Nineteen 1st Birthday Gifts For Baby Girl: Budget-Friendly And Sweet Ideas

1st birthday gift for baby girl

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Every parent knows how important a baby girl’s 1st birthday is. It’s their 1st birthday, so even though they may not remember it, it sets the tone for all future birthday’s and it’s important that they celebrate this with all the most important people in their life: grandparents, godparents, and close family friends. But as a guest, it can be difficult knowing the best 1st birthday gifts for baby girls. Toys are a great idea of course, but we also want to get her something meaningful, colorful, and budget-friendly too! Well, today we have the perfect gift ideas for you. We’ve chosen lots of colorful gifts because it’s excellent for eye and brain development in children, and the bright colors are a great way to keep them distracted when their parents just want to sit down with a coffee for five minutes, so it’s a win-win! 

Today we’re concentrating on baby girls, but don’t worry, we’ll be back with baby boy ideas soon enough! For now though, lets look at 19 amazing 1st birthday gift ideas for girls that are both budget-friendly and incredibly sweet! Ready to get going? Well, come on then!

1. Happy Birthday Story Book 

Are we stealing this idea from TV sitcom ‘Friends’? You bet we are! Because everyone remembers the scene where Joey is reading the storybook for Emma on her first birthday as being one of the sweetest Friends moments of all time! Well, now you can recreate that with this Happy Birthday Peter Rabbit book, which is full of bright colors and the birthday girl will love sitting and listening to you read it to her. Just make sure somebody is recording this precious moment so you can all look back on it together years from now!

2. Octopus Plush Toy 

This reversible octopus plush toy is colorful and adorable, making this a great 1st birthday gift for baby girls. It’s reversible, with a happy pink face and sad blue face, and the birthday girl will love playing with this! She’ll love turning it inside out and looking at the different faces and colors, and who knows? It might even become her new bedtime snuggle buddy too! 

3. Princess Pop Up Playhouse 

This princess pop up playhouse in bright pink is perfect for little girls. As she’s one, she’ll just now be getting ready to move around and explore more, and this pop up playhouse is the perfect place for her to do that. The bright pink design will encourage her to go over and find out what’s inside, and it’s a perfect spot for her to sit and do other activities such as drawing, painting, and coloring – all great things to help in her development!

4. Pink And Purple Ball Pit 

The birthday girl might not be getting anything educational out of this one, but she’ll sure have a lot of fun! The pink and purple ball pit is every little girl’s dream: bright colorful objects that she can throw around are a lot of fun! This is one of the best 1st birthday gift ideas for girls because it’ll keep her entertained for hours.

5. Whale Spray Lighting Bath Toy 

A whale spray lighting bath toy is perfect for multiple reasons. First, not every little girl enjoys bath time, but she will with this around. Second, making the whale spray water is a whole lot of fun, and even more so if the adult helping at bath time doesn’t mind getting sprayed a few times too! And finally, it lights up, so it’ll hold her attention for a while, distracting her from every little girl’s worst nightmare: having her hair washed! 

6. Bath Squirters Toy 

Bath squirters don’t just need to be about fun. This set contains so many colors and characters that you can easily turn bath time into teaching time too. Ask the birthday girl to find the duck, or the yellow one. Ask her what sound a penguin makes (what sound DOES a penguin make?). You get the picture. And, failing that, she can just use them to soak any adult that comes near her. Heck, if the education side of this gift doesn’t work out, at least you’ve given her hours of soaking fun, right?

7. Piano Mat 

This piano mat educational toy is perfect. It plays different melodies, instrument sounds, and has scales, so it’ll keep any little girl occupied for hours. This is a great 1st birthday gift for baby girls because it teaches them so many different skills. Motor, social, listening, concentration and so much more, all from just one toy. That’s pretty amazing if you ask us!

8. Carrot Sorting Game 

Kids love wooden games, especially wooden games where they have to think. Sure, there might be a little frustration at first and a few tantrums if they can’t find the right hole for the carrot, but this is all character building and teaches them resilience too. The point of this carrot sorting educational game is to teach them spatial awareness and fine motor skills and it’s based on Montessori education (an education system used in some countries around the world) so you know it’s designed to really help kids with their development and education.

9. Wooden Toys – Shape Color Judgement 

This wooden toy set is great for teaching kids about shape and color, all whilst developing their listening and motor skills. By asking the birthday girl to find the yellow square and place it on the board first, she has to listen, identify the yellow square, pick it up, and then place it through the pegs and onto the board. Sounds easy, but to a little girl, this can be tricky and she’ll feel amazing once she’s achieved it!

