popular symbol for thanksgiving. So, please feel free to decorate your outdoors with these lifelike pumpkins thanksgiving ornaments. That’s why we have already picked these faux pumpkins for you. The best part is that they look like fresh and raw pumpkins, just picked from the fields. Along with that, you’ll also get fall maple leaves – simply exquisite, beautiful, and vivid.

Idea#5 Place a Giant Thanksgiving Inflatable Turkey wearing Black Hats With Buckles

Without a wild turkey, your thanksgiving feast will remain incomplete. But, no need to be worried! We have brought an interesting inflatable turkey thanksgiving decor to all courtyards and garden stakes. All you will need to place this giant Thanksgiving Inflatable Turkey in the yard. Make sure to decorate with LED lights and easily attract neighbors’ attention. Plus, let’s adorn this inflatable turkey with the classic giant Black Hats With Buckles attire so that your thanksgiving outdoor yard decoration is absolutely impeccable.

Idea#6 Place a Thanksgiving Wreath with cranberry + Autumn Leaves

Cranberry and autumn leaves – both are excellent thanksgiving symbols. To spread the vibe and spirit of this special celebration, you can place clustered wreaths of cranberries in various shades of orange and faux leaves at your front door. This fall door wreath can also be placed on walls and windows in indoor as well as outdoor yards. It will be a perfect showcase for a cheerful autumn thanksgiving display.

Idea#7 Put a Waving Scarecrow Yard Stick

Let’s now talk about the seventh and the final thanksgiving inspired decor idea in this section. For the thanksgiving season, we will all want to welcome our precious guests with due love, respect, and gratitude. That’s why we have come up with the idea of putting a waving scarecrow yard stick. Rest assured that this waving scarecrow stick is not at all scary. Instead, it’s ready to say hello to your neighbors and guests.

So, what are you thinking so much now? With these versatile thanksgiving ornaments ideas, hurry up now and get ready to decorate your home outside for the upcoming celebration.

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