Kids’ Pirate Theme Birthday Party Ideas- Ahoy!

Pirate theme party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Are you looking for a fun party theme? Do you want to surprise your kid with an excellent idea? If yes, you should think of a pirate theme party. It is innovative, and your kid will enjoy the pirate birthday decorations. Everything will give an impression of pirates. You can have a pirate costume set, pirate tableware set, pirate cake, pirate games, and other things related to pirates. If you are looking for more ideas, you can go through the following. 

Pirate Scrolls Invitation

You can start with the invitation card. While choosing invitation cards, you can focus on the scroll option. Different types of pirate scroll invitations are available. You can also customize the card based on your party. You can give an idea about the party in the invitation card and inspire your guests to think beyond their imagination. When guests see the card, they should feel that they are going to explore a pirate ship. When it comes to kids, they would love this idea. Kids like innovative and creative ideas, and you can impress them with the best of yours.

Traditional Color Theme of Pirate

In pirate theme decorations, you can use traditional colors. Colors will have the determining role to create a proper party environment. You can go with a color scheme of black, white, and red. All these colors can work well to create a pirate setting. You can also add a flag and bunting to create an impression of the pirate. The environment will attract kids, and they will use their imagination to make your party full of fun and a bit adventurous!

Pirate Tableware

A pirate theme party will be incomplete without a pirate ship. You can get pirate tableware set to create the pirate setting. There are many options to create a pirate ship. Also, you can decorate the snacks to have an impression of the pirate ship. The tableware set will have skulls plates, placemats, and many other things. You can use them in the decoration.

Eat Like a Pirate

At a pirate theme party, everything should look like pirates. Make sure that snacks are decorated like pirates. You can consider having a chocolate gold bar, chocolate coins, and many other kid-friendly snacks. In the current condition, you will find different types of snacks for pirate parties. You will have to go with them to make a proper pirate setting. Your kid and guests will eat like a pirate, and that will be in their memories for years.

Pirate party table decorations
Image by gryzoon from Pixabay

Pirate Food Decoration

Your kid will love the pirate cake decoration. It will give proper recognition to the party. You can imagine how kids will be excited with a pirate cake. In addition to the pirate cake decoration, you can consider having a pirate cake topper. It will show that how dedicated you are to the theme. The snacks, cake, or even the toothpick will ensure the presence of pirates at your party. When the guests enter the party, they will feel like they are on the ship of pirates. If you can do this, your party will be much discussed for a long time.

Dress like Pirate

Now we will come to the dress. As it is a pirate theme party, your guests should look like pirates. You can decide on a dress code and mention it on the invitation card. Also, request all the guests to follow the dress code. You can consider an eye patch, pirate costume set, inflatable sword, and any other thing that you find suitable for the party. It is not about kids only. All the guests and everyone should dress like a pirate.

 Pirate Games

The party is all set, and your kid and guests are impressed with the arrangements. Do you think something is missing? Yes, a kids’ party is all about games. You cannot entertain them most without games. Yes, here again, you will have to focus on the pirate theme games. You can think of a treasure hunt, treasure chest, pirate memory matching card game, the eye patch on the pirate game, and any other pirate game that you find worth for your party. Once the kids enter the play area, you can see the excitement on their faces.

 Get all these things ready and surprise your kid with a memorable and innovative party!

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