Nursing Graduation Party Ideas To Celebrate Our Future Heroes

nursing graduation party ideas

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Nurses are the backbone of every country – and their job is one of the most well-respected and heroic ones out there. And now, after all we’ve been through in the past few years, they’ve got an even more special place in our hearts because of the millions of lives they saved. So, to help celebrate those training to become our future heroes, we’ve put together a nursing graduation party ideas article to help friends and families of nursing school graduates celebrate the start of their meaningful career in style.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about a nursing graduation party – from invitations to decorations, party games to party favors – we’ve got it all! 

Funny Nursing Graduation Party Invitations

To set the theme and make everybody smile, pick a funny nursing graduation party invitation. This invitation card is great because it features stethoscopes, bandages, pills, and nursing hats to tell guests straight away what the party theme is, Inside, just write down the party details so everybody is there on time (time-keeping is important in nursing, after all). 

Nursing Graduation Party Decorations

Now, to celebrate this huge achievement, you’ll want to make sure the party venue is decorated in style and in keeping with the party theme, right? Well, don’t worry because we’ve got everything you need right here:

Nurse Graduation Party Banner

This nurse graduation party banner is the perfect place to start because it congratulates your future nurse on their achievement and it has a really fun design. Red and gold are happy, bright colours, and the stethoscope, first aid kit, syringe, and graduation scroll are all great additions. Not to mention the fact that red and white have long been colours associated with nursing – so this banner is perfect! 

Nurse Balloon

You want the future nurse to feel right at home when they arrive for the party, right? Then dot some funny nurse balloons around the venue with classic nurse-related icons like stethoscopes, medicine, heart beat monitoring, pills, and RN. Walking through the doors of the party should have all the features of an ER with none of the stress!

‘NURSE’ Foil Balloon Garland

Of course, you want to make your nurse feel extra special at their graduation party, and this ‘NURSE’ foil balloon garland will certainly make them feel that way. Placing this in pride of place so everyone sees it when they come in is great for showing just how proud everyone is of your friend/family member’s decision to enter such a rewarding, heroic career. 

Pink Heart Neon Light

We’re always talking about how important the party lighting is, and this pink heart neon light is the perfect way to light up a nursing graduation party. Why? Because nursing is a very professional job, but it’s also one that requires almost endless amounts of love, caring, and patience for the patients. A glowing pink heart captures all of that we’d say!

Green Rose Party Table Decorations

Why should you use green rose party table decorations as a centerpiece? Because green roses represent best wishes for a prosperous new life (which is perfect for someone who is just graduating and entering a rewarding, but complicated career) and they also represent health. Two things that couldn’t be more connected to nursing! 

Nurse Banner Garland

We love this congrats nurse banner garland because it’s another example of something fun that’s so well suited to our list of nursing graduation party ideas! It’s got the fun icons again – nursing hats, stethoscopes, syringes, plasters, thermometers – and it sticks with our mostly red and white nursing colour scheme. Perfect!

Nursing School Graduation Grad Party Photo Props

You’ve got to love photo booth props at a party – especially at a nurse graduation party since after all their hard work these future heroes deserve a night off to really let their hair down. These nursing school graduation grad party photo props are perfect and they include a bunch of hilarious nursing icons, so you can take some amazing pictures to remember the special night. 

Medical Nursing Graduation Party Door Sign

Everybody needs to know where they’re going for the party, right? You can’t walk around a hospital without clear signs showing where you need to go, so this party should be no different. This medical nursing graduation party door sign might not be like the ones you find in hospital, but it’s bright, fun, and welcomes your guests perfectly. 

Nursing Graduation Party Food Ideas

Of course, a celebration isn’t complete without some themed food, and we’ve got some great ideas for you below: 

Fruit Juice Mocktail served with ‘blood bag’

Creating some delicious mocktails can be a great idea to help get everybody in the party mood with some delicious, sweet drinks. Just find your perfect recipe online and then think about how you’re going to serve them. We’d suggest these blood bag drink containers as a fun way of sticking to the party theme. Guests will LOVE this! 