10. Ride On Toy 

Now enough about education and development for a minute, let’s just get back to good old-fashioned fun, shall we? This ride on toy will give the little girl hours of fun, scooting around her playroom on her own yellow balance bike! Does it help develop her motor skills? Of course it does! But it’s also just an awesome way to get around the house, so who cares either way?

11. Multipurpose Activity Cube Baby Toys 

Music? Check. Color? Check? Shapes? You bet ya! This multipurpose activity cube has it all, and it does exactly what it says – it has lots of different activities all on one cube, so the birthday girl doesn’t need to go far to find something different to do once she’s bored with one activity, because she can find another one right there on the cube! It’s colorful and makes lots of noise to keep her interested. Will her parents thank you for it? Probably not, but it’s her birthday, not theirs, so she should get something that’s going to keep her entertained for hours! 

12. Caterpillar Wooden Stacking Rings 

This beautiful caterpillar wooden stacking rings games has two purposes – teaching children how to count from one to five, and teaching children about different colors. It’s a fun sorting game with bright colors and a cute-looking caterpillar too, what’s not to love? It’s one of the best 1st birthday gift ideas for girls because it teaches her so many things at once!

13. Light Up Insect Sounds Musical Piano 

A light up insect sounds musical piano is the perfect gift for toddlers because it’s so much fun! It’ll teach them insect sounds too, but the main purpose of this is just pure fun! The brightly lit buttons, the fun sounding insects, all of it add up to one of the best 1st birthday gifts for a little girl because there’s so many things they can click, push, and twirl!

14. Elephant Bubble Machine 

Bubble machines are the best way to keep kids distracted for hours, but the best thing about this Elephant bubble machine is that it can be used anywhere. Does the birthday girl hate bath time? If so, you can use this elephant bubble machine as a bathroom toy only, meaning if she wants to sit down and pop bubble after bubble, she’ll have to get into the bath first. ‘Sorry, elephant only blows bubbles when you’re in the bath.’ Sneaky? Yes. Deceitful? Possibly. But she’s only one, so she won’t learn about your betrayal for a few years yet!

15. Bunny Pull Along Toys 

Pull along toys are the best way to get any little girl up and moving, but when that pull along toy is of Peter Rabbit, well you can bet she won’t go anywhere without them. It’s one of those toys that crosses the boundaries between educational and fun (the perfect toys in our opinion) because she’ll develop her motor skills, and social skills since she’ll be explaining to Peter Rabbit where they’re going all the time, but it’ll also keep her entertained too! This is one of the best 1st birthday gift ideas for girls.

16. Musical Light Crawling Dinosaur Toys 

This musical light crawling dinosaur toy is the perfect way to encourage little girls who aren’t crawling yet to get moving. Switch it on, and watch this musical dinosaur set off. Imagine a carrot in front of a donkey on a string – it’s that sort of an idea except with a musical dinosaur and a lazy baby. Once this dinosaur sets off though, the birthday girl will too. Let’s be honest, most of us would chase after a singing dinosaur too to get a better look!

17. Baby 1st Birthday Girl Outfit 

There’s nothing fun or educational about this one particularly, but it’s so cute that we don’t really mind! A first birthday outfit is the best 1st birthday gift for baby girl. Not only do most little girls love new outfits, but it’s perfect for her when she’s older too. Just imagine sitting beside her on her 18th birthday as you look back on all the pictures of her wearing her 1st birthday outfit. Imagine how great it’ll feel when you tell her you bought her that outfit and here you are at 18, still by her side. That’s pretty special if you ask us. 

18. Rainbow Crown Hat 

You know what little girls love as much as outfits? Crowns. Especially rainbow crowns. Remember that scenario we just spoke about when the birthday girl turns 18? She might think the outfit was cute, but she’ll have a few laughs looking back at the rainbow crown and wondering why you would put her in it for all the pictures. But isn’t the whole point of pictures so we can all look back years from now and have a good laugh at the crazy choices we made anyway? 

19. 1st Birthday Baby Photo Banner

This 1st birthday baby photo banner is one of our favorite 1st birthday gift ideas for girls because it’s great for her parents too, to be able to look back at all they’ve achieved in their daughter’s first year. Not only that, but once the banner is taken down after the party, you can keep it safe for the birthday girl to look back on as she grows up. What’s more special than that?

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