12 Best Kids’ Bowling Birthday Party Favor Ideas

bowling party favor ideas, 12 Best Kids’ Bowling Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Teens’ bowling birthday needs to be inspiring and super fun. It should be creative and add a special touch to your child’s special event. And if you select a perfect location, with excellent packages created with regards to the kid’s mind, it will be all enjoyable and memorable. In this article, we have got everything you need for your teen’s next bowling party-themed event, especially bowling party favor ideas. .

One of the fascinating things about a bowling party is that it works for all ages. From teens to preschoolers, boys and girls, it is accessible for just about everyone. But if you want to keep the party going, include some party favors. 

12 Fun Bowling Party Favor Ideas

bowling party favor ideas, 12 Best Kids’ Bowling Birthday Party Favor Ideas

1. Bowling Pencils

You cannot go wrong with bowling pencils. It is one of the best ways to kick off your kid’s bowling party in style. 

First, they are cool and robust. These bowling pencils are designed with the kid’s mind, offering a high level of convenience needed. Then, the color. These pencils are just stinking cute. The 36 pieces of bowling pencils come with an eraser to ensure excellent performance. 

These pencils are an ideal stationery supply for daily use in school, at home, and on other occasions. 

bowling party favor ideas, 12 Best Kids’ Bowling Birthday Party Favor Ideas

2. Bowling Pin and bowling ball Key chains

Bowling pin and bowling ball key chains are predictable gifts that kids will enjoy. They are just a hit and a better way to excite a group of young birthday visitors. 

These final gifts are creative and unique. The balls offer four different colors; red, green, blue, and purple. And the design provides an excellent finishing touch that even adults can enjoy. 

A bowling pin and bowling ball keychain can be an ideal party favor that looks great on handbags. They can sure remember your kid’s bowling party. Use it daily, everywhere, and on any occasion, especially for active bowlers.

bowling party favor ideas

3. Bowling stickers

Send your younger guests home with these bowling stickers. They can sure make everyone feel appreciated. 

The first thing you will notice about these stickers is their awesomeness. These bundles offer a mix of artwork and design, perfectly engineered to delight. Its affirming statement values the price. The product provides a wide variety of selections to choose from, and there are available packs for even parents and coaches. Even better, they are universal. So, they look great on your computer, water bottles, and guitar, among others. 

bowling party favor ideas, 12 Best Kids’ Bowling Birthday Party Favor Ideas

4. Bowling Slap Bracelets Party Favors

Let your kids take bowling fun home with these slap bracelets. This can sure mix plenty of fun and whimsy. 

The colorful PVC wristbands offer an appropriate size that can comfortably fit your kids. 

They come in 24 pieces. Every 12 pieces have a unique style. The bracelets are engineered using high-quality materials. They are lightweight, soft, and not easy to break, thus ideal for any age group. Even better, they feature an energetic design. Bowling bracelets promise to enhance your kid’s appearance without pretension. 

Best suitable to use in almost all bowling parties. But they can also make an excellent keepsake. 

bowling party favor ideas, 12 Best Kids’ Bowling Birthday Party Favor Ideas

5. Girls’ Bowling Hair Ties

Bowling hair ties for girls are a sweet memento of your kid’s special day. 

The product offers the exact dimension best suitable for girl bowlers. It is tailored with a high level of craftsmanship to boost durability. The design and detailing are nothing short of spectacular. Even better, it is easy to use. 

Use it every day on every bowling occasion. 

bowling party favor ideas, 12 Best Kids’ Bowling Birthday Party Favor Ideas

6. Finger bowling game set

This finger game set is another bowling favor idea that can get you started. This is especially true for those kids seeking to learn bowl basics. 

The product is portable to allow your kid to test skills and compete with others anywhere. It comes with a collectible bouncy ball, which is made up of durable materials that can surely withstand the test of time. Made in the USA, this game set is ASTM tested. So, you can be sure of its safety. 

A Finger bowling game set is an ideal party favorite often used in bowling party goodies. Best suitable for stress relief and anxiety. But many kids can use them as treasure boxes and classroom boxes to help them with daily focus, concentration, and relaxation. 

bowling party favor ideas

7. Bowling themed waterproof temporary stickers

These bowling waterproof stickers are an excellent way of saying thank you to all boys and girls attending the party. 

These stickers are incredibly trendy. The 144 pieces of temporary stickers come in 9 unique styles to ensure your kid’s bottle stands out from the rest. Another thing? They are cute and eye-catching. Their aesthetic and durability make them extra comfortable. 

Best temporary stickers for daily use in phones, water bottles, and laptops. 

bowling party favor ideas

8. Bowling themed chocolate treat

Strike up the fun with these bowling-themed chocolate treats. They can add an excellent decoration that your kids deserve. 

These chocolate treats are incredibly cute-and their design offers such a beautiful and colorful theme that matches your kid’s bowling party. They are easy to use-just remove the sticker and put them on kisses. Whether you’re using Reese cups or Hershey kisses, this product promises to stick on the bottom perfectly without falling off. 

Best bowling party favor ideas that is suitable to use for any candy on any occasion. 

bowling party favor ideas, 12 Best Kids’ Bowling Birthday Party Favor Ideas

9. Bowling party reusable cups for kids

Cups make a good keepsake. They are also an instant party favor that they can use over again. 

The 16-pack cups are made of high-quality materials to last. They also offer an excellent space inside that can surely accommodate all kids’ goodies. The nice little cups are spill-resistant, offering a high level of aesthetic required. 

These reusable backs are BPA-free, so your kids can use them for daily drinks. 

bowling party favor ideas

10. Mini desktop bowling set

A mini desktop bowling alley set is another cute idea. It is small and portable, so your kids can easily carry it around. Yes, it can even fit in a tote bag. Assembling is a breeze. It is also made of wood materials to boost longevity. 

Mini desktop bowling is a fun toy for practicing bowling skills. 

bowling party favor ideas

11. Bowling and Sports eraser set

If your kid loves playing miniature, this bowling and eraser set is worth consideration. 

The product is super cute. The erasers are perfectly engineered. The soccer balls offer plenty of pieces that stay together for an excellent performance. 

Use it daily as stocking stuffers. But it can also make an ideal pack for Ken and Barbie. 

bowling party favor ideas, 12 Best Kids’ Bowling Birthday Party Favor Ideas

12. Bowling sets for kids

The 4 mini set bowling sets can be a perfect activity for relaxing. 

Each set comes with 2 balls and 10 pins. The set features a plastic indoor and outdoor, so you can be sure of its durability. It is easy to play with, portable, and a great value for a group of young kids. 

Bowling sets for kids are a daily fun activity for both genders. 

Conclusion of Bowling Party Favor Ideas 

An ideal bowling party favor should be fun and pleasing to your kids. Consider the above twelve ideas as a sweet way to cap their special bowling day.

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