12 neon glow party accessories in style to light you up!

neon glow party accessories

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Glow in the dark party is always so much fun. People appear in dazzling attire and wearing eye catching neon glow party accessories at these events, glow in style, and play exciting party games.

Are you wondering what you should wear for a glow party?

Of course, the first thing you need is nothing but reflective, eye-catching, and high-visibility clothing. For example, you can wear a white T-shirt so that when the UV black light is reflected on you, you’ll just glow in neon colors. But, that’s not the end! You’ll also want to stand out from the crowd, isn’t it? So, do not worry anymore!

I have already come up with twelve neon glow party accessories for my readers. Rest assured that these items are the best, simplest, and most fashionable way is to put on some fabulous neon party accessories.

I’ve combined glow in the dark party accessories that are reflective, LED, Fluorescent, having neon features. So, are you ready to shine and glow at your upcoming party?

If yes, then please do not waste any more time and reveal my hand-picked dark party supplies in the below sections right away.

1) LED Glow Sticks Bracelet

Not sure what to wear for a glow party? No worries! We have come up with a marvelous product that’s so apt for glow in the dark party. This product is all about a LED bracelet. It’s colorful and beautiful. When you wear and use these bracelets at dark-themed parties, they will reflect bold and bright colors and also make the main focus of the entire event. Note, you will get 12 pieces of LED light-emitting bracelets in each pack.

2) Fluorescent Fingerless Fishnet Gloves

Is color neon your favorite? Or, are you looking for neon party decor accessories? If yes, then your search now ends here! These fingerless fishnet gloves are available in four gorgeous color options (all in neon), such as blue, pink, purple, and blue. These gloves are bright, lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. Note, they are perfectly suitable for both women and men, children and adults. You’ll get twelve such gloves in each pack.

3) Neon Color Beads Necklace & Bracelet

These neon beads necklaces are so apt for any glow party. These glow bracelets cum necklaces are available in bright neon colors including green, pink, yellow, and orange. The product is ideal for any birthday party, glow in the dark party, fun event, and any other themed party. You’ll get 4x Neon Multicolor Necklaces as well as 4x Neon Color Bracelets in each pack.

4) LED Lights Hair

If you are searching for some cool yet colorful hair accessories for any neon party or glow party, then this product definitely demands your attention right away! It’s available in seven different color options. As soon as you wear these LED hair extension, you’ll be ready to be the centerpiece of the party! These hair wig accessories are powered by high capacity batteries and can last up to 24 hours.

5) LED Light Up Skeleton Gloves

To help you shine, glow, and dazzle in dark theme parties, we have come up with another exciting recommendation for you! Note, you will get three pairs of shining glowing gloves in a package. It’s great for light up party, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and other fun themed events. The gloves are all based on fast flashing colors like Green-Blue flashing, White-Orange flashing, and Green-Blue flashing. Made of soft and stretchable high elasticity knit material, these gloves are super comfortable, safe, flexible, and easy to operate. Both adults, as well as teens, can wear these gloves.

6) Glow in The Dark Glasses

With this entire set of 12 glow in the dark glasses, you’ll be ready to rave at the party. These glasses are made of quality plastic material. They are comfortable to wear and also durable. They deliver a funky and interesting look for your parties. In case if you need some neon glow party accessories, then these glasses are also a good choice for sure.

7) Neon Short Bob Hair Wigs

Do you love to wear hair wigs? If yes, then you must now take a look at this product. These neon bob hair wigs are available in all neon color options, such as orange, green, violet, pink, red, yellow, white, blue, and sky blue, etc. These wigs are made of lightweight and breathable polyethylene fibers. They are soft, durable, and reusable. These short bob colored wigs are ready to immediately transform your look. So, make sure to wear them at any party and flaunt a fabulous style.

8) LED Rings

These flashing LED rings are indeed the best glow party accessories for all. They are also a great eye-catcher in the dark. These rings are available in extremely bright and fast flashing color options like blue, red, and green. Rest assured that these LED rings are ready to offer long-lasting fun. Note, the rings are adjustable that can fit different size fingers. Each pack contains 60 transparent light-up rings.

9) Light Up Hair Scrunchies

Light Up Hair Scrunchiesneon glow party accessories

Do you wish to get some glow in the dark party accessories for your upcoming party? If yes, then we are ready to fulfill your wish right away! This time, we have picked LED light hair ties. These led light hair ties are colorful, soft, elastic, and easy to use. They do not cause any hair damage and do not lead to any discoloration. The best part of this product is that it’s available in 3 light modes, such as glow flashing, steady on, and intermittent flashing.

10) Light Up Bow Tie

Do neon colors glow? Yes, they certainly glow when you wear them in right away! This time, we have come up with a light up bow tie that comes with an adjustable strap option. Each of them is loaded with a built-in battery that will last for several hours. There are seven neon color options to choose from. These bow ties are indeed great for concerts, rave festivals, glow run parties, and more.

11) LED Light up Suspenders

These LED running suspenders are made of high-quality optical fiber. They will glow so boldly and brightly with 360 degrees of visibility. Its polyester material is crease-resistant and durable. Note, these products come up with elastic stretch belts and adjustable clips. Thus, please feel free to adjust it as per your needs. These suspenders come with 2 batteries built-in and ensure up to 20 hours of illumination in flashing mode. The available color options are blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, and red.

12) LED baseball hat

If you’re searching for high quality LED Light strip hat that’ll help you to glow in style, then this product will be so apt for you! The product is both safe and comfortable to wear. They do not radiate heat and radiation as such. You can even adjust the size for a better fit. The size will surely fit both men and women alike. The product comes with an “on/off” switch for easy operation. This baseball hat with LED Light strip is cool, stylish, and luminous.

With this, you have revealed 12 neon glow party accessories in style to light you up. So, what are you waiting for?

With these glow in the dark party accessories, you are now ready to flaunt an attention-grabbing, eye-catching, and one-of-a-kind look.

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