Pirate Party Favors for Kids: 12 Exquisite Ideas That They’ll Love

kids pirate party favors

Last updated on August 15th, 2023

A pirate party is one of the kids’ most favorable birthday party themes, it always gives them a good feeling of having adventures. For example, they enjoy dressing up like a pirate and eating like pirates. It is nice to prepare a party favor bag for them to bring home with plenty of pirate themed party favors so their “pirate dream” can continue when they are home. 

We have chosen 12 kids pirate party favors to fill the party favor bags. Let’s now find out how these pirate party favors are gonna delight the kids and also how they can use these pirate theme party favors as well.

12 Pirate Mini Spiral Notebooks for Children's Birthday Party Loot Bags by Playwrite

1) Mini Pirate Notebooks

If you are looking for useful and affordable ideas for pirate party favors, then these mini pirate notebooks are certainly one of the best. They feature assorted Pirate designs. What’s more, kids can use these notebooks for taking notes and sketching various figures. Furthermore, they can even use it to plan for their own pirate journey calendar.

JAPBOR 24pcs Pirate Coloring Books for Kids, Pirates Parrot Treasures Color Pages Drawing Booklet Party Favors Supplies, Nautical Theme DIY Art Doodle Painting Games Booklet Goodie Bags Fillers

2) Pirate Coloring Books 

Kids’ minds are loaded with endless creativity. Thus, we should attempt to lift their creative mind and spirit. That’s why we have come up with this pirate birthday party favor. This is all about pirate coloring books where kids can apply their creative minds and color the pirate figures, according to the image of the favorite pirate in their mind.

Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker Activity Book: Pirates - 51 Reusable Stickers

3) Stick and Play Make a Pirate Sticker

Do you like the idea to offer the kids the privilege to craft and make a pirate sticker? If yes, then these stick, play, and make a pirate stickers will be worth checking. So, basically, the product contains a plethora of pirate theme characters including treasure chests, pirates, skulls, and ships. Kids will simply need to peel off these stickers and make their own pirate characters. So, please feel free to put these stickers in your party favor bags and let kids play around with these pieces and even apply creativity.

Plastic Pirate Telescopes Bulk Kids Pirate Party Supplies Mini Pirate Spyglass for Pirate Birthday Party Costume Halloween Decoration, 3.5 to 7 Inch (24 Pcs)

4) Mini Pirate Telescopes

For any type of kids parties including kids birthday events and pirate theme party celebrations, these mini pirate telescopes are going to be another attractive and excellent party favor idea for kids. Kids can have hours of fun and excitement with these mini telescopes as they fully mimic a real telescope! Using these telescopes, kids can spy, focus, look around various objects, and enjoy!

Playscene Pirate Bandana's for Children or Adults (12 Pirate Bandana)

5) Pirate Bandana for Kids

Need some cool favors pirate theme ideas? If yes, then we are happy to get you covered! We are delighted to bring a set of pirate bandanas – made of fine pure cotton. Not only do these bandanas match so well with the pirate theme, but also they have a wide range of applications such as a sunscreen headband, pirate hat, scarf, wrist guard, mask, and more.

6 Pieces Inflatable Pirates Swords for Kids Party Favors Inflatable Sword Birthday Party Supplies Boys Cosplay Toys Stage Props Summer Pool Swimming Party Water Toy Photo Props

6) Inflatable Pirate Swords

Our kids love playing. That’s why in our list of pirate party ideas or kids party favors in the pirate theme, we have included these inflatable toys. These toys are non-toxic, durable, waterproof, durable, and lightweight. Just hand over these affordable and interesting toys to kids, let them inflate, and then play around with other friends with these sword toys! These pirate swords go so well with any kind of pirate costume and also act like a real pirate.

40 Pieces Pirate Party Favors Supplies Pirate Slap Bracelets Adventure Bands for Kids Nautical Party Decorations Treasure Map Theme Party Bracelet Pirate Birthday Party Supplies Halloween Skull Decor

7) Pirate Slap Bracelets

Kids’ pirate party favors can also include these smart, wearable accessories i.e. slap bracelets. These slap bands are made of soft, faux leather material and indeed so comfortable to wear! They are non-toxic and absolutely beautiful. Kids can wear these slap bracelets on wrists, ankles, arms, etc and it won’t hurt or scratch your skin for sure.

Juephe 15 Pieces Plastic Pirate Compass for Kids Antique Captain Toys Mini Compass Theme Party Favor for Halloween Pirate Birthday Party Decoration Pirate Cosplay Costume

8) Pirate theme compass toy

Pirates always need a good quality compass so that they can navigate the ships in the right direction. That’s why a compass is even considered to be one of the most important and essential accessories for pirates. With this consideration, we have come up with a pirate theme compass toy. These compass toys will let kids feel like real-time pirates, help them navigate their ships, and also perform various role-playing activities.

Kisangel 6 Pcs Pirate Hooks Hook Hand Plastic Hook for Kids Pirate Costume Accessory for Halloween Decoration

9) Pirate Captain Hook

Celebrating a pirate birthday party for kids? Do not forget to include some exciting pirate party supplies for them. Now, when it comes to kids party favors for pirate theme party, these captain pirate hooks are also another great choice option. These artificial, plastic-made hook toys are a close replica of their original metal version. What’s even better, kids can use these captain hooks to play around with other friends and even behave like real-time pirates.

32 Pieces Pirate Treasure Chests 2.3 Inch Plastic Chests with a Gold Finish Vintage Pirate Jewelry Box Games Toy Set Pirate Birthday Party Favors Supplies for Boys Girls Halloween Party (32 Pieces)

10) Mini Treasure Chest

We all have heard about the exclusive treasure chests from pirate stories. They used to be loaded with gold coins, gems, diamonds, precious stones, and much more too. Will you like the idea of offering the kids a mini treasure chest so that they can remind the old-tales of mysterious pirate adventure stories and spark their imagination power? If yes, then these mini treasure chests with rustic designs are indeed the best gift for kids. Not only kids can use these treasure chests as a storage box, but they will also love the design and layout of these stunning pieces.

24 Pack Black Pirate Eye Patches One Eye Skull Caribbean Captain Eye Mask for Halloween Party Christmas and Children Party Favors (Satin)

11) Pirate Eye Patches

When we are already talking about pirates, how can we forget about pirate eye patches? This is one of the most important and popular accessories of pirates of old ages. So, our ideas for pirate party favors must include it for sure! This time, we have come up with flexible, high-quality, and elastic eye patches that kids can wear and use for a long time without causing any stress to their eyes. These eye patches are perfect for all types of pirate cosplay and costumes.

Konsait 56 Sheets Glitter Pirate Temporary Tattoos for Kids, Pirate Tattoos Girls Boys Pirate Party Supplies Favors Decorations, Pirate Birthday Party Bag Filler, Halloween Costume Accessories

12) Pirate Temporary Tattoo

In favor party bags pirate, let’s include some pirate temporary tattoos as well. Rest assured that these are not any simple tattoos; instead, they come with a luminous glowy effect. This unique feature of glow effects will kids be outstanding at the party. Note, these temporary tattoos contain so many pirate theme patterns and figures like sailboats, skulls, swords, ships, and more. Please feel free to offer these luminous pirate tattoos and enjoy the unique glow-in-the-dark effects.

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