Office Retirement Party Ideas: An Easy Guide To Saying Farewell To A Lovely Co-Worker

office retirement party ideas

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Saying farewell is never easy, but especially so at a retirement party. How do you even celebrate somebody’s retirement from the office? It’s difficult, especially if they’ve been contributing to the business for a long time. They’ve dedicated their life to their job, missing out on precious time with family, friends, and doing the things they love, all for the good of the business. Well, when it’s time to retire, the least they deserve is a farewell that’s fitting for the work they’ve put in over the years, right? So, this time we are going to share with you a lot of brilliant office retirement party ideas!

Retirement: Joyous or Scary?

Retirement can be really joyous, as the retiree faces the start of the rest of their life. They can spend more time with loved ones, pick up new hobbies or reignite their love for old ones, or they might even decide to see more of the world through travelling. There’s just no telling the amount of adventures they may go on! But on the other hand, retirement can be scary. Will they have too much time on their hands? Will they feel lost without the job they love so much? Do they even have enough left in the pension fund to maintain the quality of life they’ve been hoping for all these years?

We can’t tell you if they fall into the first camp or the second, but what we do know, is that they deserve a retirement party like no other, to celebrate them, and leave them with nothing but well wishes and happy memories as they head out the office door for the final time! So today’s office retirement party ideas are a lot more relaxed compared to some of the other parties we suggest. Why? Because this party is all about appreciating the retiree for all they’ve done for the business! Stick around to hear all our decoration ideas for office retirement party that everybody will love – and, most importantly, will mean the world to the retiree!

1. A Surprising Invitation 

An office retirement has an obvious guess list – fellow employees. And of course, every employee will love attending to say goodbye to such a well-respected colleague. But retirement is bigger than just the place you work. It affects your whole life. So, why not surprise your guest of honor by inviting one or two of their closest family members or friends? They get to share the joy of the special day and see the office that their loved one dedicated so much of their time to over the years. Remember too, that your office retirement party invitations should highlight that this is a celebration, not a time to be sad! So send out retirement celebration invitations to remind everyone that this party is going to be full of happy memories, laughter, and joy!

2. Hanging Decor Signs Pointing Towards A Brighter Future

At the entrance to the conference room (or wherever the party is being held), you should hang some colorful decor signs that welcome the retiree into their bright future as a newly retired person! Lovely, encouraging messages such as ‘Legend has retired’ and ‘New journey begins’ will remind them they’ll be missed at work, but also that everyone wishes them an amazing future too! 

3. Retirement Balloons! 

As far as office retirement party ideas go, this was pretty easy for us. Because every party needs balloons, and every celebration needs colorful ones! So naturally, we picked out the whackiest ‘Happy Retirement’ balloons we could find to share with you today. Imagine the venue decorated in bright bursts of color wishing the retiree a happy retirement? There’s no better way to celebrate than that in our books and it’ll surely bring a smile to their face when they see the venue decorated in their honor.

4. ‘We Will Miss You’ Banner And Balloons 

As much as this is a celebration that’s full of joy, there’s no harm in letting the retiree know that they’ll be missed. Coworkers are like family in the office, bosses like mentors, and the office a home away from home. Whenever anybody leaves that behind, they should know that they’re going to be missed.

And, of course, you’ll tell them on the day, but why not make it even more obvious with a ‘We will miss you’ foil banner with gold and white helium balloons to make it float and really stand out? Don’t forget to let them know that they’re welcome back in the office whenever they like, and if you have a tradition such as drinks at a local pub every Friday night, let them know that their retirement doesn’t mean they have to ‘retire’ from the pub too! Let them know that the first rounds on them now though, since they have so much time to relax nowadays! 

5. Guest Of Honor Sash 

Just like every princess needs a crown; every retiree needs a sash! We don’t make the rules – we just follow them! So pick up a sash for the retiree to wear upon arrival. You can make it bright and bold and colorful such as orange and blue, or a more sophisticated black and gold one. It doesn’t really matter, so long as it’s obvious that they’re the star of the show! 

6. Party Horns To Celebrate The Future 

We love party horns here on this blog, but we don’t suggest them for a lot of the parties we discuss, because we think they’re so special that they deserve to be saved for only the most important parties! Well, an office retirement party certainly falls into that category for us! So, grab some colorful party horn noisemakers to cheer for the new adventure that the retiree is about to head out on! Better yet, if you’ve kept the whole retirement party a complete secret from the retiree, then these can be a great way to celebrate after you’ve yelled ‘SURPRISE’ as they enter the venue! 

7. Party Photo Props 

You can find party photo props for any party nowadays, and a retirement one is no exception! Pick up some amazing props so you can take hilarious photos together. You could make the whole photo experience even more special by taking photos on an instant camera so everybody can walk away with special photos to remind them of the beautiful event! If you want to find out more information, then you can read our post about party instant photos, so you know what to pick up in advance so everybody gets to leave with a photo of a special memory from the party!

8. Keep The Food Simple, But Delicious 

Since we’re in an office setting, it’s probably best we don’t serve ‘Lobster Thermidor’ or ‘Wood Smoked Pigeon Breast’. Instead, let’s keep it simple. We’re talking finger food, sandwiches, hot dogs, and cupcakes. They may not be fancy, but they sure are delicious! And you can present it really well with some happy retirement cupcake toppers that work great as food picks for the other food too! Trust us, on the food front, simple is best for a retirement celebration!

9. Party Activity 1: Retirement Scratch-Off Game

Every party needs party games, and just because it’s a retirement party doesn’t mean you don’t need them. After all, you’re never too old for fun! A retirement scratch-off game is a great idea because it’s a lot of fun. The entire room can play at the same time, and it’s a great way to get the good times rolling and the laughter to come out! If you want to encourage fun and provide opportunities for more bonding and happy memories, then retirement scratch-off is a great place to start! 

10. Party Activity 2: Escape Room 

Another great, smaller game is an Escape Room game. Why? Well, first it’s just a lot of fun to play and you can play with 8 players, so it can create a lot of opportunities for laughter and joy. But perhaps our favorite reason is this – the retiree has already escaped the ‘scary’ workplace, now it’s time for the guests to see how good they are at escaping too! 

11. A Gift To Say Goodbye 

Whoever is reading this post, a beloved coworker, a boss, or even someone who has worked with the retiree for a short time, you’ll want to give the retiree a little gift to remember you by. It doesn’t have to be big, or fancy, or expensive – heck, it doesn’t even need to be serious! Even a funny present, such as a retirement guide book for them to read, is a brilliant choice. It’ll put a smile on their face and remind them what a great team they’ve been working with for the past however-many years of their life!

12. A Confetti Cannon Final Salute

We know we’ve been encouraging joy throughout this post, and that’s because it really is a time for celebration, but as the retiree heads for those office doors for the last time, it can be a little emotional for all involved. However, you should still try to make this a special memory, and once all the tear-soaked hugs have been given out, then it’s time to celebrate the retiree one last time with a final salute. No, we’re not talking fireworks here, we don’t want you to deal with a complaint from Head Office, but there’s nothing stopping you letting off confetti cannons as your lovely co-worker/boss/employee/friend heads towards that office door to close one chapter of their life, and start their new one!

Wrapping Up of Office Retirement Party Ideas

And as they go, wish them well from us too – we hope their retirement is as wonderful as their time in the office must have been, working with thoughtful and caring people like you!

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