How to Throw a Unicorn Birthday Party? 7 Steps to Create a Magical Moment

Unicorn Birthday Party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Do you have kids at home? You might have, and one of the favourite things which makes all of us excited is Birthdays. Birthdays are occasions to celebrate you or your loved one’s existence. However, each day is a blessing but birthdays make it unique. The thing which is daunting when we notice that there is a birthday around a corner is to find the perfect theme for your kids. You see, you will come across many themes when you scroll over the internet, but not every theme favours your kid’s choice. But what if we say that there is something that hardly any kid hates? It is none other than a unicorn birthday party. No matter what age your kid is, a unicorn will never disappoint you. It is the evergreen party theme.

One of the most favorite party themes

What not to like about unicorn birthday parties, there is glitter, magic and rainbow, all needed by kids. The unicorn motif is a beautiful notion for anybody who appreciates all things fanciful and bright, not just small kids and adolescents. Birthday preparation requires a lot of time, especially when you want to put the world’s happiness in your kid’s lap by throwing the best party ever. But the best party ever doesn’t happen in a single day. It requires a lot of creative ideas, top-notch preparation and something out of the box.

But sometimes creativity doesn’t flow in our minds, and we get stuck with basic ideas of cutting the cake and dancing. If that’s the reason for your worry, then here you can sit back and relax as we have compiled this guide where we are going to put light on the ideas to throw a unicorn birthday party.

After reading this blog, we are confident that you will know what to do at unicorn birthday party. So, let’s begin this rollercoaster ride to know all about easy unicorn birthday party decorations without any ado.

7 Steps to Host a Magical Unicorn Party

When it comes to throwing a unicorn birthday party, you need to give proper thought to planning. Many times people directly jump into the execution part without giving much thought to the preparation part. This can make party not so cool. To avoid it, you need to have proper planning. The very step is to write down all your creative ideas or things you will do to avoid confusion. Further, it will also help you to keep an eye on things. However, to help you out below, we have mentioned some points that can put colours in your party and make it look more unicornish.

1. Start with Sending Out Unicorn Invitation

The very step to any party is to decide on your guest list and then send the invitation. By this, you will know how many people are joining the birthday event, and you will; further begin the other planning. Since it is a theme party, you need to make sure that your guest will get an idea about your theme. And the party theme is a unicorn, so it is the most innovative way to send out a unicorn invitation to all your guests. Unicorn birthday party invites are adorable and straightforward, making them ideal for children’s birthday parties. These vivid birthday invites are a lively and entertaining way to let your visitors know what to anticipate on the big day.

2. Decorate the Venue with Unicorn themed Balloons and LED lights

Decorations is the heart of the unicorn party theme. Careful attention is given to decorations, and it is something that should not be rushed by any means. After all, decoration will make the venue look theme-oriented and will captivate the guest’s attention too. Since most unicorn celebrations are rainbow oriented, you can choose any colour scheme you like. Let’s begin with balloons since, in our opinion, no celebration is genuine without them. Confetti balloons, such as star balloons, are a great way to make it even better for your wonderful celebration. Unicorn confetti balloons are easy to assemble and require less time as compared to other balloons. Further, you can try the Unicorn LED Light; it is something new, especially when you are hosting the event at night.

3. Eat Like a Unicorn

Celebrations are lame without snacks, and when it is the unicorn birthday party theme, you have to make sure everybody is eating like a unicorn. The actual requirements for any party are unicorn disposable plates, napkins, and other such items. But we’re here to inject a little whimsy into your boring napkins and fulfill your unicorn fantasies. Fairy paper plates, tablecloths in the style of a unicorn horn, unicorn wrist bands, and multicolored cups with tassels on the unicorn tail can put a whole lot of spark in any unicorn party. Your guests will be pleased when you offer them cake and snacks in rainbow plates and cups. These combinations can take the fun to whole another level. It will be worth every penny if you include this combination in your party planning list.

4. Dress Up

Now, to make it more accurate, the costume comes into play. Your party won’t be complete without a unicorn costume. A mystical unicorn or rainbow costume is adorable, and the best part is it can be worn all year round. It can turn a dull jack into a happy one. Imagine yourself in a place where all the kids are wearing unicorn masks. Isn’t it exciting? It is actually; dressing up like unicorns will double up the whole excitement. You can consider buying a rainbow unicorn dress for your birthday girl. Other than this, you can try dressing up like a unicorn or hire someone to entertain kids. There are various bodysuits available in the market, and kids love when somebody comes only to entertain them. The dress-up undoubtedly skyrocketed the fun.

5. Party Games

Having a party is not an easy task, especially when you have to keep your little guest occupied. Kids get bored quickly so it is crucial to organise something that will keep them busy and out of trouble. You see, birthday parties are a hub for an unnecessary drama because things get out of hand. When kids get bored, they find a way to keep themselves busy, and you don’t want to know about their practices. It can be anything. So better to avoid all this drama by organising fun games that kids will love to play. Some of the games are ring toss games or pin the horn, you will find many more on the internet, but these will surely make all the kids chuckle.

6. Take photos with Unicorn – Party Photo Booth Pro and Inflatable Frame

There is no denying that the kids of the 21st century are photogenic. They love to click photos, and the fun gets doubled when there is a unicorn photo booth at the party. It will certainly put a good word about the party, and there will be memories that you will love to brag about after the party’s over. An inflatable unicorn photo booth frame is a good attraction point for kids, and it will keep the kids occupied. Trust us when we are saying that the kids will never get bored of photos. Further, you can give Unicorn photo booth props that go best with the photo booth.

7. Unicorn Goodie Bags

Lastly, goodie bags are an essential element of every birthday party. Every kid loves getting a return gift, and when your theme is unicorn based, you need to make sure that the return gift will do justice with the party theme. Not just this, you also want your return gift to be top-notch after investing this much time in a party. After all, kids will show these gifts to their friends and family and write a good word about the party. The very first thing you need to consider buying is a unicorn gift bag so that kids can put their gifts in it. Further, you can buy bag fillers such as bracelets, necklaces, and much more to fill the bag.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! Here we have mentioned all about the unicorn birthday party. You see, birthdays only come once a year, and it is the responsibility to celebrate the life of your loved ones. Trust us, nobody is too old for birthdays, and it can genuinely place happiness in the heart. And when kids get a good birthday party, they will remember it forever. It somehow becomes their happiest memory. So why not make our kids happy by surprising them with a unicorn birthday party.

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