How To Throw A Fireman Birthday Party For Boys

fireman birthday party, How To Throw A Fireman Birthday Party For Boys

Last updated on May 29th, 2022

Firefighters are highly respected across the world. They teach us to be safe around fire, they fight fires, and they save lives. Yes, a fireman is always a hero to us, but especially so to children. And that explains why so many boys say they want to be a fireman when they grow up. Which brings us to the reason we’re here today: a fireman birthday party!

Using this theme is perfect for the firefighter-obsessed boy in your life, and in this article we’ll give you a complete guide on how to throw the perfect fireman birthday party at home. We have it all, invitations, decorations, costumes, games, food, and party favors! So follow this guide to guarantee a birthday party for your little boy that’s the hottest one of the party season! 

Fireman Birthday Party Invitations

Let’s kick things off with the invitation. Use party invitations with fireman related icons. You know, firetrucks, firehoses, firefighters, fire alarms – the usual firefighter-y things! Why? Well, because your little boy will love helping send these beautiful invitations out, but it also tells all his friends the theme right away, so they can get excited for a brilliant firefighter birthday party too!

Fireman Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

When we think of firefighters, we think of reds, oranges, and yellows, so expect to see a LOT of these colors down below. And, of course, we’ve worked hard to find lots of decor relating to the fireman birthday party theme to create a wonderful world of firefighting fun for your little one!

1. Firetruck Backdrop 

This firetruck birthday party backdrop is the perfect place to start. The second anybody sees this, they’ll feel like a firefighter! And better yet, it has all the colors we just spoke about, and a firetruck, fire hydrant, fire, fire alarms, and much more besides. The point is, this will help immerse the kids in their firefighting adventure, and what’s better than that?

2. Firefighter Balloons

The red, orange, and yellow balloons are perfect for creating a wonderful balloon arch that looks just like flames. Kids can take hilarious pictures in front of this whilst pretending to fight back the balloon fire. And don’t forget to make use of the firetruck balloons around the party so the kids have backup against the flames, too! The ‘sound the alarm’ balloons are perfect, because you should sound the alarm now – because this is going to be one wild party!

3. Firefighter Themed Swirls 

These firefighter themed swirls are perfect to hang around the party venue. There are firefighters, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, firefighting axes, helmets, fire engines, fire hydrants. Anything else? Oh yes, fire fighter cones, fire alarms, and firefighter badges. Does that cover everything? Yeah, pretty much! So these swirls are perfect for creating a firefighting party that truly has it all!

4. Firefighter Themed Bunting 

This firefighter happy birthday themed bunting is perfect to welcome guests who are joining the party. Better yet, we just know your little boy’s face will light up when he sees this laid out just for him! He’ll enjoy spotting all the fireman icons hidden in the bunting, from the firetrucks to the flames, this features everything a fireman birthday party needs!

5. Red Bobo Balloons

These light up red bobo balloons are perfect to dot around the party venue. Why? Because the hot red color looks just like a fire alarm, and every great party needs lighting. When that lighting comes in the form of light up balloons though, we get pretty excited, and we’re adults. So just imagine the wonder on the kids’ faces when they arrive and see these stunning statement balloons!

Fireman Birthday Party Food Ideas

Our first thought when we batted ideas around about fireman themed party food was hot and spicy, which we love. And then, of course, we remembered that we’re planning this party for your little boy, not for us, so we scaled things way back and came up with some ideas that are perfect for a kids’ party. And we promise, there isn’t a single chilli pepper in sight…

1. Flaming Fruit Stick 

fireman birthday party

These flaming fruit sticks are so easy to put together, and because they have an awesome name, kids who rarely eat fruit will fight to get their hands on this. For our flaming fruit sticks, all you need is red, orange, and yellow fruit on fruit sticks. You can choose whichever fruit you like, but strawberry, melon, and pineapple works especially well here! And don’t worry, you made them, so you can sneak some off to enjoy for yourself too!

