How To Throw A Surprise Birthday Party For Mom At Home?

surprise birthday party for mom, How To Throw A Surprise Birthday Party For Mom At Home?

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Today’s post is going to talk about surprise parties! And, more importantly, how to throw a surprise birthday party for mom at home. Yes, it might sound impossible now, but by the time you’ve finished this helpful guide, you’ll be equipped with all the surprise birthday party ideas, tips, and tricks to make it a success! 

How Can I Make A Surprise Birthday For My Mom At Home?

Well, you’ll really only need two things:

  1. The ability to keep a secret (and some friends and family to help with all your secretive planning) and;
  2. A willingness to plan and prepare ahead of time so you’re ready for the big day

Form an Alliance to Keep the Surprise Birthday Party for Mom Secret

The key to a successful surprise party is secrets. You need to keep secrets, you need your family and friends to keep secrets, and you all need to work together to keep mom from finding out. Having people help you out is important, because they can distract mom by keeping her busy when you need her to leave the house, and throw her off the scent if she ever becomes suspicious.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not yet an adult, then speaking with a family member or one of mom’s friends is really compulsory. This surprise party will need approval from adults, permission to go ahead, and a budget to stick to so you don’t overspend. Speak with your dad, aunt, or mom’s friends so you can work out a plan together. Besides, two heads are better than one and you’ll throw an even better party as a result!

Speedy Party Preparations: There is only a small window

On the day, you’ll only have a small window of opportunity for getting things ready (maybe dad takes mom for brunch and a movie before the party, but this still doesn’t give you a lot of time), so make sure you’re prepared. Whilst mom’s distracted, you’ll be able to decorate the party venue, prepare the food, and get the party games all set for her return home!

How Can I Celebrate My Mom’s Birthday At Home: Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

Now, on to the party itself! Let’s take a closer look at a checklist of things you’ll need to nail down (but don’t worry, get these four key areas correct, and the party will be a guaranteed success):

1. Surprise Birthday Party Invitations

Start by making a guest list so you don’t miss out on anyone special in your mom’s life. Talk to your team of surprise party planners so you get everyone special – relatives, best friends, work colleagues, etc. Then send out special surprise party invitations (in your mom’s favorite colors, of course) that cover these important things:

  • date
  • time
  • place
  • details of the SURPRISE party (make sure they all know, so they don’t talk to mom about it)
  • RSVP details (they can get back to you directly or an adult if you’re under age – see, alliances are useful!)

2. Venue Decorations 

For party decorations, you really don’t need anything fancy. Your mom will be touched enough by the effort you’ve gone to for her. Instead, choose simple and easy-to-get-ready decorations, so the big day goes off without a hitch! Remember, you won’t have long to get the venue ready on the day, so simple is best. Things like: 

Easy to handle pastel birthday banners that are simple, but stunning!

The pastel colors are a crowd-pleaser, so your mom will love these birthday banners.

Giant Mom’s happy birthday balloon 

Place this near the door so when you all yell ‘Surprise!’ she knows she’s having a surprise birthday party and can join in the celebrations right away.

LED photo clips string lights with mom’s old birthday pictures

This is the perfect way to celebrate all your mom’s special memories. Hang these in advance and get some old pictures together of previous birthday’s and special occasions. Then just clip it to the lights so your mom can take a walk down memory lane when she’s home. But reserve one empty spot. Why?

Add mom’s latest birthday picture to the LED photo clip immediately

You can use the instant camera to add one last picture to your mom’s memory decoration. Maybe you can use it to catch your mom’s shock as she walks through the door, or take a special picture of the two of you together before adding it to the string lights. 

A Hydrangeas floral table centerpiece

All that’s left to decorate now is the party table. We’d recommend using some craft paper to create a personalized vase for her, then prepare some of her favorite flowers to place in the middle. If you want the centerpiece to be long lasting, purchase some artificial flowers instead. Artificial Hydrangea flowers look great and they’re a favorite of ours. And, well, who doesn’t like Hydrangeas?

3. Menu For Mom’s Surprise Birthday Party 

When you throw a surprise birthday party for mom at home, the menu is really important. It’s a chance to give her exactly what she wants on her special day. So let’s think some more about some surprise birthday party ideas for your mom’s menu.

Favorite foods are a must

Maybe you can make some of her favorite dishes at home yourself if you think you can handle it. Just talk with your team about what mom likes the best and consider making it for the surprise party for an extra sprinkle of love.

Takeouts work just as well

But if you don’t have the time to cook, have dad or another family member or friend arrange for a delivery of her favorite takeout to arrive just after mom does. Then she can enjoy a nice, hot meal with friends and family.

How about a chocolate fountain or cheese fondue? 

A chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallows is a real treat at a party. Serve with some wooden sticks to create delicious kebabs. And if your mom prefers savory? Then a cheese fondue is equally special and sure to impress!

And, of course, a special surprise birthday party cake 

You can’t forget the birthday cake. Make your mom’s favorite cake and decorate with a special cake topper that suits her personality. If she enjoys shopping, then find one with high heels, makeup, and perfume, for example.

4. Party Activities And Games

No surprise party is complete without some special activities and games. Because it’s a surprise party, there are lots of activities you need to check off to complete the guide, so read on to find out how to ensure the party itself is fun and delivers the full surprise party package!


Have the person distracting your mom message you before arriving home, so everyone can get in position and hide. Grab some party horns or noisemakers to increase the party atmosphere. Then, when they walk through the door, you and all your guests can jump out and yell ‘SURPRISE’. It’s the one thing EVERY surprise party has in common, and it’s always a lot of fun.

Prepare special well-wishes birthday cards

Pick up birthday cards for guests to sign before your mom gets home. They can write all their well-wishes for your mom either at the party venue, or you can send out a birthday card to each guest along with the invitation so they can prepare it beforehand. Then just place them all in a large glass jar and hand them to your mom when she’s home. Yes, we’re expecting happy tears too! 

A family board game for fun!

Family board games are a great way to break the ice when everyone is together, and it’s always fun. How about Jenga, musical chairs, Who Am I?, or any other party games your mom usually plays. However you do it, make sure you have at least some party games prepared to inject some fun into the party atmosphere. 

The Secret To Your Success…

Believe it or not, that’s it. That’s the complete guide. You see, the secret to your success is in keeping things simple. The beauty of a surprise party is in the surprise itself, so you don’t need to go overboard with party themes or decorations. A simple gathering of all your mom’s favorite people will be all that’s needed to make this party the most successful surprise birthday party of them all! 

Before we leave you to assemble your team, write out your guest list, and start thinking about decor, menus, and games, let us just remind you once more about asking for permission. We know we’re repeating ourselves, but if you’re not yet an adult, you’ll need permission from an adult in your life and lots of help with coordinating the party and executing it well. Even if you’re an adult, you’ll still need to discuss things to make sure there aren’t any clashing plans, so communication is key for a surprise party to succeed.

And remember, if you can’t throw a surprise party this year, you can always do it next year (just bookmark our guide, we’ll still be here to help). Instead, why not cook mom a lovely breakfast or make her a special gift? The surprise party will come eventually, and when it does, she’ll be even more surprised than before! 

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