How To Host A Cherry Blossom Theme Party At Home: A Step By Step Guide

cherry blossom theme party, How To Host A Cherry Blossom Theme Party At Home: A Step By Step Guide

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Spring is a really exciting time of year because it represents starting again, beauty, and promises of warmer weather to come. Since we’re already excited about spring, we started to think about how we could celebrate the season in style, and we decided on a cherry blossom theme party that’s just perfect for a spring celebration. Want to find out more? Then join us below to learn all about this sweet, colorful, and exciting party that you can use for any spring occasion.

In this article, we will cover every aspects about ideas of throwing a cherry blossom theme party at home,including cherry blossom themed party decorations, invitation, games, food and party favors.

Why A Cherry Blossom Theme Party Makes Sense?

Cherry Blossom season takes place in late March to mid-April (so, spring) and although the blossoming period isn’t for very long, it still captures the imaginations of everybody who sees it. In Japan, it’s also known as sakura, and Japanese people celebrate the blossoming season each spring by picnicking in the park, singing karaoke, and enjoying the cherry blossom flowers above them. But cherry blossom is no longer just celebrated in Japan.

Steadily, cherry blossom has found itself all over the world, including the UK. As more and more places plant cherry blossom trees each year, seeing them blossom is becoming a must-see spring activity for more and more people. And yes, the blossoming period is short, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the beautiful cherry blossom for longer, does it?

And that’s what got us to thinking. The perfect theme for any spring party, whether it’s a spring birthday party, a baby shower, bridal shower, or a simple spring gathering with friends, is a cherry blossom theme party! By using this theme, you can create your own cherry blossom scene at home with friends and family to enjoy. Throughout this article we’ll tell you exactly how to do it, so you nail the cherry blossom party theme no matter the time of year you throw it!

Cherry Blossom Theme Party Invitation

As ever, let’s start with the party invitation. For a cherry blossom theme party, something refreshing, clear, and elegant is best – all words which can be used to describe the beautiful cherry blossom. It’s even better if you select a cherry blossom invitation card like these to send to your guests to let them know the theme. Besides that, all you’ll need is to give them the details of the party and ask them to RSVP as soon as possible, and tell them to embrace the beautiful spring cherry blossom party you’re throwing because this party is going to be special!

Cherry Blossom Themed Party Decorations

And of course, a sakura party only really becomes a cherry blossom party when you’ve got some beautiful cherry blossom themed party decorations to make the party theme sing!

Cherry Blossom Backdrop

First off, why not hang a cherry blossom backdrop in your living room, or outside in your backyard? In fact, if the weather is nice, hanging a cherry blossom backdrop outdoors can help create the feeling of an outdoor picnic beneath the gorgeous cherry blossom trees for your guests – and that’s something really special!

Cherry Blossom Garland

You can also hang some cherry blossom garlands around the party venue to make it look as though cherry blossom is floating around every corner of the party. Remember, we’re trying to recreate that magical feeling at home of being sat in a park with cherry blossom falling from the trees. Use a cherry blossom garland, and your guests will be feeling like sitting a park in Tokyo or Hyde Park in mid-April!

Artificial Cherry Blossom Branches

Every cherry blossom theme party needs artificial cherry blossom branches to help recreate the real things. People will be able to look closely at them and if you place some in vases around the room, they’ll be able to really get up close and admire how beautiful cherry blossom branches are.

Pink and White Confetti Balloons

You can’t have a party without a balloon, and as always, we’ve got some great ideas. But since today’s party is all about celebrating spring time with the beautiful cherry blossom, we’ve decided to keep things really calm and sophisticated. Some pink and white confetti balloons are all you need to match the party atmosphere and color scheme!

Cherry Blossom Lanterns

Japanese themed cherry blossom lanterns are another great way of bringing in the cherry blossom theme elegantly. The best thing is, the lanterns are reusable if you use LED lights, so if you ever throw a Japanese party, you can use the lanterns again. The lighting these will provide for the venue will make the atmosphere even more magical, too.

