Outdoor Party Games for kids : Birthday Run’s Fun!

outdoor party games for kids, Outdoor Party Games for kids : Birthday Run’s Fun!

Last updated on April 28th, 2022

Birthdays only come around once a year, so it’s only normal that you want to make it memorable. It is summer now, why don’t you throw your kid an outdoor birthday party in the garden? Being able to have fun and socialize during their birthday and enjoy with their friends is another gift you can give your child by planning the best games. We’ve compiled a list of the outdoor party games for kids to get you started. These games will surely attract a lot of attention, and a good chance for your children and their friends to bond and engage. Here are 3 fun, crazy, sometimes messy, games to play at their party. 

1.Bring Me

Is there anything so simple yet so enjoyable for kids as a few rounds of the ‘bring me’ game? We don’t think so! This classic game is still very much popular even now because it gives kids that rush when they try to do something faster than everyone else. You can see the excitement and joy on their faces as they dash to their parents to get the item that the game master or host asked for. 

outdoor party games for kids
Photo by:Barbara Olsen,on:Pexels

The mechanics are quite simple. The children line up in a single file so they all start at the same spot. The host or game master stands in front of them and slowly reveals the item they need to bring. The host uses the phrase “Bring Me a…” and adds a random object to the end of the sentence. Sometimes, to make things more interesting, they ask the kids to bring them a person. For example, ‘bring me your grandfather’ or ‘bring me the prettiest aunt’, and the kids rush off to drag the adults to the host. Sometimes, the objects can be as simple as a lipstick or a dollar bill. 

The first child to bring the item to the host usually gets the prize before the round restarts, and the host asks for a different item. It’s up to you how many rounds you want to play. This game is very simple because it doesn’t require much preparation or any materials. All you have to do is prepare a list of items that you want the students to bring ahead of time. 

2. Standing Long Jump 

A standing long jump is usually an activity we have to pass in P.E. class, but it can also be converted into a fun game. All you have to do is mark certain distances across the floor. This is especially suitable to be a kids garden birthday game because this is something you can play on the grass. 

Make sure to mark distances that are a bit far from the starting point to create more of a challenge. Once you’ve marked spots that you want the kids to jump to, assign prizes for each spot. Make sure to increase the quality or quantity of the prize the farther the distance is from the starting point. 

You can also include consequences on some markers, like a paper plate filled with whipped cream. If they accidentally land on that particular distance or marker, then someone will spread a whipped cream on their face. 

The kids have to position themselves at the starting line and jump the distance to the specific prize they want. When they jump, they cannot fall over or step forward. Both feet should land on a marker, otherwise they have to repeat the try. 

This is a fun and active game that will also keep the kids in good shape. 

outdoor party games for kids, Outdoor Party Games for kids : Birthday Run’s Fun!
Image by DivvyPixel from Pixabay

3. Balloon Pop

Like the ‘Bring Me’ game, this is a classic kids garden party games. After all, which birthday party doesn’t have any balloons? This game needs two teams in order to work. First, ask the children to grab one balloon each. Afterwards, divide them into two lines. This will be their team. Each line should be facing a chair that is equidistant from the first person in the line. When the host gives the signal, the first person in line has to run to the chair, pop the balloon by sitting on it, then run back to the line and high-five the next person. Then, the next person will run to the chair and do the same. 

All the children in line will repeat the process until everyone is done. The first team or line to finish popping all the balloons wins. 

If you want to give the game a twist and make it a little harder, you can add some obstacles on the way to the chair. For example, you can put pieces of newspaper or coloured paper on the ground. These papers serve as a marker for where the children are allowed to step on the way to the chair. If they step outside the marker, they have to go back to the start of the line. 

Wrapping Up

The great thing about having outdoor games for kids’ birthday parties is that they can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. And the three games suggested are budget friendly and interesting, kids are going to love the challenges and be able to learn about strategizing and team-building. This outdoor birthday party is gonna be so precious and memorable. 

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