2. Cupcakes 

If you have the skills, sure, bake multiple cupcakes and stack them like a firetruck. But if you aren’t a future contestant on a baking show, then why not just bake some simple cupcakes and place them on this beautiful fire hydrant birthday cupcake holder to serve. It fits the theme, it’s simple, and boy do we know it’ll be delicious. But perhaps the best thing is going to be the look on your boy’s face when he sees the trouble you’ve gone to just for him!

3. Strawberry Mocktails 

Serving up some strawberry mocktails is a great way to carry on with the color theme of your fireman birthday party, and the kids will all love them. But sometimes the very best thing you can do is serve them something in a fun and unique way, and these fire hydrant straw cups are the perfect way to do that. Imagine all the little firefighters sitting around sipping strawberry mocktails out of these sweet cups. Pretty adorable, right?

4. Firetruck Cookies 

fireman birthday party

Firetruck cookies are so easy to do. All you need is a firetruck cookie cutter, and some pre-made fondant. Just make your usual cookie dough, and then cut them into firetruck shapes. Whilst they’re baking, use the same firetruck cutter to cut out firetruck shaped red fondant. When the cookies are cool, stick the red fondant firetrucks on top and hey presto, you’ve got firetruck cookies for the kids that look great, but took you no time at all!

5. Firefighter Plates and Napkins To Serve

Of course, all the great ideas above fall a little flat if you just serve them on white paper plates and call it a day. And why would you want to when you can buy this firefighter plate and napkin set to serve your food in a really stylish and fun way for the kids! The colors are perfect, the icons are spot on, what’s not to love?

Fireman Party Games And Fun

Below, you’ll find a bunch of exciting party games and fun ideas to help complete the fireman birthday party!

1. Parents – You’re Up 

We swear we don’t come up with these ideas to be cruel. We do it because we know how much the kids will love it. So yes, we are asking you to dress up in a firefighter costume to read ‘Fireman Sam: Jupiter and the Water Tower’ to the kids. Just imagine how much fun the kids will have seeing you dressed up as a fire chief whilst reading them an amazing book. You sorta have to do it now…

2. Fireman Party Accessories 

Fireman party accessories are really important at a firefighter birthday party because it helps bond the kids all together as they run around and play wearing fun costumes. Don’t worry, they don’t all need to dress up as firefighters, but these firefighter helmets are a lot of fun and we just know the kids will love wearing them.

3. Red Light Game

The red light game is finally back in style! Just pick a start and end line, and have two adults play the role of red light and green light. When green light says go, the kids all rush to make it to the finish line. When red light says stop though, they have to freeze right where they are until green light says go again. Anybody who moves is out. Those who make it to the finish line successfully win! You can make things even more fun by using a water hydrant sprinkler toy to challenge the kids to stay still even whilst being soaked. Trust us, this party game is hilarious and everyone will love it!

Fireman Party Favors

Of course, we always like to send our guests home with something fun to help remember a great day, so these fireman party bags are stuffed with firefighter party favors for the kids to enjoy back home! 

1. Fireman Party Bag 

The best place to kick things off is with the party bag itself! This firefighter drawstring bag is perfect for holding the presents below and any other sweets or treats you pack up, and they can reuse it too! The boys will love wearing this to school, the park, and everywhere else because they’ll always feel like a fireman! 

2. Mini Fire Extinguisher 

This mini fire extinguisher squirt toy is the perfect gift in a party favor bag because it promises hours of fun when they get home. They can go on pretending to fight fires, tackle flames, and battle blazes. Or, you know, squirt their siblings. Either way, they’ll have a tone of fun! 

3. Firetruck Toys

What little boy doesn’t want a vintage firetruck toy? So that makes this the perfect party favor gift to finish on to give the kids a special memento to remember all the fun they had on a firefighting birthday adventure of a lifetime! 

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