How To Organize An Amazing Outer Space Themed Birthday Party For Kids

space themed birthday party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

In today’s post, we’re going to tell you the best way to organize an outer space themed birthday party that is truly out of this world! Kids love space because it’s so fascinating to think of an unexplored area filled with mystery and adventure, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to recreate with this party idea. So, buckle up, set your launch engines to go, and get ready for a truly exciting space-filled party!

How Do You Organize An Outer Space Party?

A space themed party will always be a favorite amongst kids, because the only limit is their imagination since so little is truly known about outer space. If you want to make the most of this theme, then as party host you should aim to create a space atmosphere by using lots of space elements throughout. Things like solar system, space shuttle, rocket, alien, UFO, stars, planets, earth, moon, sun – basically everything that’s exciting about space! And the best thing? We have all the ideas you need right here, from invitations to decorations, games to food ideas, and everything else you need to create a memorable event for the kids!

Space Themed Birthday Party Invitation

The best place to start is with the invitation, and obviously there’s only one way to get to space: a rocket! So, let’s use a space rocket invitation to invite the guests to the outer space themed birthday party. Make sure you give all the necessary details:

  • date
  • time
  • venue
  • RSVP
  • dress code to enhance the party (if any)

Space Themed Birthday Party Decorations

The whole point of this party is to create the feeling that the kids are actually in space when they arrive at the party venue, so all our decoration suggestions today are to do with creating a party atmosphere that feels real. Expect the solar system, galaxies, astronauts, spaceships, and UFO’s galore to create something fun and adventurous!

Create A Space Atmosphere With Balloons

A great place to start with any party is the balloons, because you can usually find themed ones that work well in your venue. And yes, we’ve found outer space themed party balloons that feature astronauts, stars, rocket ships, planets, and UFOs. So basically it has everything you need to transport the kids to space right away!

Use Star Light Projector To Project The Universe Into The Party

Of course, no child will feel like they’re in space until they’re literally surrounded by the universe, stars, and moons. Well, let’s give that to them then. A star light projector might be something you use to help your kids fall asleep ordinarily, but it’s also perfect for this party. Lighting can make all the difference at an event, and just like a disco light is expected at a dance party, a star light projector light is expected at an outer space themed party! Besides, what’s better than having the universe right there in your living room?

Hang Solar System Hanging Swirls

What we’re missing right now are planets. Sure, there are some in the balloons we talked about above, but what we really want to do is create our very own solar system at home. So why not pick up some solar system hanging swirls? They add bursts of color, fit the theme perfectly, and the kids will love trying to spot and name different planets around the venue!

Prepare A Outer Space Birthday Party Photo Prop

This decoration doubles up as an activity too, because not only does it look great, but the kids can interact with the space birthday party photo prop to take some hilarious pictures with friends. This cardboard cut out will literally turn every boy and girl at the party into space-exploring astronauts!

What To Wear To A Space Themed Party?

What to wear depends on who you are – so in this section we’ll cover the birthday boy/girl, the party guests, and yes, even the parents!

Birthday Boy/Girl: Astronaut Costume

If you’re throwing a space themed party for your little boy or girl, then it’s safe to assume they’re HUGE fans of outer space. And if they’re huge fans of outer space, then they probably also dream of becoming an astronaut one day too, right? Now let’s make their dreams come true with a NASA Spacesuit to turn them into an astronaut at their birthday party!

Party Guests: Martian Antenna Alien Headband

We can’t leave the party guests out either though, and the birthday boy/girl’s friends should be allowed to celebrate in style, too. If you prepare some Martian Antenna Headbands before the party, then everyone will be able to join in the dressing up fun and feel even more like they’re on a space adventure of their own.

The Parents: Inflatable Alien Costume

Parents should join in on the fun too! Dressing up can be hilarious for the kids and putting on a performance or entertaining the kids is a great way to make everyone feel more relaxed. Parents could wear a funny inflatable alien costume that makes it look as though you’re being captured by an alien! No matter what you do – perform, dance, sing, or read a storybook – the kids will love it and you’ll look great whilst doing it!

Space Themed Party Games And Activities

Speaking of fun things to do at parties, we’ve also put together a list of some fun space themed party games and activities for the kids to enjoy whilst they’re exploring your space themed party venue! 

Read a Storybook about Solar System to Kids 

If you’re looking for a book to read whilst you’re dressed up in the inflatable alien costume, then you might want to think about a book about space. The kids will love hearing more about space from the ‘My First Book of Planets: All About the Solar System for Kids’. They’ll learn interesting new facts whilst also having a lot of fun! 

Pin The Mask On The Astronaut Game 

A twist on a classic now, the pin the mask on the astronaut game is exactly like pin the tail on the donkey, but space themed. Kids will love being blindfolded whilst trying to pin the mask on the astronaut and it’s one of those kids’ birthday party games that’ll never go out of style!

Crafting With Diamond Space Themed Mosaic Sticker 

Diamond Painting Stickers Kits for Kids Universe | space themed birthday party
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Crafting is always a great idea at kids’ parties because it keeps them busy and it also means they can take something home with them to show their family what fun they had at the party. Prepare a ready to go diamond sticker craft kit in advance so kids can stick diamonds to it and create wonderful space themed sticker mosaics such as UFOs, planets, and alien spaceships they can use on their bags and pencil cases at home.

Solar System Toss Game

This solar system toss game can easily become a fun filled and competitive competition for the kids. Simply stand back with the three bean bags and try to get them through the holes. The large hole is worth one point, the medium size two points, and the smallest a HUGE 3 points. The winner is the person with the highest score. It’s so much fun and gives kids the chance to bring out their competitive spirit!

Space Themed Party Food

To finish, we just had to talk about space party themed food because you can get really creative with this! Giving kids space themed food will be so exciting for them, and allows you to present food in such a unique and fun way! Serve the usual finger food and sandwiches to make things easier, but a few space themed touches will be appreciated by all. 

Moon Rock Chocolate 

Take some large chunks of chocolate and cut them into smaller pieces for the kids. Nobody can say no to a chocolate treat. But to turn this into a moon rock chocolate, you can present it really creatively. Just take some aluminium foil and scrunch it up to create some more texture. Then use it to form a moon rock wrap for the chocolate, and all the kids can break into it for a delicious treat.

Fruit Rocket 

A fruit rocket is so easy to make and looks great. A brilliant combination is pineapple, kiwi, and strawberry. Place the strawberry at the top of the fruit kebab to create the top of the rocket shape. You can also use it with a chocolate fountain to really impress the guests at the party and create something that’s deliciously out of this world.

Space Themed Birthday Party Cake Decorations

And last, but not least, this is a birthday party and you need to decorate the cakes and cupcakes in a way that fits the theme and helps the birthday boy/girl celebrate their special day in the right way. After all, even astronauts love cake on their birthday! So create something that shows off their love for space with space themed cake toppers and they’ll have one of the most memorable birthday cakes on one of their most memorable birthday parties of all time! 

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