Medieval Themed Party: A Wonderful Birthday Experience Right From The Middle Ages

medieval themed party, Medieval Themed Party: A Wonderful Birthday Experience Right From The Middle Ages

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Hear ye, hear ye! You are cordially invited to read our medieval themed birthday party ideas to create a Middle Age experience like no other. A medieval themed party is a great idea. Whether you fell in love with the period at school whilst learning about Richard The Lionheart, or whether you simply love Game of Thrones and all the rich, cultural details of the Middle Ages, this theme is a lot of fun.

Whatever your reason for favoring this theme, in this article we’ll show you how to host a medieval themed party at home, and we have it all: invitations, decorations, food, games, costumes, and party favors. Ever wanted to transform your home into a Middle Aged castle? We all have, right? Then stay tuned, because we have it all below! 

Medieval Themed Party Invitation

medieval themed party
medieval themed party

Two words that are about as medieval as it gets. Wax. Seals. That’s right, today’s invitation is going to take a little DIY, but trust us, this will help create a really authentic feel to your invitations that your guests will just love! It’s like receiving a missive from the King in the 13th century! You’ll need some vintage design paper for a retro look, some classical wax sealing stamps, and a little practice at calligraphy – nothing complicated, just some fancy, ‘olden days’ style loops in your writing will do the trick. Use the stiff pen calligraphy method and write out your invitations to your guests before sealing it with the wax stamp. If that’s not medieval, we don’t know what is. 

Medieval Theme Party Decorations

Of course, there’s no use making a medieval invitation if you don’t transform your humble home into a medieval castle, so here’s everything you need to transport your guests back to the middle ages! Huzzah!

Medieval Castle Backdrop 

We’re no historians, but we’re pretty certain everybody in the Middle Ages whiled away the hours drinking goblets of red wine in their castles, right? Either way, a castle is synonymous with this period, so creating a castle at home with a medieval castle backdrop is a great way to immerse your guests in the Middle Ages. 

3D Castle Entrance Door Banner 

But your guests won’t feel like they’re in a castle until they step through a castle entrance. Yes, we’d love for you to install a drawbridge and a moat too, but that might be a little costly, so instead use this 3D castle entrance door banner on the party entrance door to make it feel like they’re climbing up the ancient stone steps of a medieval castle to the party!

Medieval Pull-Down Cutout 

This medieval pull-down cutout is perfect to hang around the party venue. Everybody knows people were obsessed with clans and noble houses back then (just look at Game of Thrones and all the bloodshed between the Great Houses). Every house had their own unique coat of arms and sigils to represent them, too. Well, with this hanging cutout, you can recreate that feeling of power and belonging at your party.

Knights & Dragons Bunting 

OK. Did dragons exist in the Middle Ages? Probably not. But does that matter? No! Dragons are part and parcel of medieval times now. And because we know so little about that period, it’s the place to put these mythical creatures. For us, a medieval party isn’t a medieval party without dragons, so use this knights & dragons bunting to hang around the venue to make your party feel like one big Middle Age adventure!

Dragon and Dungeons Double Layer Glittering

Remember, it’s still a medieval themed birthday party, so you still need to celebrate with some traditional ‘Happy Birthday’ bunting too. This dragon and dungeons double layer glittering happy birthday bunting is perfect. It features dragons, it’s in the shape of castle turrets, and it reminds everyone why you’re celebrating. 

Medieval Table Runner 

The table was the beating heart of any medieval castle. Sure, you won’t be able to fit the giant tables they had for feasts in your 2 bed semi-detached house in a cul-de-sac, but you can recreate the feeling of a feast with this traditional medieval table runner. And the best thing? It matches the hanging cutout banners from earlier, so you can still represent your noble house at the feast! 

Vintage Candlestick Holders 

Medieval parties needed A LOT of candles, since, you know, they didn’t have electricity and all. So, use these vintage candlestick holders to light up the dining table and make it feel like a true candlelit Middle Aged feast! These candlesticks really look the part, and they’d still look great in your home once the party is over, too. 

Flameless Flickering LED Votive Tealight 

Everywhere else, you might not want to use actual candles, especially if there are little ones running around slaying dragons and jousting on horseback like the Knights of Old. But these flameless flickering LED votive tealights are perfect for providing the perfect lighting, whilst still being safe!

Hear Ye! Photo Party Booth Props

Sure, they didn’t take photos back in the day, but this is a much quicker way of capturing memories than having somebody sit in the background painting the scene for you. Besides, you know how much we love photo booth props around here, and these Hear Ye! photo party booth props might just be our favorite yet! 

Medieval Themed Dinner Party Food Ideas

Feasts were all the rage back in the Middle Ages, so we have to recreate that at the party with some traditional medieval grub! 

