Ideas To Throw The Perfect Birthday Party For Your Beloved Cat

birthday party for cat

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Mittens might just be a cat to anybody else, but we understand as well as anybody that a cat is more than just a pet. They’re your family, your fur baby, and often one of your closest friends! And when their special day rolls around, we should treat them with the same special love and attention that we’d treat anybody else on their birthday. So, why not throw them a simple birthday party that celebrates all the things your beloved cat loves the most in the world? Today is all about them, of course, but the following cat birthday party decorations and ideas will be fun for both of you, and any guests you bring along too! Ready to find out how to throw a special birthday party for your cat? Then read on below!

1. Gather The Food

You know your cat better than anyone, so remember all their favorite food and treats and bring them out at the birthday party. Today is all about them, so get their favorite canned food and fishy treats and spoil them! If you can’t eat whatever you wan’t on your birthday, when can you?

It’s also fun to have them try something new at a birthday party too, so look at different canned foods and treats online that you can give them as well. Who knows? Maybe it’ll become their yearly birthday treat!

Bake a cake!

Just because it’s your cat’s birthday doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be cake! How else is Mittens going to know today is so special? You can actually pick up really simple cat birthday cake kits to help you along the way if you aren’t sure about what food is safe for cats, etc. We haven’t tasted them ourselves (for obvious reasons), but we’re fairly certain your kitten will gobble it down at their kitten birthday party!

2. Don’t Forget The Presents

You wouldn’t show up at your friend’s birthday party without a present, would you? So don’t let your cat’s big day be any different. You can always start off with something classic, like a cat teaser toy they can chase around for hours of fun at their birthday party, but you might want to consider these other options too:

Catnip toys!

We love cats; you love cats – that’s why we put this post together and it’s why you’re sat here reading it now. But it’s no secret that our little furry friends can become mischievous at times. You buy them toy after toy, trying to get them interested in playing with their own toys, and still you find your slippers torn up and socks thrown around the house every morning. Enter: Catnip toys!

Now, there are so many options out there, but we’ve found a few of our favorites that we’ll list below. For now though, you just need to understand that catnip toys are the best cat toys around for cats that don’t show interest in other toys. Catnip releases a smell that almost no cat can resist, so if you want to get them something they’ll really love (and hopefully favor over your slippers) then pick up a catnip toy. Trust us, they’ll love it!

Wand toys!

Another oldie but goldie are wand toys! Cats love to pounce and jump on things that move, especially things that are brightly colored and waving around in front of their face. Well, this rainbow wand cat toy is pretty perfect for that. Another great thing about this toy is that it’s interactive, meaning you get to spend even more time with them on their special birthday because you’ll be able to play with their wand too, which will help your cat feel extra special because of all the extra love and attention they’re receiving!

3. Get Them A Fluffy New Friend

No, we aren’t suggesting getting your cat a pet cat, even to cat lovers like us that’s a step too far. But what you can do is pick them up a fluffy, cuddly toy friend to play with. They can snuggle with them and bond with them, and these sorts of gifts are perfect for a cat who doesn’t live with any other cats. These toys often reassure cats and make them feel more comfortable, so not only is it a really fun gift, it’s very thoughtful too!

4. Dress Them In Party Clothes

Not all cat owners like to dress their cats up. And that’s OK. But we challenge any cat lover to look at these products and not want to put them on their gorgeous fur baby right away! Pick the ‘his and hers’ cat birthday hat and bandana set that most suits your beloved pet, and dress them up for their special birthday celebrations. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures at the kitten party, everybody’s going to want to see them, including us!

5. Decorate Your Home

You know how much we love a theme on this blog, and how much a theme has to be reflected in the decorations you choose. Well, a cat’s birthday party is no exception! We’ve found the perfect meow-themed birthday decorations that has everything you need to make this a totally rocking birthday party! We’re talking bunting, balloons, and banners – the holy trinity of party decorations – and they designed every bit for a cat’s birthday party. You might say we’re a little excited about this find, and we’re certain you will be too!

6. Bring Your Cat Loving Friends Along

All your friends won’t understand your love for your cat, but a fair few of them will! And you should invite them along to share in the joy of your cat’s special day! As a cat lover yourself, you’ll probably already know a lot of cat loving people anyway, so grab your phone and start calling – we’re sure there will be plenty of people who want to take part.

Better yet, pick up some photo booth props and party cat headbands and take lots of pictures of your guests together and with the special guest – your cat, of course! Any of your friends who didn’t want to attend a birthday party for your cat will wish they had when they see the amazing pictures showing all the fun everyone’s having.

7. Give Out Some Meow-Some Party Favors

To show some love to all those that understood why celebrating your cat’s big day is so important, make sure you pack some party favors to thank them for helping make the special birthday celebrations so wonderful. You’ll need a cat themed party favor bag to put everything in, of course, and don’t forget some delicious cat shaped candy either!

Include other bits too. Maybe some chocolate or a miniature bottle of wine – whatever you can afford. We also thought it might be a cute idea to include the contact information of any local shelters with a note asking to send any food or monetary donations they can afford to the shelters to help support them. This is an optional extra, but one we think could be really meaningful, and a great way to have your cat’s birthday celebrations impact on your community too! How paw-some is that?

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