Recreate A Japanese Sakura Picnic In The Park

Did you know we’re not just obsessed with party decorations, we also care about your guests too? So, we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to look after your guests’ comfort (whilst also adding to the decorations because it’ll look great – two birds, one stone as they say). Remember how we’re trying to create that Japanese picnic in a park vibe? Well, how about purchasing a picnic blanket, some comfortable Sakura themed cushions, and creating a seating area where people can have the authentic cherry blossom experience? Things like this make the party more immersive, and therefore more memorable as one of the best parties your guests have ever been to!

Cherry Blossom Scented Candle

Talking of immersive experiences, one of the best ways to take your guests out of your home to a whole other world is with scent. So, why not pick up some beautiful cherry blossom scented candles? Not only will they look great and provide cozy lighting for the party, but the smell will take them to a park filled with cherry blossom. How perfect does that sound?

Cherry Blossom Theme Party Food

We don’t often talk recipes on this website because we know everyone has different tastes. All we’d say for a cherry blossom theme party in spring is that you should keep things light, try to focus on pink and white colours so they’re in line with the party colour scheme, and just make it as simple as possible so there’s no stress on the day. However, we do have 2 ideas we think you’ll love!

Cherry Blossom Cookies

cherry blossom theme party

Cookies at a party is a great idea. Cookies at a cherry blossom theme party is an even better idea, especially when you can buy some cherry blossom cookie stamps to shape your cookie dough before baking them. These stamps have 4 different styles too, so you can bake plenty of little cookies in unique cherry blossom shapes for your guests to enjoy.

Sakura Floral Green Tea

Serving sakura floral green tea doesn’t just have to happen at Japanese themed parties, it works just as well at a cherry blossom spring party because it’s light, refreshing, and tastes and smells of sakura/cherry blossom. Your guests will love trying this unique green tea, and it’ll add to the overall experience to make the party even more special.

Cherry Blossom Theme Party Activities and Games

The cherry blossom theme party activities and games we have for you today do all the talking for us. Seriously, these are so much fun and they’re guaranteed to make your party a success!

Cherry Blossom Wall Decor Creating

To start, get a cherry blossom painting as a sample to show your guests. Once guests have got a good look at it, hand out some card, coloured pens, and paints to your guests, and challenge them to recreate the image in front of them. The winner can be voted for by the group, but the best part is everyone wins. They get to take their cherry blossom painting home and frame it for some beautiful wall decor, and you get to keep the sample painting yourself to hang at home too! See, everyone wins!

Karaoke surrounded by Cherry Blossom

Do we really need to say anything else besides karaoke? You already know it’s going to be a good night when karaoke is involved, right? But just to reiterate, we mentioned earlier that our Japanese friends love to perform karaoke around the sakura tree whilst enjoying their picnic. Well, you can do the same with a portable karaoke machine in your home whilst surrounded by all the beautiful cherry blossom themed birthday party decorations we’ve talked about above.

Cherry Blossom Theme Party Favors

Every cherry blossom theme party should allow guests to leave with a few mementos from the evening to help bring about a beautiful end to a perfect party. And party favors are the perfect way to send guests home with a smile! To finish today’s post, here’s what you should put in your beautiful cherry blossom themed party favors for your guests.

Sakura Silk Folding Fan

A cherry blossom silk folding fan is something all your guests can use, especially now that it’s getting warmer (if you’re throwing this party in spring). Whenever they’re sat in their own gardens when it’s hot out, they’ll reach for this fan and remember your awesome cherry blossom party and smile.

Sakura Enamel Pins

But you don’t just want them to remember you when the weather is nice, so why not give them something they can keep with them always? Cherry blossom enamel pins are great options because guests can pin it to their hat, backpack, or clothes, and always have a piece of the special party they attended with them.

Sakura Handkerchief

And finally, how about a cherry blossom handkerchief? The beautiful design is perfect for everyone, and the different colour options mean you’ll be able to personalize the handkerchief to each guest based on their favorite colors. If that isn’t a special way to end such a special cherry blossom party, then we don’t know what is…

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