Vanilla Cupcakes or Cake Pops

Nurse Cake Toppers Nursing Cupcake Toppers | nursing graduation party ideas

Because this is a nursing graduation party, you might not think a huge cake is necessary, and we’d agree. But you’ll still want to celebrate with cake, so some vanilla cupcakes or cake pops will do nicely. Decorate them with some beautiful nursing theme cupcake toppers for some more fun, and we just know these cakes will be a proper celebration of the nursing graduate’s success!

The ‘Skittles’ Plus ‘M&M’ Prescription

OK, whenever we get a prescription from the doctor, we don’t often get told to eat more sweets and candy (shame, right?). But, tonight is about celebrating and fun, so of course we can have a ‘skittles’ and ‘M&M’ prescription if we want to. Just serve them in a large bowl and the mix of different colored treats will look exactly like ‘pills’! 

Nurse Cookie Cutter | nursing graduation party ideas

Another great treat is a nurse themed cookie. To make them, all you need to do is bake your usual cookie recipe – whichever kind you like, and then use these nurse themed cookie cutters to create different fun shapes. There’s a nurse hat, syringe, heart monitor, nurse uniform, and pills available to transform your cookies. 

Nursing Graduation Party Games

A graduation party is going to need some party games so everyone can have a great time after working so hard to pass their nursing course. Here are some fun ideas for everyone: 

Nursing Word Search Puzzles 

The best thing about finding a nursing word search puzzle book like this one is that you don’t have to invent your own (which can be really tricky). Instead, buy this book, rip out some of the word searches for your guests, and then host a competition. Whoever completes their word search the fastest wins a prize! 

What Do You Meme? Nurse Edition

This game is hilarious! Basically, you pull different cards with different scenarios on, and then match the funniest meme picture card to the scenario. This What Do You Meme? Nurse Edition is perfect for nursing graduates to sit down and have a good laugh at some hospital/nurse related scenarios. Trust us, this game will be A LOT of fun! 

Nursing Graduation Party Favors Ideas

After everyone has come to celebrate the nursing graduate’s enormous achievement, it’s nice to send them home with some nursing themed graduation party favors to remember the special night. To help, here are 5 great ideas that’ll work perfectly. 

Hand Sanitizer Leather Keychain Holder

Who are we kidding? Every nurse needs a hand sanitizer leather keychain holder to attach it to their bag, their belt, wherever they go! Handing these out in the party favor bags is a good way to encourage all your guests to look after their health and hygiene by keeping hand sanitizer with them as much as possible too. After the past few years, we all know how important that is, and it’s something we can continue moving forward.

Novelty Pen For Nurses

Shaped like syringes, a novelty pen for nurses is the perfect idea for a party favor bag at a nursing graduation party. It’s fun, but it’s also practical. Every future nurse needs a stock of pens to keep them going, and your guests will love these pens too because it’ll remind them of the big night and their friend/family member’s huge accomplishment. 

Nursing Graduation Bouffant Cap

This nursing bouffant cap is perfect for future nurses to wear to keep their heads from getting too sweaty and to keep their hair under control. But even from the point of view of party guests, this is a really fun memento to help remember the big night. They also come in different colours and designs too, so they’re even more fun! 

Nurse Graduation Candy Bar

Simply wrap up some delicious candy and chocolates and use these nursing graduation party stickers to seal the bag of sweets and treats. They look great, and take a pretty standard party favor gift, chocolate, and turn it into one that’s perfect for a nursing graduation party. Pretty neat, right?

Nurse Survival Makeup Kit

For the ladies (or gents to store other things besides makeup), this nurse survival makeup kit is perfect to put in the party favor bags of the future nurses that are attending. They’re fun, but they’re also accurate. After long shifts and hard work, sometimes it really feels like a nurse survival makeup kit is your only lifeline! 

Wrapping Up Our Nursing Graduation Party Ideas

We hope you’ve found our ideas today fun and inspiring. After working so hard for so long, the nursing graduates of the world deserve a fun party where they can let their hair down and celebrate their successes. So, we hope the graduation party goes off without a hitch, and please, pass on our congratulations to the future hero in your life. They deserve all the congratulations and recognition they get! 

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