Meat, Meat, and More Meat… 

Yes, the feasts in the Middle Ages weren’t exactly vegan-friendly, and they sure loved their meat. Below is a quick sample of a medieval feast so you can pick out your favourite things to serve to guests:

  • Freshly baked bread (with homemade whipped butter)
  • Roast pig
  • Roast Chicken
  • Sugared almonds
  • Honey-mustard eggs
  • Roast beef
  • Pottages (meat and vegetable soups)
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits (including a chilled strawberry soup…)
  • Chestnuts
  • Roast pheasant
  • Roast goat (hey, we said they loved their meats…)

Medieval Style Jewelled Goblets

But all the roast meat, cabbagy soups, and fresh bread aside, there’s one thing that the medieval people loved above all else – red wine! Goblet after goblet would be served at a traditional feast, so we’ve found these amazing medieval style jeweled goblets to serve red wine for the adults and grape fruit juice for the kids! Now that’s an authentic Middle Age feast!

Medieval Themed Party Games and Fun

Of course, wine wasn’t the only source of entertainment at a medieval party (although it helped a lot because, you know, they had no TV). So, here are some medieval inspired party games and fun to keep everyone entertained.

Gold Coins Treasure Hunt 

Gold coins were the currency of the middle ages, and there was an even bigger gap between the rich and the poor than there is today. Back then, if you had gold, you wanted more of it, and if you didn’t have it, you wanted some. So, we thought a gold coins treasure hunt game around the party venue would be fun! And the winner? Well, they get a chocolate gold coin, of course!

Hear Ye! Photo Booth Props 

We’ve already talked about the Hear Ye! photo booth props, but just remember that this is part of the party fun too, not just a decoration. We might not have had social media in the Middle Ages, but that doesn’t mean the fun you have at your party can’t be posted there with funny pictures of you and your guests together.

Medieval Themed Party Chess Game Competition

medieval themed party, Medieval Themed Party: A Wonderful Birthday Experience Right From The Middle Ages

Chess actually originated in India, but travelled the globe as different areas fought wars and conquered new lands, and it was actually in 15th century Europe that the game (roughly) became what it is today. So basically, chess was a big part of the Middle Ages, and a chess game competition is the perfect medieval game for your party! You can even pick up a medieval chess set if you don’t already own one for even more authentic fun!

Medieval Themed Costumes and Accessories

Following on from the fun and games, we thought a medieval party costume would add even more fun to the event. Below we have ideas for party hosts, kids, and some simple accessories for a more relaxed approach! 

Brave Crusader Knight 

If you’re throwing a kids’ party, or you’re just a really keen party host, then a brave crusader knight costume for adults is a really fun way to go. The kids will think it’s hilarious, and your guests will love the effort you’ve gone to just to match your party theme! And as crusader knight costumes go, this one is pretty cool too. 

Medieval Crusader Helmet with Moveable Face Shield 

Of course, it might not be practical to wear a crusader knight costume throughout the entire party, but this medieval crusader helmet with moveable face shield is perfect. You can go from battle-ready (with the shield down) to party host with the most (shield up) in a flash, so this costume accessory really allows you to have the best of both worlds. 

Paper Crowns 

Royals, nobles, and important people all gathered for feasts and parties in the Middle Ages, so a really fun way of getting all the guests involved is with some gold paper crowns. Suddenly everyone is turned into royalty, and the medieval party can really get started! It’s just a fun idea to get everyone involved in the party fun, without too much pressure on the costume. 

Foam Sword and Shield Set

We can’t forget the kids themselves! We don’t know about you, but pretending to be a knight on the playground at school was pretty big back in the day, and we imagine it still is now. They can leave their imaginary swords at home tonight though, as kids can get their hands on these foam sword and shield sets so they can battle to the death like they did in medieval times. But, you know, safely, with foam swords instead…

Medieval Themed Party Favors

Believe it or not, gift giving was actually a huge part of medieval culture and society, largely because of the medieval Christian faith that dominated this era in Europe. It’s only natural then, that we end our special medieval birthday party theme with a few gifts of our own in the form of party favors!

Castle Favor Boxes 

Leave your party favor bags at home for this one. Instead, let’s give our guests something special, with these castle favor boxes. Nothing is more exciting than leaving a medieval party with your very own castle! We bet that didn’t happen a lot at those Middle Age feasts! Just stuff this full of candy and gold coin chocolates to thank your guests for attending your party! 

Medieval Themed Candy Stickers

For an extra medieval themed twist on the chocolate and candy, why not wrap them up and use these medieval themed candy stickers to seal them. That way, kids and guests can take them home and get a little surprise when they open them up. Better yet, they’ll remember all the fun they had as they snack on the delicious treats you’ve given them as thanks. 

And all that’s left for us to say is thank you for reading, and we wish you a very happy medieval themed party. Huzzah!

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